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Careers In Driving – Beyond Long Distance Truck Driving

Careers In Driving – Beyond Long Distance Truck Driving


careers driving beyond long distance Careers In Driving   Beyond Long Distance Truck Driving

When you think of a professional driver, you may well picture a trucker, spending long hours covering thousands of miles to deliver their cargo to places across the length and breadth of the country. While long distance truck driving can be lucrative and is well suited to people who enjoy driving and don’t mind the solitude, it isn’t for everyone. However, if you want to turn driving into a career, there are plenty of other things you can do. Here are just some of the different careers in driving:

Public Transport and Taxis

careers driving beyond long distance1 Careers In Driving   Beyond Long Distance Truck Driving

If you don’t mind driving around the same places every day and like the idea of a job where you get to see lots of different people, driving a bus or coach can be a good way to do it. These may not be the most well paid driving jobs, but there is usually job security and the hours are structured. You can train to get a license that will allow you to drive buses and then you can apply for work with local or national bus and coach firms, or private travel companies. Alternatively, if you just want to drive cars and like the idea of getting to properly talk to passengers, driving a taxi, minicab or even limousine can be a good option, you don’t need a special driver’s license but you will need to be registered in your city or area. These jobs can be quite lucrative in some cities and you can choose the hours you work.

Couriers and Delivery Drivers

careers driving beyond long distance2 Careers In Driving   Beyond Long Distance Truck Driving

Couriers and delivery drivers take cargo to places that are normally far closer in range than where truck drivers tend to go to. You can deliver all kinds of things, from mail and takeaway food to really important stuff like organs for transplant operations! Couriers tend to ride motorcycles unless they are delivering something large, because it allows them to get to their destinations faster through traffic. The more important your cargo is (either to the recipients or the company you work for), the better the pay is likely to be, so being reliable and fast is important to help you get the best jobs. Other jobs in a similar vein include removal drivers and drivers who work for furniture and appliance stores taking purchases to people’s houses.

Heavy Machinery

careers driving beyond long distance3 Careers In Driving   Beyond Long Distance Truck Driving

If you like the idea of working with interesting and powerful machinery, there are plenty of possibilities in working with driving industrial or agricultural machinery or transporting it. Machinery movers, and people who drive everything from tractors to cranes are highly trained professionals who are licensed and insured to operate all kinds of pretty cool heavy machinery! You can learn how to do these kinds of jobs on an apprenticeship basis in many cases, and are likely to have to sit various certification tests to add different classes of vehicle and machinery to the things you are permitted to drive.

As you can see, there are lots of jobs you can do where you get to drive things, and some you can do even with just the skills to drive a car or ride a motorcycle. Driving can be a great way to make a living and can allow you to work with interesting machines or meet lots of different people. If you are interested in working as a professional driver, why not take a look at opportunities and licensing requirements in your local area?

The author of this post, Danny Sawyer, is an employee at Halbert Brothers In, a company which offers full service machinery rigging and erecting. Whenever he isn’t busy, he enjoys exploring different places. He is also very fond of listening to music.

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How The Radio Can Impact On Your Driving Ability

How The Radio Can Impact On Your Driving Ability


When you put the radio on while you’re driving, you probably tend to do it without thinking. This is something most of us will do on a daily basis after all and it’s not generally considered to be particularly harmful in any way.

Actually though, if you have the radio on when you’re driving, you might be surprised to learn that it can impact on your ability to drive safely in a number of ways. This isn’t always for the worse, but it’s certainly worth being aware of if you want to get the most from your driving and avoid the kind of music that might be particularly dangerous. Read on to find out how the radio can possibly impact on your driving.


Having the radio on a talking station is something that can be highly useful for long stints stuck in traffic, but if you need 100% concentration it can be a problem in many ways. Studies have shown that talking on the phone can significantly reduce reaction time because it ‘divides’ your attention, and the same is true for chatting to a passenger. It only makes sense then to presume that having the radio on, on a station that requires thought and active listening, could potentially have a similar effect.

Likewise another way that a talking radio station could be a problem is if you were to be using a satellite navigation unit. In this case, you may find that the loud talking combined with the instructions from the device makes it hard to filter out the relevant information and you could potentially miss the directions you needed.

Rock Music

Fortunately the majority of us don’t tend to listen to pod cast on our long journeys and will instead put on ‘driving music’ for those longer motorway stints. So what effect will this have? Well, turns out it’s a mixed bag…

On the one hand, rock music has an up-beat tempo often and it has been suggested that this could help drivers to stay alert and aware while driving. If you’re driving and you find yourself in danger of nodding off at any moment, then putting on some slightly aggressive rock music might be just what you need to wake back up (though further studies suggest that the most effective music is music that gradually increases in tempo rather than keeping it high consistently).

At the same time though, this angry music may well lead to more aggressive driving due to both the lyrics and the increased excitability. Obviously road rage means you’re more likely to get more points on your driving record, so this is something worth avoiding.


Classical music might be good for helping you to keep calm in a traffic jam as it has been shown to be able to lower blood pressure. However, if you are driving in the dark for long stretches, then Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is probably the last thing you need as it could be just enough to lull you to sleep.

Choose your music carefully then depending on your mood and your situation, but most importantly make sure to keep your eyes on the road and to only change stations when you’re stopped.

Samantha Brave is a blogger and creative writer with, an online driving records company. Samantha is a proponent of defensive driving and often writes articles around this point.

car radio How The Radio Can Impact On Your Driving Ability

car radio1 How The Radio Can Impact On Your Driving Ability

car radio2 How The Radio Can Impact On Your Driving Ability

car radio3 How The Radio Can Impact On Your Driving Ability

car radio4 How The Radio Can Impact On Your Driving Ability

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