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Thats Hot — Why Traditional Barn Doors Are So In Right Now

Thats Hot — Why Traditional Barn Doors Are So In Right Now


Traditional barn doors aren’t just for farms anymore. These solid types of doors are making their way into apartments in posh neighborhoods and in so many contemporary homes and even offices. So, why is the barn door so hot right now? For one, it’s all about the juxtaposition of the classic and the modern. The classic is represented by the barn door style, which evokes a pastoral feel. But the style can be tweaked and customized in order for it to have a more chic or trendy look. Aside from these, barn doors have several uses, apart from the obvious.

Why More and More People Prefer Barn Doors

There are really so many things that people like about barn doors. Here are some amazing features of barn doors that you can take advantage of.

1. It’s multi-functional.

You can stick to what’s customary and use a barn door like how it’s typically used. But you can also be more creative about it. Instead of using a divider, for instance, you can use this. Whenever you need some privacy, just slide the barn door closed. If you need more space, just push it open. This can also be used to enclose your laundry area or maybe a home office. A lot of people use barn doors as accessories as well. Creative ideas include making art pieces, shelves or tables from these types of doors.

2. It’s space-saving.

Typical doors swing outwards or inwards. These take up more space than sliding barn doors. If you prefer a big, towering door but you just don’t have enough space for it, use barn doors instead. These are also good options if you want doors for rooms that are in narrow corridors or tight areas.

3. There are several styles to choose from.

The usual notion about barn doors is that these are rustic-looking wooden doors. These days, however, barn doors exist in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and materials. A more traditional approach, for example, would be to allow the wood to shine. Utilize timber or reclaimed wood, and then varnish this so that it’ll lend its bucolic character to your space. But if you prefer something that’s more contemporary, use a current paint color or an unusual or striking finish. Furthermore, you are not limited to using just wood. You can also utilize glass, steel or metal, or a combination of such materials.

4. There is a wide variety of hardware or barn door accessories to choose from.

door handle

One of the best things about using barn doors is there is definitely no shortage of accessories on hand. Considering the tracks alone can already be confusing because there are many designs available. Aside from standard tracks, there are spoke flat tracks, horseshoe, hammered and stainless steel, for example. You can also customize or choose from a vast assortment of handles and pulls, hinges, and other accessories.

5. It could be an eco-friendly choice.

A lot of farm houses that are set to be demolished probably still have all their doors intact. Most traditional barn doors are made from durable timber. By restoring these instead of building or buying brand new doors, you contribute to the environment by reusing or recycling precious natural materials that would otherwise rot or go to waste. Reclaimed wood from old barn doors can also be reused in several ways too, as mentioned above.

Claire Willows is a freelance writer who has an avid interest in interior decoration. She has done quite a few DIY projects at home, and she’s blogged about hanging door hardware, painting and remodeling, and other home improvement matters.

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Old Meets New – How Barn Doors Are Making Their Way Into Modern Homes

Old Meets New – How Barn Doors Are Making Their Way Into Modern Homes


When you hear the term “barn door” what immediately comes to your mind? Do you think of huge, wooden barn doors that are attached to a quaint farm that’s housing all sorts of domesticated animals? It’s not surprising for you and most people to imagine this kind of setting. However, though such types of doors have traditionally been made for barns, the style is becoming more and more popular in modern homes and offices.

Why Barn Doors?

Barn doors are surely making their way into elegant homes and even new offices. The style is gaining respect and popularity for various reasons. One is that a barn door is a multifunctional space-saver. Aside from being used for its main purpose, this can also be utilized in so many unique and different ways. Second, barn doors can also be made of different materials, like the traditional wood and the more contemporary fiberglass and timber combinations. Lastly, you’ll also be helping the environment, in some way, if you opt for reclaimed wood and other reusable materials to create your own unique door.

wood door

Transforming a Barn Door

As mentioned earlier, barn doors can be used in many wonderful ways. Here are a few things that might get your creative juices flowing.

— As Custom Closet Doors

Closets do not have to be boring. You can use sliding barn doors to conceal a walk-in closet. There are many ways to style this. A floor-to-ceiling closet barn door made from a combination of timber, glass and metal can also double as a showpiece.

— As Accent Pieces

Is the idea of getting another painting of a landscape unappealing to you? Well, although hanging lovely images on your walls is certainly one way to bring attention to a certain area, it’s pretty common. If you prefer something unique, use an old barn door as an accent piece. Use reclaimed wood or restore an old timber door and position this in an unadorned corner in your living room, for instance. If you want to embellish your bedroom, use a rustic barn door as a headrest.

— As Tables

You probably have all kinds of tables at home – bedside tables, dining tables, and coffee tables, to name a few. If you’re looking for a truly distinct table, fix up an old barn door and turn it into a table. There are so many creative ways to do this. If you want the beauty of the wood to shine through, simply polish and then varnish the wood. Attach either wooden legs or metal trestles, and voila – you have a rustic yet elegant table. For a more modern approach, hire a professional to redesign the table for you. Experts can also incorporate other materials, like glass, metal and fiberglass.

— As Dividers

Sliding barn doors can save you a lot of space, especially when used indoors as doors or dividers. You’ll find many contemporary homes, apartments or offices using barn doors to separate one area from another. For example, these can be used to provide privacy to a home office or to separate a living and dining area. If you want to hide your pantry, a barn door is also a wonderful answer to your problem. Also, though sliding doors are among the most popular style options out there, barn doors can also be made as free-standing dividers. One way to do this is by putting two or more doors together.

Claire Willows is a freelancer who takes pleasure in DIY projects. She usually blogs about her experiences because she wants to share what she knows in order for others to learn more about all kinds of home improvement issues.

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