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Dos And Donts When Moving Houses

Dos And Donts When Moving Houses


moving home Dos And Donts When Moving HousesMoving houses can be quite a daunting task, to say the least. Packing up belongings that have accumulated over the years, arranging for friends or professionals movers to help, and exhausting hours of lifting heavy boxes only to have to unpack them in the days that follow are all perfect reasons to dread the process of moving house. However, there are a number of helpful tips and tricks that can make the challenge a bit easier to bear. Here are the top dos and don’ts for moving.

The list of to-dos when moving house:

Choose a moving company that is reliable. Though many people may be tempted to select the mover who offers them the lowest price, choosing a moving company that is licensed, insured, and dependable is definitely the way to go (even if they do cost a bit more).Get plenty of supplies for the move. Make sure to purchase plenty of packing boxes and tape before you start the move. Buying an abundance of cardboard moving boxes can allow for you to have a smooth move, without having to worry about running out of box space for your treasured possessions.Label your boxes. Even though the moving process can become a bit chaotic and hurried, you’ll want to make sure that you are labeling ALL of your boxes and noting what room of the new home they belong in.

The don’ts of moving house (avoid at all costs if you want a stress-free move):

Send valuables on the moving truck if hiring a mover. If you have hired a professional moving company, you’ll want to keep your valuables with you at all times and never include them with the other items that are being transported by the mover.Forget to have the utilities shut off/transferred and notify the post office. Given that moving is such a taxing process, it’s only natural that you might let the utilities and your mail delivery service slip your mind. However, if you don’t want to be charged for utilities that you are no longer going to be using at your hold home, and would like to receive your important mail, then you will need to keep in mind that the electric, gas, and water companies all need to be notified of your move, as well as the post office.Bring everything you own to your new home, if you can help it. If you have the opportunity beforehand, assess all of your possessions prior to making the move to see what you can get rid of, what can be taken to a storage unit, and what you really want to bring with you. This can give you the ability to reduce the number of items that you are going to have to transport and keep your new home from being cluttered by items that you don’t necessarily need anymore.

Have you recently moved and want to share some helpful tips on the dos and don’ts when moving houses? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to leave a comment below or even share this post if you’ve found it useful.

Rhiannon Hadas is a published author and pen for hire who writes for Teacrate Packaging about their different products such as packing boxes. She currently resides in the Western United States, where she spends most of her spare time working on her next fictional offering.

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Kids Hairstyles Dos and Donts

Kids Hairstyles Dos and Donts


In the modern age, When everybody is so particular about fashion particularly hair cuts when why should kids not involve. Gone are the kids when innocent kids were afraid of the barber and his scissor. Now they confident and smart younger generation chooses hairstyle to look beautiful and different. The increased exposure of kids tv artists is the responsible factor for children’s up to date awareness about the information about fashion world. There are many kids hair accessories available in the market for enhancing the beauty of kids’ hairs. Many delicate considerations are required while making decision about kids hairs as some of them are too possessive about their hairs.

Here are some do’s for increasing the beauty of young kids

  • Age of the kids

Age of the kids is an important issue in selecting a hair cut. Most of the mothers don’t like to cut their kids’ hairs in the preschool years. Those kids who have curly hair look more beautiful with long hair cut up to the shoulders instead of smaller one. But as they start going to school moms want to look their kids disciplined and active and as per the rules of the school mothers have to pick shorter hair cut than before. Moreover in the play schools they are involved in more physical activities. The pattern of their playing changes too. Long hairs start irritating the growing kids when they run or take part in other activities and sports. So mothers should opt smaller and smarter hair cuts for their play school going kids.

  • Prepare them for hair style care

Some hair styles require regular care and maintenance. You should prepare your kids from the childhood days that how to maintain their hair. Parents should educate them about the regular cleanliness and maintaining good health for hairs. This habit would help them in their whole life that how to maintain trendy hairstyles and lessons on the cleanliness and good health of hairs.

  • Don’t color your kids’ hairs ever

Don’t try to color your kids hair. Kids hairs are too tender to make any experiments. This is not a good idea to color your kids’ hairs for a Christmas party or other special occasions. sometimes mother doesn’t find the color of the hairs suitable with the skin color of the kids. So they decide to color the hairs of their kids for enhancing the beauty. Firstly. In whatever age you color your hair you have to maintain that regularly. Kids will start having severe hair problems at the tender age of their life. Sometimes kids get influenced by their peers and media trends and insist for hair coloring. In such situation parents should let the kids know the real picture after coloring hairs.

  • Don’t iron your kids’ hairs for hair styles

Kids hairs are very soft and should be tackled with the softest care. Some hair styles include regular straightening and hair dryer setting. Parents should not opt such styles which require such maintenance. The roots of soft kids’ hairs would start affecting in the early ages of their life. This is parents’ responsibility to consider all healthy and unhealthy factors before choosing a hair cut for their kids.

Lyann Sev is a freelance writer on various lifestyle topics. She writes numerous articles providing valuable information for readers on this website. Currently her articles are focus on new kids hairstyles and other visit Hairstylescut

kids hairstyles Kids Hairstyles Dos and Donts

kids hairstyles1 Kids Hairstyles Dos and Donts

kids hairstyles2 Kids Hairstyles Dos and Donts

kids hairstyles3 Kids Hairstyles Dos and Donts

Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt (CC BY 2.0)

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