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Three Items that Define Ralph Laurens 45 Year Fashion Career

Three Items that Define Ralph Laurens 45 Year Fashion Career


The Ralph Lauren brand has been around for over forty-five years and its staying power can be explained in any given number of ways. The truth, however, is that the clothing label, as well as the man who created it, have been around for so long for one very simple reason: Ralph Lauren sells the American dream, in the form of pieces of exquisitely stylish sartorial items. How does he do so? What are the reasons for which the brand has been around for as long as it has? And what are the ultimate Ralph Lauren must-haves? Read on to find out all about it.

The Polo shirt

Just like you can’t say Calvin Klein without thinking of denim, or Donna Karan without the accompanying imagery of beautifully silhouetted evening gowns, so the Ralph Lauren label cannot be dissociated from its staple creation, the polo Ralph Lauren shirt. The ideological and subculture of this otherwise simple t-shirt with pointed collar lapels has undergone several shifts and alterations throughout the course of America’s twentieth century. What started out as a functional item, preferred by tennis players, was then quickly adopted by preppy youths, and eventually, given Lauren’s own political agenda, was even embraced by U.S. conservatives. Beyond ideologies, however, lies the simple truth of a shirt that’s well-tailored and comfortable enough to suit any man, irrespective of social standing or background.

Ralph Lauren – the book

Launched in the fall of 2007, this sizeable volume weighs in at an amazing 20 pounds, but it is clearly the one coffee table book that all fashion addicts must own. It was launched during a black-tie event in New York, which celebrated Lauren’s 40th anniversary in the fashion industry, while also serving as the launching event of the brand’s 2008 spring-summer collection. The party and fashion show took place in one of the most representative places for New York: the Conservatory Garden in Central Park. The book features Ralph Lauren himself on the cover, in plain, old-fashioned American workman’s garb; meanwhile, its contents are much less about selling clothes than they are about telling stories and defining style.

Ralph Lauren fragrances

Most of the perfumes released by the house of Ralph Lauren, be they for men or for women, speak about two things: polo and the great American dream. This is obvious not only from their names, which include Big Pony, Polo (available in blue and black) and Red, White and Blue. It is also made apparent by their scent itself, which includes simple, yet refreshing notes, perfectly appropriate for the active go-getter. Perhaps the most popular of all men’s fragrances by Ralph Lauren, Polo Blue, includes melon, basil verbena, and washed suede: all of them manly men’s scents, with no unnecessary frills or exaggerated sweetness.

ralph lauren polo Three Items that Define Ralph Laurens 45 Year Fashion Career

ralph lauren polo1 Three Items that Define Ralph Laurens 45 Year Fashion Career

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