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Outside In: Decorating Your Home To Reflect Nature

Outside In: Decorating Your Home To Reflect Nature


aoe oils Outside In: Decorating Your Home To Reflect Nature

Outside In: Decorating Your Home To Reflect Nature

Maybe you have dreams of living at the beach in your retirement years. Maybe you would like a home in the mountains, where the landscape is lush and full of wildflowers. Or, maybe you love the serene vistas of the French countryside. Why wait until you can afford to relocate to experience these pleasurable environments every day? Bring your favorite scenes from outdoors inside when you choose artwork to decorate your home that reflects your love of nature.

Choose Artwork that Reflects Your Favorite Things

If you love the beach, choose paintings and photos that reflect those images. Even in abstract art, you can hang paintings that feature the colors of the beach, such as the deep blues and teal greens of the water, or the soft, muted tones of shells and sand. If you love the mountains, you might like images of babbling mountain streams and budding trees to fill your home with the fresh outdoors.

If downhill skiing is your passion, opt for wintry images of snow-covered hills, or cozy, little cottages in the woods that remind you of your favorite mountainside bed and breakfast. Many websites, like artismo.com, offer contemporary art for sale that features a natural scene with soft soothing colors.

Bring Harmony to Your Home

When your living environment reflects all things you love, it brings peace, happiness and harmony to your home. If you have traveled to exotic places, the beaches of the world, or ski resorts, you can bring home souvenirs of your excursions to remind you of that particular time and place in your life. Each time you look at an object d’art that you acquired on one of your trips, you will feel the emotions you felt when you were actually there. This can bring much happiness into your day and into your home.

Soothing Colors of Nature

When you want to create a sanctuary-like setting in your bedroom or meditation room, surrounding yourself with the colors of nature can help you relax. Some of the most calming colors that you can choose for artwork or even to paint your walls are blues and muted shades of greens and other earthy tones. Green, specifically, is a restorative color, bringing calm and healing energy into your home. When it comes to artwork, choose images of green plants or abstract images of flowing shapes in greens, blues and beiges.

Natural Elements

In addition to choosing artwork and wall colors that reflect your favorite outdoor environment, you can also display natural elements such as flowers, branches and stones. Fill a large vase with dried branches and put it by a window. Set up a small, decorative fountain so you can listen to the soothing trickle of running water while you read. Fill a wide bowl with natural stones and place a candle in the center. All these things will function to bring nature inside your home and create a more peaceful indoor environment.

Human beings reap many benefits of being outside. When you are in an office all day, or inside your home during cold weather, it helps to bring that nature inside. Let your home reflect these images through artwork and décor, and you just might be amazed at how happy you feel, right now.

One of Melanie Fleury’s favorite places growing up was Wilmington, NC ,located less than a mile off the beach. Her favorite artwork often includes elements from that beach life, from the colors to the themes. A simple search of contemporary art for sale online can help you to find pictures that will transport you back to your happiest place or to extend that scene into your own home.

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5 Feng Shui Dining Room Decorating Tips For A New Home

5 Feng Shui Dining Room Decorating Tips For A New Home


The right Feng Shui decorating tips can help create a harmonious atmosphere to your home. This involves combining the right colors and decor that can transform your home into a lush, relaxing, healthy and welcoming living environment most especially in the dining room which often goes neglected. Our fast paced lifestyles and busy career schedules have made it somewhat impossible for families to have meals together regularly and in the Feng Shui perspective that means missing out on a sacred aspect of life. This is how Feng Shui color combinations and decorating ideas for your dining room can make your home pleasant, energetic, healthy and re-establish strong family relationships.

feng shui dining room decorating 5 Feng Shui Dining Room Decorating Tips For A New Home

Your dining room must have a gentle flow of energy that never goes stagnant. Applying Feng Shui to the dining room interior of a new home, allows you to eliminate the pent up negative energy of the past and introduce a new beginning of change for a healthier and wealthier life for the family. This is especially essential when you move into a new home and want a fresh start in life. Here are some basic Feng Shui tips you can use for your new dining room –

1. Dividing The Dining Room And Living Room

A dining room and living room that are openly connected to one another must be divided with open shelves and other Feng Shui furnishings to mark the dividing line. Your dining room must be decorated with analogous interior colors that slightly differ for the living room and dining room, so that visually separate zones are created inside an inviting space. If you are unable to find Feng Shui furnishings to act as a divider between these two significant rooms, you can use a tall house plant instead.

2. Using Mirrors To Double Health And Wealth

A popular Feng Shui decorating idea for dining rooms is to utilize a mirror to help improve the chi flow inside the room, while reflecting pleasant artwork, furniture and windows, as well as expanding the space in your dining room. As a favorite element in Feng Shui, it is also essential to choose a mirror that can reflect food on your table which symbolically doubles your money, while amplifyng the natural light in your dining room. It can also double the number of dishes and glasses placed on the table for impressive table decor and festive dining room decor.

3. Higher Ceilings For Spacious Dining Spaces

Spacious dining rooms with high ceilings help people feel healthier, enjoy meals together and relax. Look for Feng Shui decor that can raise the ceiling visually or use scones on your dining room walls with soft light directed towards the ceiling for a spacious and comfortable environment.

4. Dining Room Tables And Chairs

It is never recommended in Feng Shui that small dining tables be used for a family of four because the number four in Chinese culture has always been associated with death. A dining table for six with an even number of chairs is highly ideal in Feng Shui. Though rearranging chairs after meals is not always possible in modern homes with small diing rooms, Feng Shui decorating ideas from ancient culture recommends placing the dining chairs near the walls after dinner to create more space and breathing area.

The location of your dining room table is also crucial and it must not be positioned on the line that connects the window and door to prevent health, happiness and luck from leaving the home. People sitting at the dining room table must not also face a bathroom door, as it can affect the appetite and the health and welfare of both family members and guests. It is also important to note that dining rooms with adjacent bathrooms indicate various health problems. If you are unable to position your dining room table the suitable Feng Shui way, then incorporate Feng Shui bells and wind chimes to maintan positive energy flow throughout the home.

5. Dining Room Table Decor

Feng Shui dining room decorating does not only mean proper placing of the dining room and furnishings, but it also includes decorating with the right colored fabrics, crystal glasses and tableware. The table clothes and napkins to be used must be in colors that suits the dining table, location and the room’s interior. When the table is positioned in the northern area of your dining room, opt for the color blue table acessories, while shades of green are Feng Shui colors suited for tables positioned in the eastern part of the room. However, if you have a preference for neutral colors or dark elegant colors, try to incorporate the recommended Feng Shui colors through candles, flowers, vases, napkins and other tableware.

It is ideal to use octagonal shaped tables in your dining room to help improve communication and comfort when dining. Try to avoid oval and round tables as these can encourage guests to leave early as Feng Shui interprets round and oval tables to increase the energy flow and suddenly leave the room. Square shaped tables on the other hand make people feel happy and secure, while long rectangular tables can make people sitting at both ends feel unimportant and left out.

Valerie Peters is a DIY home improvement enthusiast and freelance writer specializing in Feng Shui interior designing. She offers an array of interior designing tips following Feng Shui ideas for various types of homes and DIY home improvement ideas for new and trendy modern Hayden Homes.

Photographed by : mensatic

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