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How To Speed Up DSL Connection And Make It Faster

How To Speed Up DSL Connection And Make It Faster


This is not uncommon to see people blaming their ISPs for their slow internet speed, and cursing because the actual speed they get is not what was promised in the package. Most of such users are non-technical and they need a little education regarding internet connections and how a DSL works. Mostly, the problem is inside your house, and you can tackle it without having to hire any professional service or calling the DSL support line many times. Some of the most common reasons of slow DSL connection, I have seen, in my 10 years long career in this field, are Inappropriate Line Filters, Electrical Interferences, Or old and low quality copper wire.

You would obviously know that DSL uses the legacy copper wiring that are used in telephonic connections for decades. In DSL, both the voice (telephonic conversation) and Data (Internet traffic) routes from the same copper line, and in case these lines are weak or have been deployed for many years, chances are bright that you won’t get the ideal DSL speed at your home. Not only the wiring inside your home, but lines outside your home, that connects your home to the main panel of your area, can play a vital part in decreasing the speed of internet for DSL connections.

First and the foremost thing that a DSL provider checks is that everything is working fine at their end, and if everything is fine there, they tend to visit the location and check the line that connects your home with the main panel of your area, if that is also fine, the problem would probably be in the lines inside your home.

Wires providing connection outside your house is the responsibility of Local Telephone Company or even your ISP, but the wiring inside your house are supposed to be corrected by yourself. And it’s your responsibility to ensure that these lines are as smooth as they are needed to be. Hence it is highly recommended to use high quality and reliable telephones inside your home that connects into the DSL modem, this will, in most cases, solve the speed issue.  However if still the speed of your DSL is not as good as you would want it to be, than follow the below mentioned steps to determine and rectify the problem.

–  Make use of filter, to distinguish the Voice from Data. Since the same line is being used for telephone as well as DSL, it is critical to use a filter to filter out the voice signals, which results in better and faster DSL connection.

–  Try to connect the modem as close to the main wall jack as possible. Try to connect the main telephone line of your home to the DSL Modem, this will ensure that the best signal enters the DSL Modem.

–   Reduce the Electromagnetic “noise” from the room where DSL Modem is in place. Remove some large electronics equipments from nearby and you might see better DSL speed.

There are of course better Internet Connections options available in the market, but if you really want to continue using DSL for internet, following the above mentioned steps would ensure that you get the optimum performance from your DSL connection.

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dsl connection How To Speed Up DSL Connection And Make It Faster

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