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I Want That! 5 Cool Tech Products Of 2014

I Want That! 5 Cool Tech Products Of 2014


ALLPICS TECH 2014 I Want That! 5 Cool Tech Products Of 2014

I Want That! 5 Cool Tech Products Of 2014

Given the variety of technological innovations that have made their way into the consumer market lately, it is fair to argue that inventors know no bounds when it comes to creating exciting and awe-inspiring tech products. Just when people think they have seen everything and that nothing could top last year’s inventions, they are astounded to witness the new inventions that are put on display each year at an annual trades show in Las Vegas. This year’s creations have gone above and beyond. This venue has helped fuel tech fans’ enthusiasm and desire for some of 2014’s most highly prized inventions.

1. 3-Dimensional Goggles

Currently pegged for diehard video game fans, the prototype for the 3-dimensional goggles that were on display at the convention could make its way into other industries, such as the medical field and architecture. While these goggles have not yet been created for the public, inventors speculate that these devices could become vital to other industries because they let business professionals create, design, and store current and future projects with ease.

LG?? CES 2014, ???HD TV2. Bendable TV Screens

TV viewing could become more enjoyable if bendable TV screens make their way into the consumer product market. With the touch of a button on a remote control, people can bend their TV screens in or out to enhance their viewing pleasure. It also has the capability of remembering users’ preferences each time the TV is powered on or adjusted.

3. Smart Baby Clothing

While many people are likely to dismiss clothing as items that could never be technologically advanced, they could stand corrected if the smart baby clothing that was on display at the conference ever makes its way onto the market. These articles of infant apparel are outfitted with washable sensors that let parents monitor and keep records their babies’ temperature, respiration, perspiration, and other wellness factors with their smartphones. This technology can become useful if parents need to discuss their babies’ health with pediatricians, pharmacists, or other people in the professional arena.

4. Self-Driving Cars

People who attended this year’s show were impressed to see firsthand cars that could literally drive themselves. This invention is designed to reduce the number of car accidents and help people drive safer. It features a brake override system that slows the car down to avoid an impending crash, as well as a warning light that flashes in the windshield to make drivers aware of dangers ahead in the road. The system could make it possible for people to let their cars drive while they make phone calls, text, check emails, or carry out other duties on their way to and from work.

LG??, ‘CES 2014’? ??? ‘Best of CES Award Finalist’? 5? ?? ??5. Wearable Computers

While many people love the ease with which they can browse the web or work on important documents with their tablets or smartphones, these devices pale in comparison to the wearable computers of tomorrow. The wearable computers that were found at the venue could be snapped onto people’s wrists or clipped to their shirts, letting them enjoy faster and easier access to the Internet and their work projects. These devices can also store important data and information, giving people immediate mobile access, regardless of where they are at the moment.

The innovative tech products that have yet to make their way into the market will undoubtedly dazzle and impress the public. These inventions could become some of the most sought after items once they become available for purchase.

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