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5 Careers Where You Can Show Creativity

5 Careers Where You Can Show Creativity


If you are a creative person and you don’t want a normal office job you might feel like you don’t know what to do. Expressing yourself is really important to you and you want your future career to be something where you are able to do this.

If you are looking for a future career where creativity is the key then here are five different options for you to consider.

1. Photographer

careers you can show creativity 5 Careers Where You Can Show Creativity

A great option for expressing yourself through your career is to get into photography. There are a lot of different niche areas in photography that you could get into. For instance, if you also love animals you can develop your skills as a nature photographer or perhaps work for a news organisation and travel to conflict areas.

There are a lot of different ways to get into photography and different ways to use your artistic skills. If you love to travel then this is a great option to consider.

2. Animation

A big growing industry today is the field of animation and there are a lot of great creative career options in the field. It is a great way to show your artistic skills and can also allow you to tell stories through your work.

Skill Set website has a good section about animation that you should read before you decide if this career option is the right one for you. In order to become a good animator you also need to be good with technology and thus career in animation might be a great idea if you’re creative and love computers.

3. Writer

careers you can show creativity1 5 Careers Where You Can Show Creativity

The written word is one of the oldest ways that people have been expressing themselves with and there are a lot of career routes in the literature world. You could become a novelist, a poet or even a screenwriter among other things.

If you love writing and you are always thinking about new storylines then it is a good idea to seek out a career in this field. The best way to get in the business and to develop your skill is to start writing as much as possible from an early on.

4. Jewellery Maker

Another artistic career choice where you can use your design skills is to become a jewellery maker. This is really interesting option because it also allows you to use your crafting skills and is a very hands on profession.

Getting into the business might be a bit more difficult and you need to work hard to make it as a successful jewellery maker. It is a good idea to learn to craft with different materials and to look at different jewellery online, such as bone cufflink and tungsten ring. If you have design ideas why not send them to big jewellery companies, such as Tungsten Men Online.

5. Make-Up Artist

careers you can show creativity2 5 Careers Where You Can Show Creativity

If you love beauty and you are always thinking of ways to enhance it then why don’t you consider becoming a make-up artist. This is a great option if you love to spend time with people and this career can take you around the world.

It also allows you a lot of flexibility since you can work in the theatre, TV industry or even in fashion.

Nick loves to help young people find their dream careers and is especially interested in the creative industries. He loves to write poems and is also venturing into songwriting. When he isn’t talking with youngsters or writing new songs he loves to spend time with his girlfriend.

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How Outpatient Treatment Can Help

How Outpatient Treatment Can Help


We hear about a lot of addicts and alcoholics who do inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, where the clients live at the treatment facility while getting clean.

how outpatient treatment can help How Outpatient Treatment Can Help

What Happens After Treatment

Less often, we hear about what happens after inpatient, residential treatment. For a lot of people in rehab, a great step down from inpatient is outpatient addiction treatment. In this level of rehab, clients live either at home or in a sober living home, and then participate in a rehab program during the day or evening.

If you are in school, outpatient addiction treatment is a great way to continue what you learned in inpatient treatment, and to still have a good level of accountability as you re-enter “real life.”

If you have children, and are usually their primary caregiver, outpatient rehab is a great way for you to return to that role, while sustaining the sobriety you worked hard for in inpatient treatment.

If you are returning to work after inpatient rehab, attending outpatient addiction treatment after work, for the evening session, will continue your recovery at the time of day you actually need it the most. You can use the treatment program to handle work stress, to keep yourself from hitting the bar after a long workday, and to be involved with a group of peers who are working toward the same goal of recovery while getting back into their lives.

What Balance Looks Like

Outpatient addiction treatment offers all addicts and alcoholics a chance to find balance. Recovery is a very real part of your life, forever, and needs to be incorporated in as a priority. Clients in an outpatient program learn what that can look like in their everyday lives.

In some cases, outpatient addiction treatment is the first choice for addicts and alcoholics when they are ready to get sober. Can’t be away from school, children, or work? Participating in a treatment program that works around your class schedule, or that you can go to while your kids are in school, offers a great option.

The Reality

Your reality includes you going back to work, or not really being able to miss work at all, so you choose a program that you can attend at night, after your work day. From the start of your recovery, after detoxing, you learn how to stay sober while living your day-to-day life.

There are celebrities who have chosen the outpatient addiction treatment route. If you watched Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, you saw clients participating in the inpatient portion of rehab, but on the last day of each season, as clients graduated from the Pasadena Recovery Center’s inpatient program, many of them chose a sober living home and an outpatient program as the next steps in their lives.

With recovery in mind, as the main focus, the clients who took Dr. Drew, and his treatment team’s, advice stood the best chance at staying clean and sober.

Although the show has been controversial, the idea of inpatient treatment followed by outpatient addiction treatment plus sober living is a great model for addicts looking to continue a healthy life in early recovery.

Kate Green works with Balboa Horizons Treatment Services as a quality improvement manager in order to reach those who are looking for recovery from their issues of addiction.

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Aircraft Noise – Can The Noise Be Reduced In The Future?

Aircraft Noise – Can The Noise Be Reduced In The Future?


The noise produced by aeroplanes is rather extortionate – leading to outrage by those who live near busy airports. The plans for expansion at the famous Heathrow Airport have been discouraged due to the amount of noise pollution that will be produced.

aircraft noise can noise reduced Aircraft Noise   Can The Noise Be Reduced In The Future?

It is quite clear that today’s aircraft manufacturers have fabulous future opportunities to create and market new product designs. Future prospects that manufacturers have to consider are:

v  The escalating fuel costs.

v  The rising demand of aircrafts.

v  The need for more quiet aircrafts.

v  The desire for environmentally friend aircrafts.

They are just some of the possibilities of the future of aircrafts. From a quick scan of the scientific literature, press releases and the internet, it has been revealed that there are numerous ideas and plans for future new aircrafts and associated technology.

Obviously, the idea of such developments is exciting, especially from an environmentalists point of view because these new aircrafts are expected to deliver significant reductions in fuel consumption and noise emissions.

The question is whether any of these ideas or future prospects can be ever turned from a fast growing dream into a worldwide reality.

The Technology Available

It is believed that many of the technologies that can help reduce aircraft noise pollution is already with us today. Meaning, the chances of reducing the noise pollution in the near future is highly unlikely – however it is not impossible.

Although we may not have the technology with us today, it does not mean that it cannot be developed in the future. Aircrafts have developed hugely over the years compared to the first aircrafts invented and used – this leaves us with high hopes that a more economic aeroplane will be developed in the future.

The History of Aircraft Noise

Over the last 50 years, there has been a massive reduction in the amount of noise created from aircrafts. We saw the biggest drop between the years of 1955-1980, during this time there was the development of the 1st generation turbofans to 2nd generation turbofans.

Since 1980, we have seen a steadier drop in the amount of noise pollution. Further developments of the second (current) generation of aircraft have been to take on the overall design of the craft, rather than specifically the noise created from turbofans.

The Future Plans for Aircrafts

Boeing Phantom Works has already started flying a scaled model of their Blended Wing Body (BWB) while Airbus has experimented with a redesigned Airbus A300 flying on hydrogen.

A milestone flight in aviation history also took place during May 2013 as an aeroplane powered by solar energy landed in Phoenix following a flight from California. It is not expected that solar power planes will cut fuel consumption out completely – however it is thought that it will lead to a huge change in how economical they are.

The future plans for aircrafts are limitless – as the technology develops faster than ever, we are expecting to see aeroplanes become cleaner and greener whilst offering passengers an unbeatable experience.

G&O Springs produces stainless steel springs for aircrafts and therefore finds the concept of space travel extremely interesting.

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Security Cameras In Can Prevent Break-ins

Security Cameras In Can Prevent Break-ins


For many people, protecting their home is a top priority. People often store important personal information as well as valuable items in their home, making it something worth protecting. Not only that, but parents are often worried about their own children’s safety. To help alleviate some of the stress and worry that comes with being a homeowner, many choose to invest in home security systems. These systems can be highly effective in deterring and preventing burglaries.

security cameras Security Cameras In Can Prevent Break ins

One important element of a home security system is surveillance cameras. However, some people wonder, are they really effective? A recent occurrence in North Lauderdale suggests they are. In May of this year, two burglars attempted to break into the home of a resident in the Coral Ridge neighborhood. Surveillance footage from the home shows that only 15 minutes after the owner left for the day, two men appeared at the front door. They knocked on the door and when no one answered they proceeded to the back of the house. The camera caught them trying to break through the back door as well as a nearby window. When the house alarm went off, the two give up and leave.

Fortunately for law enforcement, both burglars looked straight at the camera when making their escape. This story shows that installing video surveillance is something every North Lauderdale resident should consider. In 2011 alone 544 burglaries were committed throughout the city. So what are the exact benefits of video surveillance?

Lead to arrests

As the North Lauderdale story reveals, video footage greatly increases the likelihood that authorities will be able to make arrests. Facial recognition gives police officers a much better idea of who they are looking for, more so than verbal descriptions of their clothes and appearance from witnesses. Additionally, if the burglar has a criminal record, computers can match up the images from the video with mug shots.

Evidence for conviction

Surveillance footage makes for great evidence in court and can lead to a criminal’s conviction. It is hard for even the best lawyers to dispute visual footage of the suspect breaking into a home. As burglars are convicted, the number of potential intruders on the street is decreased, making both your own home and your entire neighborhood a little bit safer. Burglars who spend time in jail often learn their lesson and wont repeat the same crime when they are released.


Apart from everything else, security cameras act as a great deterrent to burglary. Criminals know that it is a risk to be caught on camera, especially if they have a criminal record. Many burglars will simply forego those homes that threaten to provide great evidence that they were there.

Now that you know the benefits, how should security cameras be used?

Make sure that your security cameras are always in use. You never know when a burglar will attempt to break into your home. Additionally, it is smart to put them in a place where they cannot be tampered with. The higher above the ground the better. Experienced burglars will often try to disable a camera before making their move. If a camera is out of reach or camouflaged however there is likely nothing they can do.

Lindsey Patterson is from North Lauderdale, Florida and often works as a freelance writer for Vivint, helping others with home safety and security.

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How The Radio Can Impact On Your Driving Ability

How The Radio Can Impact On Your Driving Ability


When you put the radio on while you’re driving, you probably tend to do it without thinking. This is something most of us will do on a daily basis after all and it’s not generally considered to be particularly harmful in any way.

Actually though, if you have the radio on when you’re driving, you might be surprised to learn that it can impact on your ability to drive safely in a number of ways. This isn’t always for the worse, but it’s certainly worth being aware of if you want to get the most from your driving and avoid the kind of music that might be particularly dangerous. Read on to find out how the radio can possibly impact on your driving.


Having the radio on a talking station is something that can be highly useful for long stints stuck in traffic, but if you need 100% concentration it can be a problem in many ways. Studies have shown that talking on the phone can significantly reduce reaction time because it ‘divides’ your attention, and the same is true for chatting to a passenger. It only makes sense then to presume that having the radio on, on a station that requires thought and active listening, could potentially have a similar effect.

Likewise another way that a talking radio station could be a problem is if you were to be using a satellite navigation unit. In this case, you may find that the loud talking combined with the instructions from the device makes it hard to filter out the relevant information and you could potentially miss the directions you needed.

Rock Music

Fortunately the majority of us don’t tend to listen to pod cast on our long journeys and will instead put on ‘driving music’ for those longer motorway stints. So what effect will this have? Well, turns out it’s a mixed bag…

On the one hand, rock music has an up-beat tempo often and it has been suggested that this could help drivers to stay alert and aware while driving. If you’re driving and you find yourself in danger of nodding off at any moment, then putting on some slightly aggressive rock music might be just what you need to wake back up (though further studies suggest that the most effective music is music that gradually increases in tempo rather than keeping it high consistently).

At the same time though, this angry music may well lead to more aggressive driving due to both the lyrics and the increased excitability. Obviously road rage means you’re more likely to get more points on your driving record, so this is something worth avoiding.


Classical music might be good for helping you to keep calm in a traffic jam as it has been shown to be able to lower blood pressure. However, if you are driving in the dark for long stretches, then Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is probably the last thing you need as it could be just enough to lull you to sleep.

Choose your music carefully then depending on your mood and your situation, but most importantly make sure to keep your eyes on the road and to only change stations when you’re stopped.

Samantha Brave is a blogger and creative writer with, an online driving records company. Samantha is a proponent of defensive driving and often writes articles around this point.

car radio How The Radio Can Impact On Your Driving Ability

car radio1 How The Radio Can Impact On Your Driving Ability

car radio2 How The Radio Can Impact On Your Driving Ability

car radio3 How The Radio Can Impact On Your Driving Ability

car radio4 How The Radio Can Impact On Your Driving Ability

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How Printing Can Help Your Business

How Printing Can Help Your Business


printing How Printing Can Help Your Business

For the most part, the majority of businesses are very simple to explain and to understand. In most cases creating a business simply means creating a service or a product that can be sold for greater than the amount it cost to supply and then connecting with your market in order to sell a lot and keep the profit.

Of course it’s connecting with that market that’s the crucial part and that will help your business to soar or to flop. You can have the best product or service in the world but without gaining exposure and promoting it in the right ways you won’t get any sales. In fact so critical is this part of a business that it can actually stand on its own. If you can find a way to promote someone else’s product or service and keep a commission or profit then all you need to do is to find a way to bring that offering and those people together.

Printing can help you do this in many ways and so is a crucial for many business models. Here we will look at some of the things you can do with printing to promote your company and increase your profits.

Using Printed Marketing Materials

printing1 How Printing Can Help Your Business

Printing marketing materials is one of the most cost effective ways that a company can increase their awareness. While getting an advert into a newspaper or a magazine will cost you a fair amount of money, the printing costs alone won’t cost you much and particularly if you can find good digital printing services. Once you have these materials there are then many ways you can use them. For instance you can simply hand out your printed flyers, or you can stick them up in public areas where they will be seen. More effective still, is to carry them so that you can hand them out as a way to promote yourself and your business when networking at events.

Flyers can also be posted through letterboxes which is an effective form of promotion for many businesses, or they can be given away at tradeshows with goodie bags and even packaged in with delivered products to encourage repeat business.

Flyer Businesses

There are many businesses that are based entirely around the use of flyers. A perfect example of this might be to use flyers to promote a business offering commission. For instance, there are many online shops that will offer commission to marketers who send customers their way. Sometimes the marketer will even get commission on every single purchase that customer makes in their lifetime with the site.

An incredibly simple business model then is to create a landing page promoting that site with your own affiliate links, and then to hand out flyers near retail parks and other places where you might be able to find the right demographics. This way your only cost is hosting and the production of those flyers and once you’ve got a few people signed up you can find yourself earning passively for years to come.

Today’s guest post is contributed by David Volt. He is the head of the marketing division of a leading fashion magazine. An astute person, he believes that sometimes the simplest of methods end up paying you rich dividends. An avid blogger, he likes to share his opinions on various blogs.

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5 ways You Can Have Fun with Personalised Printed T-shirts

5 ways You Can Have Fun with Personalised Printed T-shirts


We can do a lot of things with modern technology and that now includes printing t-shirts and other clothes. They are simple to make, can be exactly what you want and are even reasonably priced.

The only thing you need is a little imagination and a sense of humour. Why buy somebody else’s overpriced slogan across a t-shirt when you can make your own for yourself and all your friends? Whether they are for friends, for a special event or simply to pass the time, we have compiled 5 ways to have fun with personalised printed t-shirts.

1)      The first way is possibly the most fun you can have designing a t-shirt and that is creating one for a group event, such as a hen or stag party. There tends to be a theme or name for the group, such as ‘lads on tour’ or ‘Daisy’s hen party’, but after adding that you can get a little more creative. Think embarrassing photos and cheesy nicknames and make something that everyone is going to want to keep forever.

2)      The second is the support group t-shirt. This is ideal for events like supporting a friend auditioning for X-Factor, running a marathon or something similar. Find a large photo of their face, add it to the front of the t-shirt alongside a witty and supportive phrase and everyone will know whom you are there to support.

3)      The third is fun in a different way. Creating inspiration and imaginative phrases to add to the t-shirt is a great way to express yourself or even as a thoughtful gift for someone special. Consider a popular phrase used between friends or a favourite quote designed to spur someone on in bad times. Think carefully and find the perfect expression for the occasion or even make a few different ones to cover all occasions.

4)      An inventive and unusual option is to take someone’s photograph, preferably of their profile or of a full body shot and turn it into a simple silhouette. It is a great way to pay homage to someone, without adding a cheesy photograph to the t-shirt. If it is tastefully done it can look very good and is a perfect example of quality personalisation. It is not a difficult effect to achieve, so simply play around until you create something that you would be proud to display on your chest.

5)      Finally, how about using a witty pun or humorous phrase as the centrepiece to the t-shirt? Just like an inspirational phrase, such as a quote, either from a celebrity or from a friend. It could be a common joke between friends, or simply a humorous statement that you feel needs to be unleashed on the world. Try to avoid anything too controversial, but then again that is the beauty of freedom of speech, as long as you don’t intend to wear it to work.

printed t shirts 5 ways You Can Have Fun with Personalised Printed T shirts

printed t shirts1 5 ways You Can Have Fun with Personalised Printed T shirts

Photo Credit: MorgueFile

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Top Strategies And Services That Can Help Make Moving Home Much Easier

Top Strategies And Services That Can Help Make Moving Home Much Easier


Did you know that moving home is rated by psychologists as one of the most stressful ‘life events’ we can go through? According to Seyle’s ‘Life Events Stress Rating Scale’ it is right up there with a death in the family, or losing a job and anyone who has moved home recently will probably agree that while it’s not quite as traumatic as either of those things, it certainly does take over your life and leave you reeling.

But the good news is that there are things you can do to make moving home a lot less stressful – and if you understand these strategies and employ them then you’ll find it goes a lot more smoothly and takes up a lot less time. Here are some tips to help make your next move less on-par with losing your job and more like… having a bad hair day.

Use Storage

One of the biggest stresses of moving home is that you have a very small window in which to move – this being the time between when you can move into the new property but haven’t yet sold the old one. Sometimes this is a very narrow opportunity, but by using a storage unit just for a month you don’t need to worry about it – and you can start moving things over much sooner.

Start Early

In general, starting early is highly advisable as it means you aren’t rushing around last minute to try and move all of your belongings. If you know you’re moving out, then start going through your old documents and things a couple of months in advance and whittling down your things. This way the job will never seem insurmountable.

Use a Spare Room

Of course the downside of starting early is that it means you’ll end up with mess all over the house as you take things apart and pack things into boxes which then makes it difficult to show people around. Unless that is, you were to designate a single room in the house for you to store all those boxes and things so that you could keep them organised and start work while keeping the rest of the home tidy and easy to move around in.

Buy Good Boxes

Moving home is stressful when you have to carry Tesco bags filled with all your belongings and cardboard boxes that are coming apart at the seems. Avoid this by investing in some decent boxes and bags – it’s well worth it for how much easier it will be to move.

Rent a Skip

Does looking at all the things in your home that need to be moved fill you with dread? Well then just take this opportunity to narrow those things down so that you don’t have too much to get rid of. It sounds ruthless, but believe me you can probably reduce your things by 50% and not miss any of it too much. (And if you do? Buy it again!) More to the point it will be liberating and give you a fresh start in your new home, while at the same time meaning you have much less to move. Use skip bin hire to provide yourself with an easy way to dispose of anything non-essential.

The author of this article, Michael Corris, a home décor blogger who shares his experience through guest posts.

moving home Top Strategies And Services That Can Help Make Moving Home Much Easier

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At-Home Blood Test Kits Can Make Patients Lives Easier, Say Experts

At-Home Blood Test Kits Can Make Patients Lives Easier, Say Experts


We live in a day and age where time has become a precious commodity, since the pace of life seems to be constantly accelerating, and an increasing number of people are finding themselves in the difficult position of having to juggle personal and professional demands. As such, a worrying set of statistics will reveal that more and more Americans will purposely disregard their own health and fitness condition, simply because they don’t have enough time (or money) to properly monitor their own wellbeing. However, it is equally shocking to find out that people will purposely choose not to get lab tests and argue they don’t have the time required to go to a clinic, especially since the proliferation of at home blood test kits. Some people worry that such tests are insufficiently safe, while others have qualms over drawing their own blood. However, more and more experts are agreeing that this view is a matter of education: by educating themselves on what such blood tests do, how they work, and what they can assess, many people could avoid health risks altogether.

What Can You Test Yourself for?

Given the advances of medical science, at the moment it is possible for patients to test themselves at home for a wide range of conditions, disorders, and symptoms. According to Health Testing Centers, a Stress Test Kit, for instance, will allow one to test one’s own cortisol levels. The release of this hormone is one of the body’s first responses to stressful situations, and measuring its levels four times during one day can provide an accurate description of one’s adrenal fatigue levels. Similarly, there exist specialized hormone test kits, especially targeted for men and women past the age of fifty – a stage of life during which the body’s hormone production mechanisms undergo dramatic changes, because of menopause or simply due to the effects of natural aging. Another complex and important test kit is the one for gauging cardiovascular risks of illness, through assessing several risk areas, such as hemoglobin levels, cholesterol (total, LDL, HDL, and VLDL), and fasting insulin.

How at Home Test Kits Work

It’s important to note that most at-home test kits are complementary to regular lab work – that is, they can’t and shouldn’t replace them altogether, as a blood or saliva test undertaken by a health care professional in a clinical environment is likely to be more accurate and telling. That being said, at home test kits will usually analyze a sample of saliva or blood. Syringes are not used in such tests, as they could prove perilous for an untrained non-professional; instead, blood is drawn through a simple and painless blood prick. Each test contains thorough and detailed instructions for proper usage.

Recently, a Veterans Affairs Medical Center research report revealed that at home blood tests are just as relevant and effective for elderly patients, who would otherwise need to visit a doctor’s office on a weekly or even multi-weekly basis for monitoring against blood clots. At-home weekly tests could come to replace such a taxing schedule of visits at clinics, for patients who are already old and find it hard to pay such visits frequently. And the experts agree that while anti-coagulation medication is basically keeping their elderly patients alive, something needs to be done to try and alleviate their efforts.

blood test At Home Blood Test Kits Can Make Patients Lives Easier, Say Experts

Photo Credit: Alden Chadwick (CC BY 2.0)

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What Golfers Can Learn From Golf Games (If Anything)

What Golfers Can Learn From Golf Games (If Anything)


Let's Golf!

If you love golf and you’re under the age of fifty, then chances are you’ve played a golf game or two in your time. This is a great way for someone who loves golf to enjoy their favourite sport when they don’t have the space or the equipment, and at the same time they can be a lot of fun in their own right.

Of course though if we take this one step further then it might be possible to try to claim that playing these golf games can also teach us something about the sport. But is this really true? Can you really learn from a game where you’re not really actually hitting anything, and that’s only designed for fun? Here we’ll look at the cold hard truth…


sometimes i golf..

Okay so most people who love golf will know what everything is called from the correct type of club to use, to what a bogey is, to the names of the golfer’s and the courses themselves. However if you are just picking up golf and starting out at this fantastic hobby, then such things may be unknown to you and playing a game which is a lot of fun and likely to be memorable could be a fun way to learn without it being too much of a chore.

Course Layouts

Rich imparts his wisdom

Not every golf game includes accurate course layouts, but those that do can of course be useful and educational for people who want to learn a bit about where they are playing. If you have a really in-depth and accurate golf game, then you can of course use this as a way to practice learning the layout of the course so that they’ll know precisely where each hazard is and where each hole is and so that they’ll know the shots they’ll have to make.


Streeter Seidell, Comedian

Something that playing golf in any form requires in spades is patience. Quickly when playing golf you learn that getting frustrating and starting to take your shots quicker and harder only ends badly and causes your aim to go more and more askew. Practice then taking shots carefully and staying calm even when you’re getting frustrated and you’ll greatly increase your chances of success. Of course you can do this just as well in a game where you might start to get frustrated at frequently spooning your shots.


E3 2010 Xbox 360 Kinect Your Shape Fitness Evolved demo booth

Some golf games such as those on the Wii or Kinect require you to actually take a swing in some form or other. While these aren’t that realistic in terms of recreating precisely the outcome of those swings necessarily, what they can often do is to allow you to practice general muscle control. Even if you’re swinging slightly differently and there are no golf balls, the fact that you are holding a club (albeit imaginary or Wii remote shaped) and then swinging it using the same muscles, means that you can of course practice the control in your smaller muscles. At the same time this is also a great chance to practice eliminating background noise so that you concentrate more on the task in hand, or just your basic stance.

The article is written by golf player and sport blogger, Joseph Swansea. He also authors a sports blogs through which he shares his tips, experience and ideas on sports.

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