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5 Guilt-Free Soothers for Infants and Parents

5 Guilt-Free Soothers for Infants and Parents


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It is natural for infants to become “stressed’ and crabby. Everything in their life is a new experience. They discover things that they like, and things that upset them. Since they have limited capabilities to communicate, when they discover something they do not like, feel ill, or are tired, they become fussy and stressed. The stress can then induce stress in the parents, making the situation worse.

Infants go on instinct and they can tell when their parents are stressed. This induces more crying because they do not know how to ask what is wrong. It becomes a vicious circle, leaving everyone weary and upset.There are ways, however, that you can break this cycle and make everyone feel better about the situation.

1) Tummy Time

Sometimes it is very helpful to put your infant down on a play mat so that they can become distracted. Stretching out also may help eliminate any type of stomach pain they may be experiencing. This also gives them a chance to fall asleep on their own.

2) Baby Bouncer

Perhaps one of the most useful nursery items ever created, the bouncy chair, has saved the sanity of many parents. These chairs vibrate and have the option to play soft music. The experience is very soothing, and most infants instantly relax from the vibration and fall asleep.

3) Lavender Bath- Part 1

Many baby bubble bath products are heavily scented with lavender. This is because this scent has been used as a sleep and relaxation aid for hundreds of years. The soft scent of lavender mixed with a warm bath will calm your baby down and allow it to drift off to sleep quickly.

4) Lavender Bath –Part 2

Once the baby has drifted off to sleep, take your baby monitor and go and fill a warm bath for yourself with the same bath product. It will not have a strong enough scent to put an adult to sleep, but it will be strong enough to allow you to totally relax. Afterwards, both infant and adult will feel better.

5) Nap Time For Parents

New parents know that they do not get much sleep. This can lead to feeling frazzled and intense in situations that usually do not cause these emotions. Try to take a brief nap, ten or fifteen minutes, whenever you have time. By making the time for yourself to actually relax; you will be able to ace all the challenges of the day with ease.

Infants are wonderful. They are curious and sweet, and they bring a joy to your heart that cannot be obtained in any other manner. They also do not come with handbooks, so parents must be innovative when their infant seems overly fussy or stressed.

There are many guilt-free ways that you can calm everyone involved when things become intense. It is just important to remember that the stressful moment that you and they are experiencing will be over shortly. Using these simple tips will help speed that process along.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and proud mother of 7. She contributes this article to explore helpful ways to sooth infants. To calm her babies, she’s also used a baby bouncer along with calming music.


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