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Can You Use Heat From Data Centers To Power Computers In An Office?

Can You Use Heat From Data Centers To Power Computers In An Office?


allpics data heat Can You Use Heat From Data Centers To Power Computers In An Office?

Can You Use Heat from Data Centers to Power Computers in an Office?

With companies around the world going green, industry leaders continue to search for energy alternatives when it comes to powering and heating their buildings. When they want to avoid burning coal or buying expensive gas and propane, business owners may consider the new and innovative solution of using waste heat as a source of power.

Some people may still not believe that this excess product can actually be converted into usable energy. However, it has been proven that waste heat from data centers can indeed be converted and reused to keep the lights, computers, and other electrical components inside a building powered. When people consider this source of energy, they may be compelled to favor this solution by learning about its significant benefits.

A Safe Energy Source

Data CenterFactories and manufacturing plants around the world produce massive amounts of waste heat that, up until now, was not harnessed and remained unused. However, a recent push has been made to capture this heat and convert it into energy that companies can use to power up their buildings. Unlike burning coal or gas, this energy poses no risk to the environment or to the health and safety of a building’s occupants.

Affordability of Energy

Also unlike coal, propane, and natural gas, waste heat proves to be very affordable to buy and use. In fact, some power companies that harness this resource from data centers sell it back to clients at a very low price. With the price of energy rising throughout the world, some business owners have faced the prospect of laying off employees or cutting expenses just to afford their electrical and heating bills. When they invest in this power source, however, they can power up their computers and keep their employees on the payroll without having to sacrifice a lot of money.

Waste Heat Creates Jobs

As more industry leaders find out about this source of power, they may be more inclined to invest in it for their own computer energy needs. With the economy struggling to recover from the recent recession, many people have been without jobs for years. Likewise, companies have struggled to create employment opportuniti333 West Wacker 17es that would fuel the economy.

With this resource being harnessed and turned into energy, more people will be going back to work within this new industry. Company leaders can feel good about powering their buildings and running their computer systems–around the clock–when buying waste heat generated by a local data center.

A Renewable Source of Energy

As long as manufacturing and industrial processes survive, waste heat will always be available. With more people being concerned about depleting reserves of oil and gas, they may feel confident about investing in this choice and letting reserves of other power sources regenerate.

Before this resource was discovered, business owners typically encouraged staff members to shut down their computers or reduce their computer usage to save energy. With this choice, they can keep their systems online without fearing that they are contributing to the depletion of vital power sources.

It is indeed possible to power a building with the waste heat that is generated by a data center. Business owners may find that this solution fits their economic and environmental goals better than buying coal, gas, or propane.

Freelance writer LaGeris Underwood Bell has a strong concern about the wise use of energy resources. To learn about how you could make the most of data center technology to power and empower your business, you can visit for more information.

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International Business without International Costs

International Business without International Costs


allpics intl biz  International Business without International Costs

International Business without International Costs

The cost of operating a business with an international base of clients has traditionally been too cost prohibitive for smaller companies. However, several technological advances have made it much easier for a business owner of any size to reach out to a worldwide audience. In fact, utilizing a few simple and relatively inexpensive methods can help you vastly increase your annual profit margin.

What Techniques can Reduce My Operating Expenses?

As previously mentioned, the cost of dealing with customers and clients who are based out of a different country has often been the main factor in determining whether or not to operate internationally. Fortunately, if you are interested in expanding your base of operations, you can begin using three techniques today that will allow you to expand your reach for a minimal cost.

1. Free International Numbers – It is now possible for a business owner to obtain an international telephone number that will enable clients outside of the U.S. to contact them for free without being forced to pay an exorbitant fee. This is due to the cost-cutting option of working with an international telephone number provider that offers Internet calling. In other words, having a VOiP provider will let you reduce your phone bill and make it easier for people worldwide to connect with you.

2. Cloud Storage – Some companies make the decision to hire remotely based employees in other countries, but this can become problematic if they do not have a centralized location to access important data. Therefore, you should switch to cloud storage so that everyone who works for you can easily obtain necessary files from any web enabled device regardless of where they are physically located. As an added bonus, cloud storage provides a great backup solution that will enable you to preserve your company’s most critical data even if a natural disaster destroys your building.

3. Call Centers Operated Via the Cloud – One of the most exciting usages of cloud technology is the ability to have a fully automated call center that you do not need to provide physical space for. Instead, you will be able to monitor all of your call activity via a dashboard, and your virtual call center will sync up with your international phone number so that your calls can be forwarded to any land line or cellphone. Additionally, these call centers provide each of your callers with the ability to connect with your voice mail system 24/7 instead of dealing with unanswered calls when your office is closed.

As you can see, the cost of doing business internationally has definitely been positively impacted by recent technology. In fact, the odds are high that all of these technological advances will continue to be improved upon, and this makes now a very exciting time to expand the reach of your company. After all, any business that is able to greatly increase their customer base will also generate a lot more revenue. Therefore, it is a good idea to strongly consider signing up for an international number, cloud storage and a virtual call center.

As a small business owner, Melanie Fleury is always looking at ways to grow her business. Services offered at make becoming an international business as simple as expanding at home. She hopes that this will inspire entrepreneurs to take the next step to grow their business.

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Shocking Employee Theft Statistics That Every Boss Should Know

Shocking Employee Theft Statistics That Every Boss Should Know


No one wants to believe that their employees are stealing from them but in most cases they are (or they have been stolen from in the past). You want to trust the people who you took time and care to hire, but it is hard to know every piece of their background and if they have been dishonest in the past. Employee theft is complicated. Some people will “borrow” a stapler to take home or sit on their phone instead of working. What they don’t realize is these “harmless” actions are actually employee theft in its simplest form.

707097 bill pulver 300x168 Shocking Employee Theft Statistics That Every Boss Should Know

Not all employee theft are these seemingly harmless actions. Sometimes employee theft can be significant. I’m sure that we have all seen cases in the news where long time employees embezzled thousands (or in some case millions) from their employers. They are usually the last person you expect. Stealing from an employer is a slippery slope. It usually starts out with a small item or a couple dollars and then some employees who see that they are getting away with it, may test the waters even more. They could steal something bigger or keep taking money. Before you know it, time and amounts add up and the losses could be devastating. Don’t let your employees do this to you. Know what they are doing and monitor them regularly.

In case you need some convincing here are some shocking employee theft statistics (Courtesy of Statistics Brain and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners):

Your Employees Are Stealing From You

It’s a hard fact to come to terms with, but in the study from American Certified Fraud Examiners they found that 75% of all employees surveyed admitted to stealing from an employer at least once. Many admitted to doing it multiple times.

More Employees Steal Than Shoplifters

42% of inventory shrinkage in retail is due to employee theft. What is really startling is that only 35% is from shoplifting. More employees are stealing than shoplifters.

A Quarter Of All Employee Thefts Are For Over 1 Million Dollars

The median amount for employee theft is $175,000. What’s even more shocking is that 25.3% of employee theft cases involve an amount of $1 million dollars or more. For a small family owned business, that is enough to bankrupt you. In a lot of cases with employee theft, this is exactly where it leads to – Bankruptcy.

Are you still convinced that your employees could never steal from you? Your employees may be honest, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye on the situation as well. You can perform inventory on a frequent basis to make sure that your products aren’t walking off of the shelves. If you are worried about your employees stealing confidential information, you can remotely monitor your PC to ensure that they aren’t sharing files or copying information that they shouldn’t. Don’t let employee theft bankrupt your company, take steps to protect it now!

Lucy Collins is a hiring manager for a large retail store. When not hiring and training new employees, she is a contributor for Sniper Spy, an application that allows you to remotely view your PC.

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Does Your Marketing Plan Whisper Or Speak Volumes?

Does Your Marketing Plan Whisper Or Speak Volumes?


ALLPICS MEGAPHONE Does Your Marketing Plan Whisper Or Speak Volumes?

Does Your Marketing Plan Whisper Or Speak Volumes?

A business marketing plan should be more than just a whisper. It should speak volumes to your customers about your reputation, loyalty and business savvy. A solid marketing plan should also be up-to-date with the latest technological advances to attract cutting edge consumers.

3D BullseyeIdentify Your Target Customer

The start to a good marketing plan begins by defining your targeted audience and finding ways to capture their interest. While mailings are a thing of the past, you can garner a significant amount of attention by exposing your business to various outlets such as LinkedIn and Google Profiles.

As noted by one Atlanta public relations agency,”..communication that shares, connects and intertwines thoughts, ideas, dreams and inspires will make your company/product/organization carve out a space.”

The more exposure your company can generate, you’ll find your customer base to find your business to be a trusted resource.

Hiring A PR Company

There are a host of benefits to hiring a PR company to generate clients for your business. They can begin by giving you an honest view of the present state of your company and what it takes to achieve your future goals. They also have the skills to assess both your strengths and weaknesses and tweak any areas that need readjusting. PR companies have access to relationships that can be beneficial to your business and help it grow. If you’re looking to polish your image, they also have the tools to garner a great reputation by offering a service or product that proves worthy to your clientele.

Use Social Media

Gone are the day of flyers, telemarketers and door-to-door sales people. In order to gain recognition for your business, you need to be current with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. This dynamic outlet is a way for you to connect on a personalized basis with the customer. If they like a certain product, you have the abilities to interact and thank them for their business.

When a customer has a problem, you can also be there to ask the reasons behind their dislike and what you can do to gain their trust. Social media sites are also outlets to notify customers of any new additions to your business such as new products or services that can be beneficial to them.

Great Websites

An easy to navigate website can gain the attention of today’s consumer, especially if you set up an eye catching visual display. It should also have the tools to help the consumer surf your site quickly and without any difficulties. A problematic website will send your customers scurrying for the competitors.

SEO marketing can also aid in getting your website more clicks and direct leads than endless mailings. The primary goal of the business is to target your set audience and get them to click your site by way of popular keywords. SEO is an ongoing business project, and you need to review your search engine rankings at least monthly. This will allow you to compare your website against the competition and change the things that need readjusting.

Marketing techniques from the past such as cold calling, door-to-door pitching and long mailing lists have become a thing of the past. Today’s consumers rely on state-of-the-art methods in order to gather information about a product or service before spending their hard earned money. That’s why your marketing strategy should speak louder than the competitors.

Nadine Swayne knows the importance of a great marketing plan for businesses and shares this information. Try researching online, using terms such as Atlanta public relations agency, for ideas to help increase your company’s digital voice.

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What You Should Know If Your Worker’s Hurt On The Job

What You Should Know If Your Worker’s Hurt On The Job


What You Should Know If Your Worker Is Hurt On The Job

ALLPICS INJURY What You Should Know If Your Workers Hurt On The Job

Employee injuries can create serious issues for any business. Hopefully, the company is protected by workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Most states mandate that entrepreneurs maintain workers’ compensation coverage because it’s a common sense resolution to a problem that could escalate into a major disruption to production.

Standard personal injury lawsuits are still the norm in the few states that do not require corporations to carry workers compensation insurance, so having the coverage is an option, but is also still part of a solid business plan. It is interesting to note that failure to provide workers compensation coverage for employees will not result in a fine on the business in states that require coverage.

10122005(001)How Workers Compensation Insurance Works

Workers compensation insurance protects both the employer and the employee. As explained by the Stroble Law Firm, “Injuries and illnesses covered by workers’ compensation benefits can be caused by a specific incident or by constant and repetitive stresses of the job. Pre-existing conditions that are not work related but that are aggravated on the job also are covered.”

The consideration for the employer is that the workers compensation insurance company is liable for the injured employee’s income benefits and medical bills associated with the work-related injury.  An employee can not sue their employer for a personal injury negligence claim, which also precludes punitive damages.

Cases involving employers who do not legally adhere to safety regulations are a separate legal matter. The coverage is not all-exclusive for potential legal action. Injured workers are paid a percentage of their wages while on leave for injuries that last beyond seven days. After the seven-day waiting period, the employee is paid for time lost retroactive to the date of the injury.

Bad Faith Insurance Carriers

Bad faith negotiation tactics are common in workers compensation claims. The insurance company is often as problematic as the employer, who may be unwilling to file a claim because of premium increase concerns. The insurer can also refuse the claim and force the employee and employer to take the case to court. This can put the employer in an adversarial position with its own insurance company.

Even more troublesome are states that only allow one workers compensation insurance carrier in the state. This leaves all businesses at the mercy of that carrier’s benefit payout reduction policy. It also often results in minimal lump sum payouts to employees instead of providing benefits for all parties as the program is designed. Always investigate the workers compensation insurance companies available before making a decision.
Accident Injury Attorneys San Luis Obispo California

Penalties for Non-compliance

There is a potential for a significant fine for non-compliant businesses in states that require workers compensation insurance coverage. The potential for a serious personal injury or wrongful death claim exists when the proper insurance is not part of the operational budget. Although the coverage is not inexpensive, it is still a solid business decision to purchase workers’ compensation coverage in any state of business operation.

There may be insurance carriers providing coverage in multiple states, so businesses that work across state lines may want a single company that services all areas. But remember, failure to carry workers compensation coverage can effectively end a solid business venture if it becomes entangled in a personal injury case.

It is important for the business owner to understand that injury cases occurring outside of the workers compensation protection are determined by a proof standard of preponderance of the evidence, meaning that the case is determined in a 51-49 percent “weighing” of the material case facts. One simple fact can carry enough weight as the controlling fact in the final ruling of the court, so the amount of evidence is often ineffective. The best policy is always purchasing an adequate workers’ compensation insurance plan, or at least a business insurance plan that protects against exorbitant personal injury negligence lawsuits.

Writer LaGeris Underwood Bell hopes this article enlightens small and medium sized business owners about their risks and liabilities when a worker is hurt. She recommends they consult a legal group like the Stroble Law Firm for further insight into this serious issue.

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Downward Spiral: Lifestyle Choices That Can Harm Your Business

Downward Spiral: Lifestyle Choices That Can Harm Your Business


BAD BIZ MAN Downward Spiral: Lifestyle Choices That Can Harm Your Business

Downward Spiral: Lifestyle Choices That Can Harm Your Business

The business marketplace is very competitive. Jobs are harder to find and new businesses are harder to start due to restrictive financing options. Anyone that desires to be successful in this type of marketplace must take into consideration that everything they do, even in their personal life, will have an impact on their professional career.

The Internet has made it much easier for employers to screen their employees and discover things about their personal life that was never possible pre-Internet.

Lenders actively conduct back ground checks on people that they are considering financing for a business start-up or expansion. Corporations are so afraid of tarnishing their brand that they become obsessive about who they hire or promote. It is no longer the “good old days.”

Personal Issues That Can Impact Success

TMI. TMI, or Too Much Information, posted on your social media pages can impact your success. Employers, lenders, and potential customers will look at your personal social page to see who they are becoming involved with on a professional level.

If you have too much information posted that could be considered negative to someone that does not know you, you can ruin your professional career. Obscene pictures, vulgar remarks, and statements referencing illegal acts can put a downward spiral on your life.

Pretty Liquor BottlesDUI Convictions. States are cracking down on drunk driving, and instigating more strict DUI laws. For example, one Pennsylvania DUI lawyer says that in his state, ”laws relating to DUI have been re-written and harsher penalties have been handed down to violators as a result.”

Being convicted of a DUI in Pennsylvania (or other “tough law” states) can make your life a living hell.

Most likely you will lose your ability to drive for a period of time, will have to dedicate time to community service, and you may even serve a jail sentence.

You will also take a financial hit from fines and rising insurance costs, and in your business dealings you may have to disclose that you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, depending on your actual charge. All of these things could impact your future and your business success.

LFL. LFL (or Leave For Later) is the worst thing that you can do if you plan on being successful in a career or as a business owner. The old saying should have been “Procrastination killed the cat” instead of curiosity.

Procrastination destroys everything that you are trying to achieve. When you leave goals and tasks for later, you may never find the time to accomplish them. Management notices this type of thing and businesses fail when owners cannot complete tasks on time.

There are other things that can tip your success plans in the wrong direction, but these three things seem to have the highest impact on success. Thankfully, each of these issues can be corrected.

Refrain from posting too much personal information on your social site. Always ask yourself what your mom would think. If she would be ashamed, then it is probably something you should not post to the world.

If you have been arrested for DUI, hire a DUI defense attorney. With an attorney, you have a much better chance of not being convicted of this crime. Even if the charges are dropped to a lesser charge, it will still save you from the chaos that a DUI conviction can bring. And finally, avoid procrastination. Accomplish everything you can each day without complaint or regret. Success will soon follow.

Nadine Swayne is a freelance writer and small business owner who brings you these tips for avoiding lifestyle decisions that could hurt your business. Pennsylvania DUI lawyer Steven Kellis is well-versed in the tough Pennsylvania DUI laws and is more than happy to make his expertise available to ensure your rights under the law are protected.

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5 Cloud Tips to Meet Your Rapid Expansion Needs

5 Cloud Tips to Meet Your Rapid Expansion Needs


ALLPICS COMP 5 Cloud Tips to Meet Your Rapid Expansion Needs

5 Cloud Tips to Meet Your Rapid Expansion Needs

If your business is in the process of expanding, it will be imperative to take steps to ensure that you are able to meet the demands of your customers. For example, it will be necessary for you to have a secure online environment that your customers can utilize in order to learn about all of your products and services and make any applicable purchases. Additionally, you will need to be able to safely retain consumer information.

One of the best ways to meet these goals is to incorporate cloud services into your IT structure. The following are some ways that you can plan to get the most out of the cloud.

1. Back Up Everything

It is easy for a growing business to lose track of how often their information is backed up. However, failure to properly take advantage of the option to back up all of your data onto the cloud could cause you to deal with a catastrophic loss of information if there is ever a natural disaster or other serious issue that damages your network.

2. Keep Your Data Secure

Many growing businesses fail to recognize the fact that their increasing popularity can also make them a bigger target for data thieves. However, if you keep your vital information on the cloud, you will be able to take advantage of the increased security measures that professional cloud providers utilize. As an added bonus, you will receive an enhanced level of security at a much cheaper rate than if you provided it for yourself.

3. Outsource Your Data Needs

Some companies choose to operate their own cloud platform, and this does have benefits for organizations that have multiple different locations. Unfortunately, hosting your own cloud services without utilizing a remote location can be counterproductive. After all, the most important perk of using the cloud is that your data will be kept safe if something happens to your physical location. Therefore, it is always a good idea to consider outsourcing your data needs to a professional data center and cloud services provider such as QTS for example.

4. Provide All High-Level Employees with Constant Access

Using a cloud services provider will enable each of your high-level employees to access your company’s most critical data from anywhere. This will make it easy for them to conduct business when they are on the road, and it will also provide them with the opportunity to make an informed decision about any unexpected situations.

5. Easily Gain Access to a Larger Amount of Virtual Storage

Your data needs will continuously increase as your business expands. Fortunately, if you are using a cloud services provider, you will have the option to increase your data storage space as necessary. This will enable you to back up all of your necessary information without needing to purge any older data, and it will also allow you to purchase the amount of space that you need while you are growing instead of requiring you to lock in a higher capacity from the beginning.

As you can see, there are several perks to using cloud services. Additionally, outsourcing your data needs to a professional cloud services provider is the best way to ensure that all of your data will remain safely backed up without causing you to incur exorbitant fees.

Lisa Coleman shares tips on how cloud storage can support a rapidly growing business. She recently read online how QTS, a professional data service center, can meet and manage such needs for a business.

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Computer Repair Business Start Up Tips – 4 Factors To Focus On

Computer Repair Business Start Up Tips – 4 Factors To Focus On


Computers are a common piece of modern technology that are widely found at home and in businesses, while the skills and knowledge to repair them is not as common. Having your own computer repair business will help you earn a living by providing a service that is highly in demand to private and business clients who are unable to repair their computers on their own. Not all businesses have their own IT staff so they turn to affordable computer repair businesses to ensure that their computer systems function smoothly at all times. Fortunately, you do not have to be certified to start a computer repair business and you do not necessarily have to rent a commercial space to open shop either.

computer repair business start tips Computer Repair Business Start Up Tips   4 Factors To Focus On

1. Determine Your Target Market

Before you start your computer repair business, you need to determine your target market first. Decide if you will be offering upgrade services or hardware repair, data recovery, virus removal or all these services. Do a market research and learn more about the ideal target market for your business. Is your target market from a specific industry or will you be providing a specific type of service to the general public? Look around and compare the services that computer repair businesses in your locality already offer to what you have to offer, so you can position yourself to provide more solutions than others.

2. Certification As Leverage

Though you do not have to be certified to be able to start a computer repair business, being certified gives you plenty of leverage, especially when offering your services to companies. You can take online courses to prepare for certification tests such as CompTIA A+ Certification, Microsoft Certified Professional Certification and Certified Data Recovery Professional Certification. Being certified also assures customers that you are well qualified to work on their computers and that you can complete your services on time.

3. Offering The Proper Rates

Remember that in the computer repair business, time is money. You just can not offer low rates and then decide to increase them suddenly when things go well. It is imperative that you start your business with competitive rates, while identifying local competitors and comparing their services and rates to what you will be offering.

4. Securing A Proper Working Space

If you will be starting your business on a budget, you can always make space at home where you can repair computers without any distractions and inconvenience. However, working from home can sometimes be difficult when space is lacking and when you have children running all over the house. You can opt to work in a designated room or better yet, rent a storage space where you can work on client computers in private and in peace. Organizational systems and proper work tables can be placed inside the storage unit for you to work effectively, while organizing all the computers you have to fix and have finished fixing. This means that you need not have to worry about your business crashing down on you when your playful child accidentally damages these computers at home. As a matter of fact, you will be spending less on storage space rent, which is significantly lower compared to commercial space rent.

Valerie East is a freelance writer specializing in business management. She offers business advice such as on how to start businesses easily and how to set up a computer repair business, while recommending US Storage Centers as the ideal storage space to operate the business in.

Photograph by: Grafixa.

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Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh

Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh


three tips for moving business Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh

Moving your business to a new location can really give it the fresh start that it needs, especially if it has been struggling. If you can manage to find a better location that’s closer to your prime customer base, or if you’re able to find a spot for your business on a busy avenue where a lot of people walking and driving by will see your company name outside the building, you can increase your odds of generating new clients who can then continue coming back for more work, helping your generate even more income over time. And moving to a more affordable location can help you save a lot of money on overhead costs, such as rent, thereby allowing you to allocate that money to other expenses instead.

If you’re ready to move your company and start fresh, continue reading for some important tips to help you do so.

Offer Discounts to Existing Customers

three tips for moving business1 Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh

In order to get existing customers to follow you to your new location, and to give them a reason to come visit you at your new space after you open, offer them discounts and other incentives. This will ensure that they have a reason to come by the new place, get a feel for the new location and their commute to it, and experience the new things that you have to offer them because of your new office or retail space.

Set Up a Grand Opening Event

three tips for moving business2 Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh

Once you have your official moving day set, you can then plan to host a special event in order to generate some more buzz about the fact that your company is in a brand new office space, retail space, etc. A grand opening can be the perfect way to allow both old and new vendors, clients, and customers to see the new place and get a better understanding of your products and services. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the accomplishment of moving, and it’s also a perfect way to get everyone to come and see your new place before they forget the fact that you moved and that you have a stellar new facility to work out of.

Shop Around for the Most Affordable Movers

three tips for moving business3 Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh

Moving is no easy task, and it can become quite expensive, especially if you have a lot of high-end, heavy equipment that you need to transport. For example, a large printing facility may have machines that are extremely difficult to lift, and electricians may need to come in to make sure that the machines can be set up in the new space correctly and safely. Therefore, when searching for commercial movers, make sure you ask plenty of questions and get pricing. This will help you find the company that’s right for you that will help you save money during your move.

Moving your business can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. But if you look at it as a way to start your business off fresh again, you can have some fun with it by planning a grand opening event and other promotional events.

Today’s featured writer, Thomas Philip, is an employee at Office Move Pro, well-known office movers in Toronto. When he is not busy offering logistics services toclients, he likes to read books with a cup of hot coffee.

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Business Phone Service And The Features It Offers

Business Phone Service And The Features It Offers


When it comes to the business organization, there are plenty of areas where investment in the right infrastructure can be a game changer. Human resources, marketing strategies, technology, production and so on are just a few of these areas. When it comes to technology, it can be deployed across areas such as:

Business Phone Business Phone Service And The Features It Offers

  •                             image creates wikipedia
  • Communications,
  • Manufacturing processes,
  • Analytics,
  • Websites,
  • Internet connectivity and so on.

For instance, if you were to take phone services, then a business organization knows that it needs a phone service network that is powerful, reliable and scalable. Thus, investing in the right kind of business phone service is certainly an important area for any business organization.

Today, there are plenty of service providers that have made it possible for business organizations to enjoy business phone services of various kinds. These services are packed with many features and benefits.

Instant activation

For a business organization, time is everything. Therefore, service providers make it a point to be able to deploy business phone services almost instantly. Such an infrastructure can be installed within a minimum timeframe. This makes it possible for a business organization to migrate from existing or legacy phone infrastructure to something that is more contemporary and suitable for modern needs.

Cost effectiveness

A business organization can try out various combinations of business phone services to figure out which one is the most cost-effective option. In fact, telecom service providers do help a business organization make this decision as well. Factors such as number of local calls, international calls, fax messages and even the number of people that will use the business phone service will be taken into account to figure out which is the right kind of business phone service for a particular organization.

Added features

There are plenty of added features that go a long way in helping all the personnel of a business organization enjoy seamless and continuous connectivity. Call forwarding, voicemail, virtual phone exchange and even the ability to call from the web are just some of the features that help a business stay in touch with its customers constantly.

Simplicity of management

This is an extraordinarily important feature because most business organizations cannot waste time in trying to master a telephone infrastructure. Thus, most modern business phone service providers do ensure that their products and solutions are extremely simple to use. This gives the client the ability to use all the features and enjoy all the benefits without finding the system “un-user friendly”.


When choosing a phone service, a business organization should certainly be prepared to spend a bit of money. This investment will go a long way in ensuring that it gets a really high quality phone service. Thus, common problems such as call drop, poor volumes and even calls getting forwarded to the wrong extension are all eliminated. A customer will therefore enjoy interacting with the business organization and have a certain sense of confidence about the company’s ability to communicate correctly.

Therefore, there is no denying the fact that a business phone service can indeed go a long way in enhancing the brand image and reputation of any organization.

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