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The Different Compensation Benefits You Are Entitled To As An Employee

The Different Compensation Benefits You Are Entitled To As An Employee


As an employee you need to have worker’s compensation benefits designed for different purposes. The benefits included in your worker’s compensation can cover various medical care aspects such as health care costs, disability coverage, rehabilitation expenses and restitution for lost wages. As a matter of fact, your immediate family members can receive benefits if you unfortunately die in a work related accident. Sadly, not all employees are aware that they have the right to worker’s compensation and due to their lack of knowledge are unable to receive any benefits. When your company fails to comply with your right to worker’s compensation benefits for medical care, disability, rehabilitation or even death, the assistance of a lawyer is necessary.

  • Benefits Under Medical Or Health Care

Through your worker’s compensation, you can have your medical and hospital expenses paid for as long as you were injured at work or even on the road as long as it was during work hours. Though the coverage amount will vary from state to state, the common expenses covered for are doctor consultations, medical expenses and surgery costs, as well as special equipments such as wheelchairs. However, compensation does not usually cover acupuncture and therapy.

  • Rehabilitation Benefits

The expenses for physical therapy or rehabilitation will be covered by your worker’s compensation if they are deemed crucial to your complete recovery. The benefits for rehabilitation are designed to cover all the needed therapy to restore mobility, thus allowing you to continue working and perform all your duties. However, if your injuries are so severe making it impossible for you to return to work, these benefits can be provided for occupational evaluations, education and training to allow you to find another job where your injuries will not be a hindrance.

  • Disability Benefits

Disability benefits are meant to compensate for the loss of wages while you were unable to return to work. The benefits are usually provided in different increments based on the severity of your injuries or if you are unable to perform the duties required in your occupation. They will be based on 2/3 of your wages earned before you got injured and you will not be taxed on the benefits to be received. The different types of disability that your benefits will be based on are –

  • Temporary total disability
  • Temporary partial disability
  • Permanent total disability
  • Permanent partial disability
  • Death Benefits

If your injuries lead to death, your immediate family members – spouse, children or parents, can receive death benefits from your worker’s compensation. The benefits are meant to provide restitution for burial and funeral costs, as well as to compensate for loss of income and support. This is very crucial especially when your family members are financially dependent on you.

Are You Eligible For Worker’s Compensation Benefits As An Employee?

It is important to understand that not all employees who file a claim can receive benefits for their injuries. Only employees who sustain work related injuries are eligible for worker’s compensation benefits, regardless of who was to blame for the injuries. The injuries may be sustained at the workplace, while doing a business errand, on a business trip or at a conference. If you choose to accept your benefits, you waive your right to sue your employer for negligence.

different compensation benefits you are The Different Compensation Benefits You Are Entitled To As An Employee

Valerie Lee is a freelance writer who specializes in various legal issues concerning employment. She offers valuable information for the benefit of employees such as worker’s compensation. Click here to find out about the various benefits covered by worker’s compensation that you have the right to as an employee.

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Top Five Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

Top Five Benefits Of Hardwood Floors


One of the main things you will notice about hardwood floors, whether they are installed at home or in the office, is that they add a certain touch of class. They look great and take us back to a more traditional time when hardwood floors were the norm. However, not only does this type of flooring look great it also adds certain strength and depth to the overall structure of a property. One thing we are aware of, though, is that hardwood floors have been extremely popular for many years and it appears they will continue to be so. This post will introduce you to some of the benefits of having this type of flooring in your home or office.

top five benefits hardwood floors Top Five Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

Easy Installation

top five benefits hardwood floors1 Top Five Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

Admittedly, it will help if you’ve laid a hardwood floor before, but once you get the hang of it you will find it very straightforward. Hardwood floors have been specifically manufactured and produced so that they provide a uniform fit. However, prior to installation it is probably best to decide whether you prefer prefinished or unfinished flooring.

Easy to Clean

top five benefits hardwood floors2 Top Five Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

This may be one of the major reasons that people turn to hardwood floors, as they are exceptionally easy to keep clean. Unfortunately, when it comes to carpeted floors it’s difficult to know what germs or creatures may be lurking. However, with hardwood flooring it is far easier to tell when it needs to be cleaned, although they don’t usually accumulate a lot of dirt and dust anyway. You can easily get away with vacuuming, mopping and drying on a weekly basis.

They Look Great

top five benefits hardwood floors3 Top Five Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

It must be said, that hardwood floors do look great in just about any environment. They look extremely elegant and typically look as though they cost a lot of money, which isn’t always the case. There are also many different species of wood to choose from and the various shades and unfinished colors may help to compliment other items in your home. Hardwood floors also have an uncanny knack of making an area look far more spacious.


top five benefits hardwood floors4 Top Five Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are manufactured in such a way that they are expected to last from many, many years. They are even kiln-dried during the production process, which only goes to make them even stronger and more durable. If you have particular high traffic areas of your home then you may be best off installing this type of flooring, as it can certainly take pretty much whatever you want to throw at it.

A Great Investment

top five benefits hardwood floors5 Top Five Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

A wood floor in general can be considered a great investment, as they are known to increase the value of property. When you look at the factors mentioned above it’s easy to see why. You may not be looking to sell your home right now, but by installing hardwood flooring you are definitely making an investment in your future. In fact, you will typically find that this type of flooring will increase the value of your property by far more than the initial cost of the flooring and installation. This in itself is a great reason to have hardwood floors, as there aren’t many items around the home that would add value like this.

The author of this post, Gary Stark is a supervisor at Alliance Floor Source, a company offering a wide array of flooring options in Toronto. He is an automobile enthusiast and he works on a few car restoration projects in his free time.

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2 Important Federal Benefits For Same-Sex And Heterosexual Married Couples

2 Important Federal Benefits For Same-Sex And Heterosexual Married Couples


Before the June 26, 2013 decision where the U.S. Supreme Court removed the section that limited marriage to a union between a man and woman from the Federal Defense of Marriage Act of DOMA, same sex couples were denied an array of federal benefits. Same sex couples consisting of gay and lesbian couples who are married or not, were not given benefits that heterosexual married couples are being provided by the federal government. After the court ruling, the federal government will now recognize all valid marriages between same sex couples that reside in states where same sex marriage is legal. Considering all the federal laws that offer protection, rights and benefits to married couples, same sex couples living in same sex marriage states can enjoy federal benefits like any other normal couple.

1. Social Security Benefits

There are various Social Security programs that have helped married couples financially, but were not available to same sex couples in the past.

  • Spousal Retirement Benefit

For married couples who have retired and when the calculated Social Security benefit of a person is lower than his spouse, half of his spouse’s higher benefit can be taken, instead of receiving the calculated amount from his earnings.

  • Spousal Survivor Benefit

The surviving spouse of a deceased person is entitled to receive Social Security retirement and disability benefits based on the deceased’s earning record.

  • Death Benefit

The federal government provides $255 to surviving spouses to help in funeral expenses

2. Tax Benefits

Just like any married couple, same sex married couples can receive federal tax benefits, such as –

  • Estate Tax and Estate Planning Benefits

An array of estate planning benefits is accessible to all married couples.

  • Joint Income Tax Returns With The IRS

Joint income tax returns are beneficial over separate income tax returns. In fact, a large number of unmarried couples end up losing a fortune because of the separate tax returns that have to be filed with the IRS.

  • Family Partnership For Business Income Among Family Members

Business income can be divided among family members as permitted by the federal tax law which results in large tax savings.

  • Life Estate Trusts

Life estate trusts, QTIP trusts and QDOT trusts can be taken out by married couples as these provide distinct tax benefits at a spouse’s death. The QDOT trust allows surviving spouses who are non US citizens to postpone estate tax payments that amount over the exemption amount, while the QTIP trust allows surviving spouses to utilize trust property tax free in certain situations.

  • Portability on Estate Tax

The personal estate tax exemptions can be combined for married couples and when a person dies, the surviving spouse can receive property worth up to about $10 million that is federal estate tax free.

  • Estate And Gift Tax Exemption

Properties received by a surviving spouse are exempted from a certain amount of money from federal gift taxes and federal estate taxes by federal law. This means that the surviving spouse is not required to pay taxes for any amount received from a deceased spouse under the exemption limit.

Ever since the court ruling last June 26, 2011 more and more same sex couples are beginning to learn about their rights to federal benefits. However, since not everyone are aware of the specifics involved in the DOMA and available federal benefits, consulting with a well experienced and reliable lawyer is necessary.

Valerie Ricks is a freelance writer specializing in legal topics. She also offers information about the Federal Defense Of Marriage Act for same sex couples living in states where same sex marriage is legal. Learn more about the federal benefits available for same sex couples here.

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Benefits of Worksite Recovery Services

Benefits of Worksite Recovery Services


Natural disasters are a very common occurrence these days.  Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and even manmade disasters can cripple an organization.  The technology infrastructure of a company is typically the first item of consideration when discussing the effects of a disaster.   Colocation facilities can provide a company with everything needed to continue business uninterrupted.  Every company, regardless of size or industry, should prepare by developing a disaster recovery plan.  These plans should also include the relocation of employees.

Worksite recovery services among the most beneficial offered by colocation facilities. The availability of dedicated office space is one colocation facility service that is crucial to any disaster recovery protocol. Therefore, dedicated workspaces are of the highest importance in worksite recovery services. Dallas colocation facilities have the ability to provide a secure environment with dedicated office space to meet any operational needs. Hence, organizations are able to relocate their employees and equipment to these facilities and continue running daily business.

Dedicated Office Space Features

Exclusivity is one of the most attractive features offered by dedicated office spaces. At many colocation centers, firms sometimes have to share their office space with other companies. This can affect productivity and poses a large security risk. However, at Dallas colocation centers, companies are provided conference rooms, meeting rooms and offices that are solely at their disposal.

There are a number of other worksite recovery services provided to clients. These include the allotment of pre-configured work space and conference room facilities. Rooms are equipped with phones, personal computer stations and continuous Internet access.  Companies can also connect to their equipment and data with private fiber connectivity, making mission-critical operations more streamlined.

Another positive about worksite recovery services at Dallas colocation centers is that dedicated office space is customizable. Therefore, conference and meeting rooms can be scaled to fit a company’s operational needs.

When it comes to employee comfort, a Dallas colocation center also offers fully equipped showers and break rooms. Some colocation services also have laundry facilities. Some are also strategically located to hotels and airports, making commuting to the center more convenient.

Security of Employees and Business Operation

A Dallas colocation center primarily provides a secure environment with proper facilities to allow employees to work undisturbed. Security measures are integrated in the layout design, from the security booth in the parking garages to the separation of colocation and worksite recovery areas. Employees will arrive to a secure, continuously guarded parking lot that is well lit with ample spaces.

A variety of facility security procedures are also in place to ensure that only authorized entities can access a company’s data. These include:

  • Identication Requirements
  • Man traps
  • Biometric authorization, such as iris scanning and fingerprint recogntion
  • Key access points
  • CCTV monitoring and archiving.

In addition, a Dallas colocation center is designed to withstand natural disasters. It is constructed with reinforced concrete, tornado-proof walls and roof to ensure survival of many disaster types.

This virtually eliminates the chance of the same disaster affecting both a company and the data center. Once a company moves its operations to a dedicated office space, it can be assured it won’t have to relocate again.

Andy Woods believes every company should consider disaster recovery services.  These services are critical for keeping businesses running after system failures. More information about disaster recovery can be found at

worksite recovery Benefits of Worksite Recovery Services

worksite recovery1 Benefits of Worksite Recovery Services

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The Health Benefits of Eating Buckwheat Plant

The Health Benefits of Eating Buckwheat Plant


Important thing about buckwheat is that it is not a cereal grain. This is especially useful for people which have problems with any kind of grains. Buckwheat is a relative to rhubarb or sorrel and it is a fruit seed. What is especially health beneficial is the content of flavonoids and especially one flavonoid that is called rutin. Eating buckwheat results in lowering bad cholesterol, preventing diabetes and in the same time is delivering magnesium which is important for proper muscle function. The rutin helps with repairing veins cells which brings their flexibility and functions back.

buckwheat The Health Benefits of Eating Buckwheat Plant

buckwheat1 The Health Benefits of Eating Buckwheat Plant

buckwheat2 The Health Benefits of Eating Buckwheat Plant

buckwheat3 The Health Benefits of Eating Buckwheat Plant

buckwheat4 The Health Benefits of Eating Buckwheat Plant

buckwheat5 The Health Benefits of Eating Buckwheat Plant

buckwheat6 The Health Benefits of Eating Buckwheat Plant

buckwheat7 The Health Benefits of Eating Buckwheat Plant

buckwheat8 The Health Benefits of Eating Buckwheat Plant

buckwheat9 The Health Benefits of Eating Buckwheat Plant

buckwheat10 The Health Benefits of Eating Buckwheat Plant

Photo Credit: TANAKA Juuyoh (CC BY 2.0)

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Growing and Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

Growing and Health Benefits of Wheatgrass


A wheatgrass is one of the superfoods that expands human diet with positive health benefits. You can grow your own wheatgrass or you can buy dried wheat grass leafs in a bio shops. Wheatgrass leafs are dried at 30 C to maintain maximum nutrition. What are health benefits of wheatgrass? First of all – better digestion. Seconds, better hemoglobin production and breathing thanks to chlorophyll. Third, better endurance thanks to magnesium. Fourth, muscle building thanks to all essential aminoacids. And, but not the least, it is alkalizing. Wheatgrass is rich on protein, beta-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B12, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium and other minerals.

wheatgrass Growing and Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

wheatgrass1 Growing and Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

wheatgrass2 Growing and Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

wheatgrass3 Growing and Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

wheatgrass4 Growing and Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

wheatgrass5 Growing and Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

wheatgrass6 Growing and Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

wheatgrass7 Growing and Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

wheatgrass8 Growing and Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

wheatgrass9 Growing and Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

wheatgrass10 Growing and Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

wheatgrass11 Growing and Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

wheatgrass12 Growing and Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

wheatgrass13 Growing and Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

Photo Credit: Hyperlinkguerrilla (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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