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Using Wall Art Stickers To Decorate A Childs Bedroom

Using Wall Art Stickers To Decorate A Childs Bedroom


A child’s bedroom is a special place where children can express their personality and be creative. Kid’s décor for the most part is essential for creating a place where children can grow and develop. When it comes to wall décor, the options usually consist of paint, wallpaper, posters and pictures. Although paint and wallpaper are fine for the short term, children grow and develop so quickly that soon enough you’ll be force to change the designs of the wallpaper or paint colour.  Nevertheless, by using decorative Wall art stickers, you can be sure to create a cost-effective and beautiful bedroom your child will be sure to love!

wall art stickers Using Wall Art Stickers To Decorate A Childs Bedroom

Personalise your Child’s Space

By choosing to personalise your child’s wall art, you can be sure to add a special and creative touch to your child’s walls. With custom wall art designs, you can choose which font, colour, style and design you wish to use with your child’s existing décor. A beautiful personalised name plaque on your child’s door or above your child’s bed is a beautiful way to customise your child’s décor.

Creating a Themed Bedroom

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to decorate your child’s bedroom effectively, a themed bedroom usually works well. Wall stickers for children’s bedrooms are a fantastic way to give your child a fantastic themed room within a few minutes. A large blank wall space can easily be covered with a large decal displaying your child’s favourite animal, sport, place, or quote. The beauty of decorative decals is that they can easily be removed once your child decides they want a fresh new look. Depending on the design and structure of your wall sticker, you can reuse your decal if removed carefully.

Not just for walls

One of the most common misconceptions is that Wall art stickers are only suitable for walls, but this is certainly not the case. Decals are extremely versatile, and can be used on a range of surfaces in your child’s bedroom. A wardrobe, bedstead, mirror, or doors are just some of the ways you can jazz up your child’s room.  Wall stickers are made from a material, known as “vinyl”. Vinyl is a great material which is suitable for children as its safe, non-toxic and can last anywhere between 5 to 10 years.

Get your child involved

Children often take pride in things which they have helped to make, or create. By letting your children have the freedom to make decisions about their rooms; it will undoubtedly help them to appreciate it more. If your child is very young, it is best to present them with a couple of simple ideas when deciding on a themed bedroom. If your child is older, ask them what designs and colours they would most like in their bedrooms. The key is to keep the room simple, and then decorate with simple wall art creations. Wall art stickers are very safe, and your child will be sure to love helping peel and stick down their designs and seeing the transformation.

Mix and Match

Wall decals are effective when used on their own, or with other pieces of decorative wall art. Posters, canvas, murals and photos are can all work well with stickers, and don’t have to cost a fortune. Search online Auctions for cost effective wall art pieces, and display them in a beautiful montage to keep your child’s room interesting and creative.

Alison Evans is a writer, and owner of

Photo Credit: Vinyl Design

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Moving? Heres How To Properly Store Your Antiques And Art Pieces

Moving? Heres How To Properly Store Your Antiques And Art Pieces


Antiques and valuable art pieces are not kept for their monetary value alone, but they are also kept for their sentimental value, too. They have captured moments in time of people’s lives, have become a part of special events, and have even become heirlooms, passed on from one generation to another. Because of the value they have, they deserve to be preserved and kept safe. However, when you are moving to a new home, transporting your valuable antiques and art pieces can be quite tricky since some of them can easily get damaged. It would be best if you store them in one place first, where they will be safe and protected, before you bring them to your new home. This way, you will not have to worry that they will get scratched, damaged, or dented while you are packing, moving, and unpacking things from your old house to your new one.

antiques art Moving? Heres How To Properly Store Your Antiques And Art Pieces

Packing Mirrors and Paintings

Even if they look sturdy, your valuables need to be packed with care. Let us say for example that you have an antique mirror and expensive paintings that you want packed and stored before you move to your new home, then wrap them up in bubble wraps first. If the item is too large and you do not want to spend extra money on bubble wraps, then wrap them up in thick blankets. Wound a tape over them to secure the wrapping tightly. Place a note that says “fragile” over the packaging so the movers will be aware of the fact that what they are carrying needs care during transport.

If you have the money to spare, then buy boxes for your valuable paintings. Wrap the paintings up in felt and protect their corners with cardboard corners. Finally, tape the cardboard close, and do not forget to mark it as “fragile.”

Packing Big Furniture

As for antique furniture such as cabinets, dressers, sofa sets, and bed frames, what you can do is to disassemble them if they can be disassembled. Wrap each individual part up with thick blankets, felt, or bubble wrap, then mark them individually and as parts of a whole. For example you disassembled your antique bed frame, then mark the headboard as A1, the footboard as A2, etc., with A meaning bed and the numbers as one piece of a whole. If there are small parts and accessories such as the nuts, screws, and bolts, then store them in a plastic container and mark them as well, stating that they are a part of A.

As for antique dining tables, not only do you have to wrap the back of the chair, but you also have to wrap the legs. If the tabletop can be removed, especially if it is made of glass, then remove the top and wrap them as well. Again, mark them clearly for proper identification and mark them as “fragile.”

Packing Lamps and Light Fixtures

For your antique lamps and light fixtures, always remove the light bulbs first before packing them. Separate the base from the shades and wrap them individually. As for light fixtures, such as crystal and glass chandeliers, disassemble the parts and wrap them individually as well. Wrap cords so they will not get tangled up.

Finally, when it comes to storing them, do not stack them up. You do not want the items underneath to collapse under the heavy weight.

Jennifer Daehn is a content provider for a number of DIY and home improvement sites. If you are going to move to a new home, then click here if you want to know more tips.

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A Guide To Buying Art Easels Online

A Guide To Buying Art Easels Online


There are several things you must consider when purchasing and art easel. It will be one of your easels, art, Madiosn Art Shop, most important tools as an artist and must adequately provide for your needs. Apart from comfort, budget will be one of the primary deciding factors in the easel that you choose.

There are literally hundreds of different types of easels. These range from table top easels to free standing ones. They can be made from shiny metal or exquisite wood. As you begin your search to find an easel online you should have a fair idea of what you need, or else you should do some research to understand the different types of easels and the benefits they offer. A sturdy and comfortable easel might cost more than one that’s hastily put together, but the benefit is that you’ll have an easel that will last for many years.

With that in mind, here are some things to consider when purchasing your easel online.

Your Painting Style

Do you paint mostly small pieces, or do you prefer to work on large canvases. What type of media do you use for painting? What is your overall style? The easel you choose must support your own particular habits. For example, if you work on large canvases, you’ll need a large, sturdy easel that will support your large canvas and bold brush strokes.

The Place You Work

Where you paint also determines the type of easel you buy. Will be easel be a permanent fixture in your art studio? Or do you move around a lot when painting? Do you need something that can be easily moved out of the way when you’re done? Consider getting a portable easel if you move around a lot. A smaller, space efficient easel will be appropriate if you are short on space, and something that folds up easily will make it easy to store when not in use.

Your Budget

The price of art easels vary from reasonably cheap to very expensive. A simple easel might cost about $25, but one made of quality wood can cost thousands of dollars. These types of easels are beautiful showpieces in their own right, and are normally used as a permanent fixture in modern art studios. An advantage of searching for easels online is that you can easily compare costs without the hassle of visiting or calling various art supply stores.


It’s important to know the dimensions of the easel that you need before you purchase online. At the very least, you need to have one with adjustable heights so you can set the height to one you’re comfortable with. You’ll also need an easel that’s sturdy and won’t tip over at the slightest application of pressure. Nothing puts a damper on painting, than an easel that doesn’t make you feel immediately comfortable when you’re in front of it.

Take your time and research your options. When you do, you’ll find one that’s just right for you.

About Author

Crystal is a blogger and a content writer by professional, she loves to paint in her free time and she uses easels by Madison Art Shop for their excellent quality.

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The Art Of Buying Thai Gongs And Their Unique Differences

The Art Of Buying Thai Gongs And Their Unique Differences


When you are a person that loves gongs, it is impossible not to want one from every corner of the globe. However, many lovers of this musical instrument are hesitant when purchasing Thai gongs. There are several reasons for this pause, but few are against the magnificent sound they create. With a general overview of these differences, you will soon understand that this style of gong is right for you.

Why people buy Thai gongs
Most Americans that play gongs are doing this in three different ways. The first buyer is typically a gong musician within a percussion symphonic structure. These types of gongs have a specific sound and are used as part of an orchestra. Other types of gong owners use them for meditative practices. Finally, some gong owners appreciate their decorative value and rarely use them. Obviously, Thai gong owners are going to buy a modern or antique version for these three purposes, but there are still other reasons to buy.

The unique Thai gong sound
If you have heard a gong being played in the past in the United States, it probably was not one from Thailand. Most gongs that Americans know by ear are ones developed in Europe or China. No matter how big they are, these common American versions tend to have a bright shrilly sound. On the other hand, even the smaller Thai gongs lean toward a lower tone than other gongs made around the world. In many ways, amateur Americans might describe this specific Thai sound as one that has a lot of bass.

The extra heft of gongs from Thailand
If you are accustomed to buying gongs and having them shipped, you will soon notice that delivery of a gong from Thailand is slightly more expensive. Despite the fact that you might be buying one that is the same size as another one you already own, these gongs are heavy because they are made from thick metal. This produces part of their distinct sound.

Heavily decorated antique collectors items
In addition to heft, part of the reason that a Thai gong stands out is because they are heavily decorated. For this reason, the wood or metal that holds them up in the air is also usually distinctly bejeweled. This focus on the ornate not only has immediate value, but Thai gongs also have a long-term angle because they are so beautiful. In general, it is assumed that a well-crafted gong from Thailand with unique markings will gain antique status easily within a few decades.

Matthew Boley is an avid writer.  Giving people different or new ideas is something he strives to continually do.  Learning about Thai gongs, and possibly how to play them, may broaden other’s horizons.

thai gong The Art Of Buying Thai Gongs And Their Unique Differences

Photo Credit. Vern L (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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Detailed Photography Art of Mark J. Sebastian

Detailed Photography Art of Mark J. Sebastian


By surfing the web man can encounter many impressive photographs. It is not always a rule that it must be a shot by a professional photographer. But in this case it is a professional without any doubt. Wherever it is a portraiture or product photography, art by Mark J. Sebastian from New York, California is worth to see.

mark sebastian photography Detailed Photography Art of Mark J. Sebastian

mark sebastian photography1 Detailed Photography Art of Mark J. Sebastian

mark sebastian photography2 Detailed Photography Art of Mark J. Sebastian

mark sebastian photography3 Detailed Photography Art of Mark J. Sebastian

mark sebastian photography4 Detailed Photography Art of Mark J. Sebastian

mark sebastian photography5 Detailed Photography Art of Mark J. Sebastian

mark sebastian photography6 Detailed Photography Art of Mark J. Sebastian

mark sebastian photography7 Detailed Photography Art of Mark J. Sebastian

mark sebastian photography8 Detailed Photography Art of Mark J. Sebastian

mark sebastian photography9 Detailed Photography Art of Mark J. Sebastian

Photo Credit: Mark Sebastian

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Miniature Food Art by Stephanie Kilgast

Miniature Food Art by Stephanie Kilgast


There is a lot of miniature food made from polymer clay but I like these ones, handmade my Stephanie Kilgast. I have such a feeling that the salmon brought a lot of points for her.

miniature food art Miniature Food Art by Stephanie Kilgast

miniature food art1 Miniature Food Art by Stephanie Kilgast

miniature food art2 Miniature Food Art by Stephanie Kilgast

miniature food art3 Miniature Food Art by Stephanie Kilgast

miniature food art4 Miniature Food Art by Stephanie Kilgast

miniature food art5 Miniature Food Art by Stephanie Kilgast

miniature food art6 Miniature Food Art by Stephanie Kilgast

miniature food art7 Miniature Food Art by Stephanie Kilgast

miniature food art8 Miniature Food Art by Stephanie Kilgast

miniature food art9 Miniature Food Art by Stephanie Kilgast

miniature food art10 Miniature Food Art by Stephanie Kilgast

miniature food art11 Miniature Food Art by Stephanie Kilgast

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Modern Art Oil Paintings

Modern Art Oil Paintings


Oil paintings are stable part of past and today’s modern art. To see feel the full potentiality of oil paintings you will need to visit a live gallery, to feel the smell, atmosphere and the colors of this art.

oil paintings Modern Art Oil Paintings

oil paintings1 Modern Art Oil Paintings

oil paintings2 Modern Art Oil Paintings

oil paintings3 Modern Art Oil Paintings

oil paintings4 Modern Art Oil Paintings

oil paintings5 Modern Art Oil Paintings

oil paintings6 Modern Art Oil Paintings

oil paintings7 Modern Art Oil Paintings

Oil painting by Patrick Trotter

oil paintings8 Modern Art Oil Paintings

Oil painting by Patrick Trotter

oil paintings9 Modern Art Oil Paintings

Oil painting by Patrick Trotter

oil paintings10 Modern Art Oil Paintings

Oil painting by Patrick Trotter

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Beautiful Hand Art

Beautiful Hand Art


Our hands helps us to express our feelings, to communicate with other people, to connect with them. Hands helps us to do our job, to get our food and to create an imagination of creatures out there.

1 Beautiful Hand Art

2 Beautiful Hand Art

3 Beautiful Hand Art

4 Beautiful Hand Art

5 Beautiful Hand Art

6 Beautiful Hand Art

7 Beautiful Hand Art

8 Beautiful Hand Art

9 Beautiful Hand Art

10 Beautiful Hand Art

11 Beautiful Hand Art

12 Beautiful Hand Art

13 Beautiful Hand Art

14 Beautiful Hand Art

15 Beautiful Hand Art

16 Beautiful Hand Art

17 Beautiful Hand Art

18 Beautiful Hand Art

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Cool Watermelon Art

Cool Watermelon Art


Watermelon is not only great on a hot summer days to cool you down but it is even very good source for unlimited watermelon art.
Watermelon is excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of beta-carotene.

1 Cool Watermelon Art

2 Cool Watermelon Art

3 Cool Watermelon Art

4 Cool Watermelon Art

5 Cool Watermelon Art

6 Cool Watermelon Art

7 Cool Watermelon Art

8 Cool Watermelon Art

9 Cool Watermelon Art

10 Cool Watermelon Art

11 Cool Watermelon Art

12 Cool Watermelon Art

13 Cool Watermelon Art

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Amazing Potato Art

Amazing Potato Art


Potatoes are usually classified as food. But in this case it is more than that. It is an amazing potato art.

1 Amazing Potato Art

The English word potato comes from Spanish word patata.

2 Amazing Potato Art

Potatoes contain no fat or cholesterol and minimal sodium. What they do have is natural fiber in the skins, all those vitamins and minerals and great flavor.

3 Amazing Potato Art


4 Amazing Potato Art

A potato with skin contains 45% of the daily value for vitamin C.

5 Amazing Potato Art

Potatoes with the skin are an excellent source of fiber.

6 Amazing Potato Art

A freshly juiced potatoes can help to heal many illness like arthritis and other caused by an acidic imbalance.

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