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Help! There Are Bugs In My Car: Tips To Get Rid Of Pests

Help! There Are Bugs In My Car: Tips To Get Rid Of Pests


You decided to take your car out for a drive, and while you are on the road, you notice that something is crawling up your leg. You can’t concentrate on the road because you want to scratch at the itchy areas, and then bam! You collided with another vehicle because you took your eyes off the road for a few seconds.

This may seem like an unlikely scenario; however, a lot of people get into accidents because of this kind of distraction. This distraction is usually caused by ants, bedbugs, or other insects and bugs in your vehicle. These pests may not look like much but their presence can be very dangerous and disastrous. Aside from the grim scenario mentioned above, these pests can also cause car problems. To this end, you need to make sure that your car is pest-free. Here are a few tips to get rid of bugs and insects in your car.

help there are bugs car Help! There Are Bugs In My Car: Tips To Get Rid Of Pests

General Car Cleaning Tips

One of the main reasons why insects and bugs invade your car is due to their need for food and warm shelter. If you are always leaving behind your trash, such as soda cans, candy wrappers, fast food wrappers, or bags of chips in your car then you are inviting these unwanted passengers into your vehicle. To this end, you need to properly clean both the interiors and exteriors of your vehicle. Keeping your car sanitary and clean can discourage these pests from invading your space.

  • Remove the seat covers and rugs and then wash them. Throw them in the dryer at the highest allowable setting for about half an hour to an hour. Heat washing and drying the seat covers and rugs can kill any bedbugs, carpet beetles, and other pests that might have attached to them.
  • Vacuum the seats and floors of your car. Pay close attention to carpets, seats, seams of the upholstery, and so on. You should also vacuum the exteriors of your vehicle, such as around the hood opening and trunk opening. This is where the leaves and dirt can accumulate. In addition, vacuum all the doors. This will get rid of ants, roaches, spiders, and other bugs.
  • Make sure to get rid of any debris or trash from the floorboards and under the seats of your vehicle.

How To Naturally Get Rid Of Bugs In Your Car

Diatomaceous Earth: You can apply diatomaceous earth on all the cracks and seams in the upholstery. You should also sprinkle this substance on the carpet. This substance is a natural rock talcum powder which can easily eliminate insects and bugs; however, it is not harmful to humans.

Vinegar Mixture: You can mix half a cup of water and half a cup of vinegar. Mix them together and pour it onto a spray bottle. You can spray it on your tires to keep pests away. Removing their point of contact can significantly lower the risk of infestation. You can also use this mixture to wash down hard surfaces in your vehicle. Do not worry about the smell because it will eventually go away once the mixture dries.

Eucalyptus Leaves: You can place a bag of eucalyptus leaves or a sprig of eucalyptus under the car seats or in the trunk. The scent of eucalyptus can naturally deter insects and bugs.

Lemon-Scented Cleaner: Use this to wipe the surfaces of your vehicle. This will not only remove dust and dirt, but it will also discourage pests, such as spiders, ants, and roaches.

Boric Acid: You can create bait for these bugs and insects. Simply mix boric acid and syrup, and then place it under the seats or in the trunk. The sweet scent of the syrup can attract bugs and insects while the boric acid dehydrates and kills them.

If the infestation in your vehicle is so severe, you will need to call a professional pest control contractor. They can easily and efficiently get rid of bugs and insects from your vehicle.

The author, Kris Bennette, is a car enthusiast and blogger. She offers car tips and tricks to help her readers take better care of their vehicles. She also advises her readers, who found bugs and insects in their vehicle, to click here and look for a professional exterminator.

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The Different Compensation Benefits You Are Entitled To As An Employee

The Different Compensation Benefits You Are Entitled To As An Employee


As an employee you need to have worker’s compensation benefits designed for different purposes. The benefits included in your worker’s compensation can cover various medical care aspects such as health care costs, disability coverage, rehabilitation expenses and restitution for lost wages. As a matter of fact, your immediate family members can receive benefits if you unfortunately die in a work related accident. Sadly, not all employees are aware that they have the right to worker’s compensation and due to their lack of knowledge are unable to receive any benefits. When your company fails to comply with your right to worker’s compensation benefits for medical care, disability, rehabilitation or even death, the assistance of a lawyer is necessary.

  • Benefits Under Medical Or Health Care

Through your worker’s compensation, you can have your medical and hospital expenses paid for as long as you were injured at work or even on the road as long as it was during work hours. Though the coverage amount will vary from state to state, the common expenses covered for are doctor consultations, medical expenses and surgery costs, as well as special equipments such as wheelchairs. However, compensation does not usually cover acupuncture and therapy.

  • Rehabilitation Benefits

The expenses for physical therapy or rehabilitation will be covered by your worker’s compensation if they are deemed crucial to your complete recovery. The benefits for rehabilitation are designed to cover all the needed therapy to restore mobility, thus allowing you to continue working and perform all your duties. However, if your injuries are so severe making it impossible for you to return to work, these benefits can be provided for occupational evaluations, education and training to allow you to find another job where your injuries will not be a hindrance.

  • Disability Benefits

Disability benefits are meant to compensate for the loss of wages while you were unable to return to work. The benefits are usually provided in different increments based on the severity of your injuries or if you are unable to perform the duties required in your occupation. They will be based on 2/3 of your wages earned before you got injured and you will not be taxed on the benefits to be received. The different types of disability that your benefits will be based on are –

  • Temporary total disability
  • Temporary partial disability
  • Permanent total disability
  • Permanent partial disability
  • Death Benefits

If your injuries lead to death, your immediate family members – spouse, children or parents, can receive death benefits from your worker’s compensation. The benefits are meant to provide restitution for burial and funeral costs, as well as to compensate for loss of income and support. This is very crucial especially when your family members are financially dependent on you.

Are You Eligible For Worker’s Compensation Benefits As An Employee?

It is important to understand that not all employees who file a claim can receive benefits for their injuries. Only employees who sustain work related injuries are eligible for worker’s compensation benefits, regardless of who was to blame for the injuries. The injuries may be sustained at the workplace, while doing a business errand, on a business trip or at a conference. If you choose to accept your benefits, you waive your right to sue your employer for negligence.

different compensation benefits you are The Different Compensation Benefits You Are Entitled To As An Employee

Valerie Lee is a freelance writer who specializes in various legal issues concerning employment. She offers valuable information for the benefit of employees such as worker’s compensation. Click here to find out about the various benefits covered by worker’s compensation that you have the right to as an employee.

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Thats Hot — Why Traditional Barn Doors Are So In Right Now

Thats Hot — Why Traditional Barn Doors Are So In Right Now


Traditional barn doors aren’t just for farms anymore. These solid types of doors are making their way into apartments in posh neighborhoods and in so many contemporary homes and even offices. So, why is the barn door so hot right now? For one, it’s all about the juxtaposition of the classic and the modern. The classic is represented by the barn door style, which evokes a pastoral feel. But the style can be tweaked and customized in order for it to have a more chic or trendy look. Aside from these, barn doors have several uses, apart from the obvious.

Why More and More People Prefer Barn Doors

There are really so many things that people like about barn doors. Here are some amazing features of barn doors that you can take advantage of.

1. It’s multi-functional.

You can stick to what’s customary and use a barn door like how it’s typically used. But you can also be more creative about it. Instead of using a divider, for instance, you can use this. Whenever you need some privacy, just slide the barn door closed. If you need more space, just push it open. This can also be used to enclose your laundry area or maybe a home office. A lot of people use barn doors as accessories as well. Creative ideas include making art pieces, shelves or tables from these types of doors.

2. It’s space-saving.

Typical doors swing outwards or inwards. These take up more space than sliding barn doors. If you prefer a big, towering door but you just don’t have enough space for it, use barn doors instead. These are also good options if you want doors for rooms that are in narrow corridors or tight areas.

3. There are several styles to choose from.

The usual notion about barn doors is that these are rustic-looking wooden doors. These days, however, barn doors exist in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and materials. A more traditional approach, for example, would be to allow the wood to shine. Utilize timber or reclaimed wood, and then varnish this so that it’ll lend its bucolic character to your space. But if you prefer something that’s more contemporary, use a current paint color or an unusual or striking finish. Furthermore, you are not limited to using just wood. You can also utilize glass, steel or metal, or a combination of such materials.

4. There is a wide variety of hardware or barn door accessories to choose from.

door handle

One of the best things about using barn doors is there is definitely no shortage of accessories on hand. Considering the tracks alone can already be confusing because there are many designs available. Aside from standard tracks, there are spoke flat tracks, horseshoe, hammered and stainless steel, for example. You can also customize or choose from a vast assortment of handles and pulls, hinges, and other accessories.

5. It could be an eco-friendly choice.

A lot of farm houses that are set to be demolished probably still have all their doors intact. Most traditional barn doors are made from durable timber. By restoring these instead of building or buying brand new doors, you contribute to the environment by reusing or recycling precious natural materials that would otherwise rot or go to waste. Reclaimed wood from old barn doors can also be reused in several ways too, as mentioned above.

Claire Willows is a freelance writer who has an avid interest in interior decoration. She has done quite a few DIY projects at home, and she’s blogged about hanging door hardware, painting and remodeling, and other home improvement matters.

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Air Traffic Control – Ufo Sightings Are More Common Than You Think

Air Traffic Control – Ufo Sightings Are More Common Than You Think


Over recent years it has become more and more common to find forums online where air traffic controllers can be asked questions by the general, interested public. These questions are often extremely varied, however, certain questions and answers detailed in these sessions might, perhaps, pique people’s interests a lot more than the usual standard of questions and answers relating to, ‘How many planes have you seen crash’ etc.

air traffic control ufo sightings Air Traffic Control   Ufo Sightings Are More Common Than You Think

How common are UFOs?

For instance, how many people out there think about unidentified flying objects? How many people have even seen one? Well, as it turns out more than you would think, for not only do pilots regularly report seeing unidentified flying objects on their radars but people in air traffic control do as well.

As it turns out, approximately once a month, a sighting of a UFO, i.e. something that does not conform to normal flying patterns, is reported and received by air traffic control somewhere in the world, from the US and UK to Russia, India and Madrid. Before people get all alien crazy though, it is worth noting sometimes these sightings are found to be nothing more than terrestrial or military aircrafts that have strayed across into busy airlines, hot air balloons or other such flying objects.

Why is there a lack of public knowledge about these sightings?

It is also worth noting that a lot of sightings are either not reported by ATC (air traffic control) or at least not publically declared. This is not only because pilots and air traffic controllers do not want to appear deluded or crazed with their sightings but also because sometimes, the government does not wish for the public to be made aware of such sightings.

Once such online forum discussion between a couple of air traffic controllers and members of the public shows us just how limited we are when it comes to finding out about ‘real’ sightings, for no other reason than certain transmissions and tapes recording such discussions and sightings tend to be confiscated by the government. In this case, it was the US government.

A ‘real’ UFO sighting reported by ATC

This so called ‘sighting’ occurred back in the 90s and was discussed in its entirety, by the air traffic controllers involved, on Reddit, a popular social networking site. They first went about explaining how UFOs are very common in ATC simply because of how RADAR works.

Simply put, RADAR will pick up anything with radio waves. The reason UFOs are picked up but cannot be identified by RADAR is that they don’t have transponders, as aircraft do. So, for instance it has been known for trucks routing through mountain passes to be picked up via RADAR as UFOs, simply because they return a signal but with no transponder information.

The ‘real’ sighting of a UFO was detailed as follows:

– It took place in the 90s

– Bill Clinton, on Air Force One, was being directed through airspace by an air traffic controller based at the Oakland Centre.

– A pilot reports close proximity traffic, however, when the air traffic controller checks the aircraft’s position, there is nothing immediately in his vicinity.

– The air traffic controller checks with other pilots in the area to see if they can see anything and receives many reports on other UFOs in the area around the initial aircraft.

– The air traffic controller still cannot see anything to back up these claims of UFOs and then describes how the pilots start communicating with one another to work out how many UFOs are around them. It turns out there are more than 4.

– The secret service agents (present because of Air Force One) run checks to make sure the UFOs are not military aircrafts. They are not.

– The air traffic controller states the pilots are getting freaked out as it seems the UFOs are following them.

– The air traffic controller states no one wants to identify themselves on the radio as spotting UFOs, probably because they fear being ridiculed. After half an hour of spotting the UFOs again and again, all signs of them disappear.

– The air traffic controller asks if the pilots want to file a report. They don’t. A lot of risk is involved when filing a report for a UFO. Every move the pilot makes is under suspicion by the investigating authority and obviously, the pilots do not want to look crazy. However, the conversations are all recorded on the air traffic control side of things.

– The air traffic controller involved in the above UFO sightings was asked to sign a paper the next day which informed him the recordings were being submitted to (confiscated by) the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) for investigation.

So, as you see, UFO sightings are a lot more common than you think and air traffic controllers have a lot of exposure to them. What’s difficult is that any truly unidentified sightings are hard to uncover, simply because any evidence is firmly under the grasp of the different governments around the world.

James writes for Host Systems. When not writing about Host mobile atc rooms, he can often be found looking up at the sky with binoculars, hoping to spot a UFO.

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Are All The Health Sites Out There Actually Bad For Us

Are All The Health Sites Out There Actually Bad For Us


These days, most people’s first port of call when they notice something out of the ordinary or are experiencing symptoms is to look them up online. There are all kinds of health resources out there, including things like WebMD which are, to some extent, there to help us diagnose ourselves and find suitable courses of treatment for minor problems. While this works great with something trivial and easy to diagnose like poison ivy, sunburn or an insect sting, there are lots of symptoms that can relate to countless different conditions, some minor and some serious, and thinking we have found out what is wrong with us because of some web research can be quite dangerous.

are all health sites out Are All The Health Sites Out There Actually Bad For Us

Why Health Resources Online Can Give a False Sense of Security

are all health sites out1 Are All The Health Sites Out There Actually Bad For Us

If you have a common symptom, like stomach pain, you may look online and see that this can relate to an almost endless list of problems, many of them simple bugs that will go away in time and can be alleviated somewhat with over the counter medicines. This can make you feel like your condition is most likely to be one of these, and that you should buy some medicine and give it a few days before you start to think about going to the doctor. However, that same symptom could relate to a lot of serious problems too, many of which need to be addressed as early as possible. While the website tells you this, it is easier to believe that you’ve got one of the more minor things, which can lead to dangerous choices.

Why Health Resources Online Can Cause Problems with Seriously Ill People

are all health sites out2 Are All The Health Sites Out There Actually Bad For Us

Doctors recommend that if you are diagnosed with a serious condition, for example a form of cancer, you don’t do too much research around it online. This is because there are so many complexities and differences in treatments that the more you read, the more confused you will become and you may also begin to question the decisions your own doctor has made. While questioning things is OK if it gives you peace of mind, it is important for patients to trust their doctors rather than online resources which may relate to subtly different cases.

How to Use These Resources Wisely

are all health sites out3 Are All The Health Sites Out There Actually Bad For Us

The best way to use health information technology on the web is to:

  • Never regard them as an alternative to visiting your doctor, and if the results of your search advise you to call a doctor immediately, don’t ignore them.
  • Stick to using them for advice on minor complaints where you know what you are dealing with.
  • Only use well known, credible health websites for advice and information.
  • If researching a serious condition you or someone you know has been diagnosed with, remember that every case is different and treat it more as background research than trying to find answers to your own case – that is your doctor’s job and you have to trust them.
  • If an over the counter remedy is advised, make sure you read the label – while for most people they are safe you need to check the person who will be taking them doesn’t have a reason not to take them (for example being pregnant, too young or allergic to an ingredient).

Todd Nash is an employee at a leading company that organizes financial tech services and much more. He has a very helpful nature and he enjoys sharing his ideas through his articles.

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Old Meets New – How Barn Doors Are Making Their Way Into Modern Homes

Old Meets New – How Barn Doors Are Making Their Way Into Modern Homes


When you hear the term “barn door” what immediately comes to your mind? Do you think of huge, wooden barn doors that are attached to a quaint farm that’s housing all sorts of domesticated animals? It’s not surprising for you and most people to imagine this kind of setting. However, though such types of doors have traditionally been made for barns, the style is becoming more and more popular in modern homes and offices.

Why Barn Doors?

Barn doors are surely making their way into elegant homes and even new offices. The style is gaining respect and popularity for various reasons. One is that a barn door is a multifunctional space-saver. Aside from being used for its main purpose, this can also be utilized in so many unique and different ways. Second, barn doors can also be made of different materials, like the traditional wood and the more contemporary fiberglass and timber combinations. Lastly, you’ll also be helping the environment, in some way, if you opt for reclaimed wood and other reusable materials to create your own unique door.

wood door

Transforming a Barn Door

As mentioned earlier, barn doors can be used in many wonderful ways. Here are a few things that might get your creative juices flowing.

— As Custom Closet Doors

Closets do not have to be boring. You can use sliding barn doors to conceal a walk-in closet. There are many ways to style this. A floor-to-ceiling closet barn door made from a combination of timber, glass and metal can also double as a showpiece.

— As Accent Pieces

Is the idea of getting another painting of a landscape unappealing to you? Well, although hanging lovely images on your walls is certainly one way to bring attention to a certain area, it’s pretty common. If you prefer something unique, use an old barn door as an accent piece. Use reclaimed wood or restore an old timber door and position this in an unadorned corner in your living room, for instance. If you want to embellish your bedroom, use a rustic barn door as a headrest.

— As Tables

You probably have all kinds of tables at home – bedside tables, dining tables, and coffee tables, to name a few. If you’re looking for a truly distinct table, fix up an old barn door and turn it into a table. There are so many creative ways to do this. If you want the beauty of the wood to shine through, simply polish and then varnish the wood. Attach either wooden legs or metal trestles, and voila – you have a rustic yet elegant table. For a more modern approach, hire a professional to redesign the table for you. Experts can also incorporate other materials, like glass, metal and fiberglass.

— As Dividers

Sliding barn doors can save you a lot of space, especially when used indoors as doors or dividers. You’ll find many contemporary homes, apartments or offices using barn doors to separate one area from another. For example, these can be used to provide privacy to a home office or to separate a living and dining area. If you want to hide your pantry, a barn door is also a wonderful answer to your problem. Also, though sliding doors are among the most popular style options out there, barn doors can also be made as free-standing dividers. One way to do this is by putting two or more doors together.

Claire Willows is a freelancer who takes pleasure in DIY projects. She usually blogs about her experiences because she wants to share what she knows in order for others to learn more about all kinds of home improvement issues.

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Why You Are Wasting Your Property Right Now

Why You Are Wasting Your Property Right Now


property Why You Are Wasting Your Property Right Now

If you’re the house-proud type, then I’m not here to upset you or to insult you. I’m sure your home is lovely, well decorated and well thought out. However, if you’re like most people then your house is probably also somewhat underwhelming. Chances are that it’s just… a house and that it’s not really going to make anyone go ‘wow’ when they walk in or end up on an episode of Celebrity Cribs. You probably have a living room with a sofa and two arm chairs, you probably have a bedroom and a few guest rooms, and you probably have a front garden with a little bench in it… just like everyone else.

While your home may be perfectly nice if it fits this description, it also means you probably aren’t making the very most of it. You don’t actually have to be super rich in order to make your home look like something that might inspire envy from your friends and you can actually get a long way with just some basic changes and additions. You’d probably be surprised what your home is capable of, so read on and find out just what changes can benefit you the most…

Your Spare Rooms

property1 Why You Are Wasting Your Property Right Now

Having a spare room is one of the biggest wastes of a room possible. The very nature of a spare room or a guest room means that you’re only likely to use it if you have guests round or if you need to store your junk. The rest of the time you’ll be getting zero use from it.

Instead then, why not see if you can’t use your spare rooms for something a little more inventive that will impress your guests and make your home more fun to spend time in. For instance, a guest room could in fact be a home theatre (you just need a projector and some heavy curtains), a home gym or a library. Any of these things will make your home much more desirable and they will barely cost anything to implement. Then when you have guests, it’ a simple matter of unfolding a sofa-bed to give them somewhere more interesting to sleep.

Your Storage

property2 Why You Are Wasting Your Property Right Now

Likewise, if you have spaces in your home that are just for storage, then that is also a waste of what’s probably a large amount of space. Anything from a basement to a loft to an attic can be converted into a studio apartment, a bar or a second living room and this will greatly increase the number of potential uses for your property. Most basements are capable of this, you just need a waterproofing company and some imagination.

Exciting Features

The other way to get more from your home is just to invest in a few centre pieces and features that will make your home stand out and give it that wow factor. These features needn’t be expensive even – just a little different. How much nicer would that bench in the front garden look if it was next to a small novelty lamppost? And you’d be surprised how inexpensively you can add a balcony, with nice garden table, to your upstairs bedroom. All it takes it a little imagination and time and you can get a whole lot more from your home.

Today’s guest post is authored by Daniel Lorenzo. He is an interior designer by profession and an innovative one at that. He is keen sports enthusiast and loves to spend his free time watching soccer on tv.

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Tell A Thousand Words – Why Images Are A Crucial Part Of Your Online Strategy

Tell A Thousand Words – Why Images Are A Crucial Part Of Your Online Strategy


When you read amount SEO and internet marketing, you will find that the focus is often very much on the way you write and the way you build links. Content is important because that’s what Google ‘reads’ when its indexing your site. In short, if you want Google to find your site easily then you need to ensure that there is lots of content on there for it to sift through and identify with. This will also help Google to know what your site is about, and of course it will give your readers good reason to visit your site and hopefully spend some time there reading.

But your articles aren’t the be all and end all of your internet strategy – not by a long shot. In fact, one of the most important elements of your online promotion is your choice of images which can have a huge impact on your success. Here we will look at why it’s so important to choose the best pictures for your site and at the various different ways this can impact on your site’s success.

Google Images

online strategy Tell A Thousand Words   Why Images Are A Crucial Part Of Your Online Strategy

While most of your traffic will probably come from Google, that doesn’t mean that all of it will come from people searching your content. Some of those visitors rather will have been brought to your pages because of the images and will have found your site through looking for particular pictures. This traffic will be relatively low quality because they probably just want to see your picture and go, but some of those visitors will inevitably stick around so it’s still worth trying to attract these visitors.


online strategy1 Tell A Thousand Words   Why Images Are A Crucial Part Of Your Online Strategy

One of the biggest challengers for bloggers and webmasters is getting people to stick around and read a whole page rather than just glancing at it and leaving. The internet has trained us to look at websites and then just quickly leave once we’ve found what we want – our attention spans aren’t what they used to be. Thus if you can’t grab attention quickly and effectively, your site won’t have the lasting impact you want it to.

So what can you do? Well one solution is to use an attractive and interesting looking image that will reel your readers in. A good image should not only tell people what the article is about (and confirm that it’s what they’re looking for), but also pique interest and tell the visitors that your site is high quality and cares about production values.


online strategy2 Tell A Thousand Words   Why Images Are A Crucial Part Of Your Online Strategy

Finally, having great images can help with your marketing and allow your internet marketing services to do a better job. This is because the images will often serve as a preview on Facebook and other social media when your articles are being promoted. This makes the post catch attention when it’s set alongside lots of other posts and also tells people at a glance what the link is about. Along with a catchy headline and a well targeted audience, this is what will make sure those posted links are a hit and that you bring in thousands of potential customers.

Today’s guest post is courtesy Jake Cornwall. He is an SEO by profession and has vast knowledge about the nitty gritty’s of his profession. When he isn’t working, he likes to chil out with his family and friends.

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Are You Being Stupid With Your Cash? Here Are Some Things You Should Stop Doing

Are You Being Stupid With Your Cash? Here Are Some Things You Should Stop Doing


money cash Are You Being Stupid With Your Cash? Here Are Some Things You Should Stop Doing

When it comes to using our smarts, money matters are one of the areas that can best benefit from us being sensible. By being clever with the way we manage our money we can keep it safer, help it to grow and avoid serious mistakes. Unfortunately though, not all of us are sensible with our money all the time for a number of reasons. Often this is due to the fact that money is such an emotional subject – which leads us to make these key decisions based on our emotions rather than our brains, and other times it can be down to the fact that we’re too lazy or even too nervous to deal with our cash. Here we will look at some of the mistakes people make often that are important to avoid.

Keeping All Your Cash in One Place

money cash1 Are You Being Stupid With Your Cash? Here Are Some Things You Should Stop Doing

If all of your money is in a single account then this is a seriously risky behaviour that you should aim to stop right away. The problem here is that keeping your cash in a single place means that all your eggs are in one basket. If that account should be broken into, if that bank should go under, or if you should lose that card even then you will be in serious difficulty and unable to pay for anything. Right away then you should try to move your money into at least a few separate accounts and some savings accounts that will make your cash harder to access.

Avoiding Looking At Your Accounts

money cash2 Are You Being Stupid With Your Cash? Here Are Some Things You Should Stop Doing

Many people will avoid checking their accounts because they’d rather not know what was in them. This might sound absurd, but if you’ve had a tough few weeks and you are expecting your money to be looking low then you might not want to put yourself in a bad mood by looking at it. Of course this is a serious mistake because it means you won’t know precisely how much is in your account and you won’t notice any problems until it’s potentially too late.

Put Off Chasing Up Money You Are Entitled To

Most of us could get an injection of some cash if we wanted to. Perhaps we paid a bank charge that we shouldn’t have and we would negotiate our way into getting it back, perhaps we could change to a cheaper service provider for one of our bills, or perhaps we’re owed an instant tax refund. Either way, many people will tend to put off chasing this cash because they don’t want the hassle, but of course this is a big mistake and means turning down potentially large amounts of cash. If there’s a way you can get money, then make sure that you make the effort to chase it.

Paying More For Things

This falls under roughly the same category but this doesn’t just apply to your bills. For instance it also means looking around for time to time to see if you can find a cheaper offer on your bread or a cheaper shampoo brand you need. Don’t fall into a routine and then just accept that price as gospel – make the effort to shop around once in a while.

Jack Horne is a financial consultant with a leading investment bank. A passionate blogger, he often gives quality advice to people on monetary issues. He also likes travelling on weekends with his family.

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Distracted Driver Accidents: Why They Are On The Rise

Distracted Driver Accidents: Why They Are On The Rise


Distracted driving occurs when a person is engaged in driving while engaged in any activity that takes their attention off the road. For example, talking on a cell phone, PDA or other device without a headset, texting, reading, eating or any other activity. Ever since the advent and popularity of mobile devices, distracted driving has been on the rise.

 Common Types of Distracted Driving

Distractions while driving can occur either visually, manually or on a cognitive basis. Visual distraction is described as anything that averts a person’s eyes from the road, while manual distractions involve removing hands from the wheel. Cognitive distractions can involve virtually anything that takes the driver’s attention away from driving. Whether you ask a Nevada patrol officer or local New Hampshire injury attorneys, they will both suggest that by far, the most common form of distracted driving has involved the use of a mobile device. However, distracted driving behaviors can run the gamut. From cell phones to eating and drinking, some people almost behave as though they are in a casual home environment. Rather than considering the fact that they are operating a large machine capable of killing themselves and others, they irresponsibly allow their attention to drift off.

 Distracted Driving Causes

There are just as many causes for distracted driving as there are activities themselves. For example, someone who is running late may be anxious and therefore drive sloppily or haphazardly. In that case, lack of time management is most likely the cause behind this particular form of distracted driving.

Those who look away at a cell phone, PDA, radio or other mobile device is someone who is not thinking much about the consequences of their actions. Perhaps they failed to prepare for their trip and now must get more information or notify someone that they will be late.

Avoiding Distracted Driving

Some of the ways to avoid distracted driving might include:

1. Time Management. Always consider how long it will take to reach a destination and then add plenty of time to that schedule. In many towns, the roads are very unpredictable, so having extra time will allow you to be more relaxed, and therefore, less prone to becoming agitated or nervous.

2. Be organized. Prepare for your trip with addresses and directions ahead of time. GPS devices are great, but they are not always reliable. Therefore, have a solid idea of how to get from place to place ahead of time.

3. Create a safe environment in the car. Have your radio presets at the ready. Play relaxing music rather than anything that is too loud or demanding to listen to. Keep your cell phone out of reach or in the glove compartment.

4. Adopt safer driving habits. If you need to make a call, pull over. That is the best way to avoid distractions. If you must talk while driving, use a headset at all times. Consider getting a device that plugs into the dashboard like the radio to make safer phone calls. Eat a snack beforehand so that you are not compelled to eat while driving.

While the dangers of distracted driving continue to receive increased attention – the only way that it will ever become less prevalent is if people become more aware of how to avoid it. For example, those people who are accountable and punctual tend to be less hurried and therefore, more relaxed.

It is expected that as more public outcry and stringent legislation is passed, more people will take the dangers of distracted driving as seriously as possible and act more responsibly while driving on the road.

However, much like drunk driving – distracted driving will never completely cease. Therefore, anyone who is involved in such an unfortunate incident should contact a competent attorney to ensure that their rights are fully represented and that damages and costs are minimized as much as possible.

Being the accident victim of a distracted driver helps freelance writer, Nadine Swayne, remind drivers to stay alert. At the law offices of Tenn And Tenn, PA, their staff of New Hampshire injury attorneys can help you with your case if you’ve been in an accident due to a distracted driver. They have a proven track record for holding negligent drivers accountable and will fight to get you and your loved ones the fair compensation deserved.

driver accidents Distracted Driver Accidents: Why They Are On The Rise

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