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What Golfers Can Learn From Golf Games (If Anything)

What Golfers Can Learn From Golf Games (If Anything)

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If you love golf and you’re under the age of fifty, then chances are you’ve played a golf game or two in your time. This is a great way for someone who loves golf to enjoy their favourite sport when they don’t have the space or the equipment, and at the same time they can be a lot of fun in their own right.

Of course though if we take this one step further then it might be possible to try to claim that playing these golf games can also teach us something about the sport. But is this really true? Can you really learn from a game where you’re not really actually hitting anything, and that’s only designed for fun? Here we’ll look at the cold hard truth…


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Okay so most people who love golf will know what everything is called from the correct type of club to use, to what a bogey is, to the names of the golfer’s and the courses themselves. However if you are just picking up golf and starting out at this fantastic hobby, then such things may be unknown to you and playing a game which is a lot of fun and likely to be memorable could be a fun way to learn without it being too much of a chore.

Course Layouts

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Not every golf game includes accurate course layouts, but those that do can of course be useful and educational for people who want to learn a bit about where they are playing. If you have a really in-depth and accurate golf game, then you can of course use this as a way to practice learning the layout of the course so that they’ll know precisely where each hazard is and where each hole is and so that they’ll know the shots they’ll have to make.


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Something that playing golf in any form requires in spades is patience. Quickly when playing golf you learn that getting frustrating and starting to take your shots quicker and harder only ends badly and causes your aim to go more and more askew. Practice then taking shots carefully and staying calm even when you’re getting frustrated and you’ll greatly increase your chances of success. Of course you can do this just as well in a game where you might start to get frustrated at frequently spooning your shots.


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Some golf games such as those on the Wii or Kinect require you to actually take a swing in some form or other. While these aren’t that realistic in terms of recreating precisely the outcome of those swings necessarily, what they can often do is to allow you to practice general muscle control. Even if you’re swinging slightly differently and there are no golf balls, the fact that you are holding a club (albeit imaginary or Wii remote shaped) and then swinging it using the same muscles, means that you can of course practice the control in your smaller muscles. At the same time this is also a great chance to practice eliminating background noise so that you concentrate more on the task in hand, or just your basic stance.

The article is written by golf player and sport blogger, Joseph Swansea. He also authors a sports blogs through which he shares his tips, experience and ideas on sports.


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