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Tips And Bits On Playing Angry Birds Online

Tips And Bits On Playing Angry Birds Online

Angry Birds Online

It has been touted as the most popular video game to date and it lives up to its title. Since its conception, the game has had a cult following. To make it even more interesting, you can now play the game online. Yes, as long as you have internet connection and either an android, IOS or windows platform, you can enjoy playing Angry Birds online. Below are some tips and bits that can help you:

  • Types of birds

The red birds are just ordinary Angry Birds with no skills whatsoever. Big brother birds are a blown up version of the red ones and due to their size, they destroy anything in their path. You just launch them and they destroy the bricks, glass and stone structures together with the pigs just by the sheer force of the throw. The blue birds are the weakest of all Angry Birds. However, they possess the skill of breaking into three bird’s midair and are best placed for breaking the glass structures. The yellow birds can accelerate midair, giving them the needed force to destroy wood. However, when launched at ice, they have no major effect. The black and white birds have the explosive factor. The former explodes 2 seconds after launch and the latter can lay explosive eggs midair. The mighty eagle is used hourly to clear any remaining levels and is the strongest of them all.

  • The enemy within: pig types

Just like the birds, the pigs are of different types even though they are all green. Other features are used to distinguish them. For every pig you destroy, you will be awarded 5000 points in Angry Birds online. Ranging from the small pigs which are the weakest to the king pig which is the strongest, you are bound to encounter pigs with stone helmets which means you will have to work extra hard to kill them. The larger the pig appears, the more effort you will require to destroy them.

  • Levels and seasons

For Angry Birds online, there is only a three themed chapter with 21 levels each called poached eggs. You to finish one level before you can be able to progress to the other level. However, the original game has 5 more additional levels that can be accessed by installing the game on your device. There is also a special feature called the golden egg, whereby you have to find all the golden eggs to unlock other bonuses. Various seasonal versions have been released to coincide with the seasons like Christmas, Easter, valentines and even the summer!

Angry Birds online can be played on a computer using the mouse and keyboard. You use the mouse to control the slingshot and destroy the pigs and retrieve the eggs. Simplicity is a fine line and that is what Angry Birds online is all about.

Author’s Bio :- Mike is a sophomore at the local college undertaking English literature. He loves computer games, esp. Angry Birds online and spending time with his friends at the mall. He is hoping to become an English lecturer someday.


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