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Best 6 Fishing Places in Miami

Best 6 Fishing Places in Miami

Planning a fishing  trip on the next sabbatical? We bring you the best places to fish in South Florida and help you explore more in this vibrant city of U.S.

  1. Biscayne National Park: The fishing spot near the Biscayne national park is one of the unique points for fishing. Also, called Blackpoint marina, it is a lovely day out zone with a restaurant, and options for family picnic and fishing. Saltwater fishes like tarpon, snook, and bonefish. In the clear waters of Miami you can fish along the shore, which extends 1.5 km and has a long biking ways and jogging trail.
  2. Miami-Dade County: The tropical park in Miami dade county welcomes fresh water fishing lovers all throughourt the year. A weekend getaway along with fishing zone and tennis court, it has large fishes like blue-gill, catfish and other big species to catch for dinner.
  3. The Matheson Hammock Park: This man made fishing place under the bridge is one of the best places for shallow fishing. The Biscayne Bay pushes a lot of fish species in the pool thanks to the tidal action. Find snook, mullet and various small fishes, which are lovely to watch.
  4. U.S No 1 and 79 street: Find it near the Miami Beach, this place is the best for legally fishing. It’s a perfect day out with your family as kids can see dolphins getting trained in the school with barracuda and snapper. It closes at the sunset and gives a perfect view of the downtown Miami summing up the day. Beautiful and lively, this is a must visit spot for fishing lovers coming to Miami.
  5. Rickenbecker Causeway: A popular pick among the youth and fishing experts, this place offers a view spellbound and water which offers fish species like sharks, dolphin, tarpons, and sailfish. The bridge is the best way to put live bait and reel to catch your food for the night. Cast the rods in the blue water or check for the big fishes under the big rocks. This place is heaven for fishing lovers as they can come around sunrise and fish quite a lot of big fish species.
  6. Marina beach: Marina beach in Miami is one of the top most results you will find for fishing in South Florida. A beach along with outdoor picnic and seashore fishing is a popular hangout in the beautiful weather of Miami. Take the rods, reels or cast live baits to catch beach fishes in the rock bed.

While those were the best places to fish in the Miami, there are many other places that need to be explored. The lakes and the beaches surrounding South Florida offer weekend and holiday activities like, fishing training, fishing for the kids, charters and beach fishing for the family.

Not only seasonal fish species but also big fish can be found in deep blue waters of Miami. Check them out and enjoy the holiday with these amazing fishing places in Miami.

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