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Trending Neighborhoods: Your Guide to Living In Philadelphia

Trending Neighborhoods: Your Guide to Living In Philadelphia

LOVE Trending Neighborhoods: Your Guide to Living In Philadelphia

Trending Neighborhoods: Your Guide To Living In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania with a population expected to exceed 1,600,000. The city is a great location for both singles and families because of its economic forecast, job growth, school system and affordable housing. It also boasts culture, social activities, restaurants and entertainment to suit most any lifestyle.

Affordable Housing

According to the latest housing reports, real estate in Philadelphia, PA has witnessed significant activity in both price and inventory levels. Compared to last year this time, housing sales are up by as much as 20 percent and expected to climb.

Whether you choose to live outside the city limits or locate to the suburbs, you’ll find an assorGeorgian Homes, Philadelphiatment of bargains to fit any buyer. Fairmount, Germantown, Mt. Airy and University City are a short distance from the downtown area and are ideal locations for individuals who want to the excitement of city living.

To make searching for your dream dwelling easier, you’ll find that online real estate sites have a host of information all at your fingertips. The online real estate sites make it easy for people who want to shop for a home from the comfort of their own home and narrow down their search. Here you can check out available properties, see what some of them have sold for and take a virtual tour of the home. You can even interview real estate candidates that can service all of your home selling and purchasing needs.

Health Care

Ensuring that you and your family have suitable facilities nearby to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle is important. Philadelphia takes pride in their world-class health care system with some of the highest rated hospitals. Individuals come from all over the nation to take advantage of hospitals such as Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Hospital of University of Pennsylvania. The University Hospital is one of the few places that offer advanced treatments such as Proton Beam therapy for cancer.

Waiting for the bus


Commuters coming to and from the city have faith in Philadelphia’s reliable transportation system that includes the Philadelphia International Airport, rail transport, taxi service and buses. If you need to navigate by car, you have an assortment of options to make your ride smooth and enjoyable. The highways and interstates make your journey stress-free and smooth. You also have a variety of options to van, car pool or bike to work.


The area is rich in history and has a variety of things to see and do for people of various age groups. Sports enthusiasts have an activity for every season. You’ll also find Philadelphia to be a food lover’s paradise with an assortment of eateries and fine dining establishments. Philadelphia has some of the most affordable entertainment venues and low cost student performances for those interested in culture, singing and ballet.

The neighborhoods in Philadelphia are proud of their culture and friendship. Whether you live in a trendy area in the heart of the city or nestled in a quiet section of the burbs, Philadelphia is the ideal location that you’ll love to call home.

Nadine Swayne presents this information to those considering relocation to Philadelphia, PA. With it’s vast array of history, culture, entertainment and great living locales, you will simply adore this metropolis that’s appropriately dubbed, “The City of Brotherly Love.”

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