If you are planning to pay a visit to Delhi than this thing is best to be kept in mind that first of all you have to look for a superb stay for yourself. But before you halt to your destination you have to make out some amendments. We can’t trust anyone so easily at a place like Delhi. So, before making any decision we definitely have to make some queries.


We have potrayed a list of queries that you should be clear in your mind before booking a hotel in Delhi.

  • RATE TAG:-The first most important thing that you should do is to survey for the best price. If you are getting all the facilities at a cheaper price then why should one pay a higher amount for the same thing. But we will be able to make this fact clear only when we will check the price tag of various hotels. Now days this facility is available online as well

  • LOCATION:This is also an important factor that should be kept clear in mind. Sometimes it happens that we tend to land into one such place that is providing good facilities and that too at a cheap price but the surroundings of the place is not good and hygienic. So, before landing into any such thing we should check out the locality where the hotel is situated.

  • SERVICES:Before making a check in into a hotel you should definitely check what services they are going to provide. You are not only going there for sleeping, definitely you have a regular regimen to follow. So, it is your foremost duty for asking for the facilities like gym, restaurant, swimming pool. Moreover the amenities provided by the hotel also determine their star rankings. With all this it is also important to check whether the hotel staff is providing all these facilities in the charges taken or you have to pay extra for that.



    1.      Hotel La Suite:-It is one of the best hotels in Delhi that can easily fall into your budget. Moreover it will provide all of your desired services and that too included in the same charges. That means you don’t have to pay anything extra.

    2.      The Lalit Hotel:This is also one great hotel that one can decide to choose from. All the facilities and the services are the same as that of the Hotel La Suite but there is some difference in the prices, which is the LalitHotel is charging a bit extra.

    3.      The Lodhi:It is another good name in the list of top class hotels in New Delhi. The speciality of this hotel is the food and the swimming arena that gives us a feeling of immense pleasure.

    4.      The Grand New Delhi:-Then come the name of the hotel The Grand. This hotel is quite popular amongst the foreign tourists. It is definitely because of the fact that it provides some really good facilities.

These simple tips and the list of the hotel will definitely help you to have a wonderful stay in Delhi.

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