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A Guide To Port Lincoln – The Seafood Capital Of Australia

A Guide To Port Lincoln – The Seafood Capital Of Australia

Port Lincoln is one of Australia’s most dramatic coastlines, located at the very southern tip of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. This fabulous port is, indisputably, Australia’s seafood capital. That’s not all, though. You can’t get enough of its amazing wildlife, and breathtaking scenery.

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Getting There

Take the ferry from Wallaroo (Yorke Peninsula) to Cowell on Eyre Peninsula; the distance is about 400 kilometers. Alternatively, you can travel from south-west of Adelaide via Port Augusta, traveling about 650 kilometers. There are regular regional express flights from Rex and Qantas airlines to Port Lincoln from Adelaide.

What Port Lincoln Is Known For

For the most part, Port Lincoln is known as the home of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest commercial fishing fleet. Port Lincoln tuna is world-famous. There’s even an annual Tunarama Festival conducted every  year!The Tunarama festival celebrated its 50th anniversary on Australia Day long weekend in 2011.

Fun Stuff To Do At Port Lincoln

  • Tuna Throw: If you’re in Port Lincoln when the World Championship Tuna Toss takes place, do have a go at throwing your bit of tuna. The cup goes to whoever can throw a 10-kilogram tuna the furthest.
  • Tuna Race: Tuna is one of the fastest fish in the world, so people try to compete with their speed. The fun part of the experience is when several monster-size fish charge at your face at fabulously high speeds. It’s unbelievable. You need to book yourself for the tuna race, though.
  • Tuna Swim: More tuna! Here’s a more sedate but still fun activity. Sign up for a three-hour tour pontoon tour in a bluefin tuna pen. Swim with the tuna, and feed them directly or from the pontoon.
  • Shark Dive: When (and if) you get tired of giant, fast tuna, try a cage dive with a great white shark. You don’t need to be a certified diver to dive with sharks – just crazy enough to want to do it.
  • Sea Lion Swim: Sea lions, or seals, as we know them, are the happy puppies of the ocean. They are just as curious as dog puppies, constantly nosing around for food and attention. They love to play with people, and will do everything that you do – say, scratch your nose. When you dive, they’ll dive with you and come up for air when you do. It’s really cute fun. You need to be a good swimmer to get in the water with seals, though.

Best Eateries In Town

Wherever you go to eat, you’ll be served the freshest of tuna, of course! One place we’d recommend is Sarin’s at the Port Lincoln Hotel, for a lip-smacking sashimi entree with wakami salad. This salad has a crispy noodle base, on which the wakami (seaweed) is laid out, which is then crusted with sesame seeds.

Be sure to also try the EP (Eyre Peninsula) Seafood Tasting Plate. Here you can enjoy Port Lincoln tuna, mussels, squid, Coffin Bay oysters and local kingfish. Pay a visit to the friendly Pier Hotel while you’re at it, for plate-size schnitzels and steaks.


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