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10 Travel Tips for Your Teen’s College Road Trip

10 Travel Tips for Your Teen’s College Road Trip

COLLEGE 1 10 Travel Tips for Your Teens College Road Trip

10 Travel Tips for Your Teen’s College Road Trip

Now that your teen is off to college, everything is going to change. They will be making many decisions about their lives that they never had to make before. They will be meeting new people and experiencing so many new things. It is their first step towards full adulthood, and it is awesome.

One of the most common college experiences is the “road trip.” It is a rite of passage, and it is something that every college kid will do. As a parent, you need to give them some good advice before they embark on this type of adventure. While they may not seem to listen, they actually are because they do not want anything to go wrong.

1. Avoid Fatigue. The open road can be very soothing and hypnotic. It is very important to take turns often behind the wheel so that no one becomes too exhausted to drive.

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2. Plan Trip. Avoid wasting time or getting lost by planning the trip before they leave. Encourage them to use more than their GPS system.

3. Copy Itinerary. Encourage your teen to leave a copy of their itinerary with you. They do not have to be exact, but they should give you a general idea of where they will be and when. This is especially important if they are going to cross the border.

4. Avoid Texting. Remind them how important it is not to text and drive. Tell them that it only takes 2.5 seconds for an accident to happen and 5 seconds to read a text.

5. Designated Driver. Make sure they understand that just because they are away at college it does not make it okay to drink and drive.

6. Red Light Cameras. Remind them that most tourist areas are equipped with red light cameras and regardless of who is driving the car, the owner will get a ticket if anyone runs a red light.

7. Stay Alert. Remind them that they always must be aware of what is going on around them at all times.

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8. Obey Speed Laws. Make sure to remind them that there are different speeding laws in construction areas and school zones. Also remind them that the speed limit is there for a reason, not as a challenge. No one wants to have to call a Florida traffic lawyer months after the trips end.

9. Car Safety. Make sure to remind your teen to check tire pressure, fluid levels and make sure that their windshield wiper blades are in good condition.

10. Seat Belts. Make sure to let them know that you expect everyone in the car to be properly belted in at all times.

As a concerned parent you could continue this list forever. However, these are the basics that should keep them safe and out of trouble. Before they go, make sure to go over these facts one last time. They may roll their eyes at you, but deep down inside they really appreciate how much you care.

With youthful enthusiasm in mind, Giovanna O’Neal shares these helpful steps for coping with possible issues that can occur with new college students. For any road trips to the Sunshine State, a Florida traffic lawyer is on hand to assist with protecting drivers rights in court.

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