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  1. darjan says:

    strava! Slike su do jaja !!!

  2. mojtaba says:

    very very beautiful.

  3. Gary Minish says:

    While I am honored that you selected my photo for your selection I am disappointed that no one will know that I took the photo because you haven’t provided photographer credits. I’m sure that all the other photographers feel the same way. Would you be happy if you discovered that someone had duplicated your website and was displaying it as if it were their own without even giving you credit for having created it?

    My photo is the blue snow covered trees with the stream in the middle and a fog & cloud covered mountain in the background. My name is Gary Minish and the title of photo is “Powder Blue Evening”. I would be very happy if you included a line below the photo saying “Photo by Gary Minish”.

    Thank you very much,

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