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Top Persuasive Writing Secrets For E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Top Persuasive Writing Secrets For E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

marketing campaigns Top Persuasive Writing Secrets For E Mail Marketing Campaigns

E-mail marketing gives you the ability to address potential clients and customers directly in their inboxes. They’ll be sitting at their computer loading it up first thing in the morning and then they’ll see your message waiting for them as clear as day. This is of course an incredibly powerful tool, but getting your messages into a lead’s inbox is only really part of the story – you also then need to be able to convince them effectively that your products or services are for them and worthwhile. Here we will look at some of the ways you can do this and make your words almost hypnotic.

QUICK! Grab Their Attention

Your first challenge with e-mail marketing and indeed any persuasive writing is to grab the attention of your readers before they get bored and move on. The internet has trained many of us to have very short attention spans as we get the information we need and then quickly move on to look elsewhere. If you don’t manage to grab your readers’ attention in the first few seconds then, you’ll lose them and your message will just be deleted.

There are many ways you can grab attention in an e-mail, but some of the most effective are to start out with sweeping or controversial statements (‘Did you know your current phone plan is wasting you hundreds of dollars a month?’), to direct the reader directly and ask them a question (‘What’s one thing YOU would change about your life?’) or to attempt to echo what the reader might be thinking (‘Think this is just another boring marketing message? Think again!’).

Tell Them What They Want to Hear

People as a rule are rather stubborn and they don’t tend to stick around to hear things they don’t like. A good strategy if you want to convince them of your point of view then is to make it sound very much like their point of view, and to tell them the things they want to hear. For instance then you could start off by saying that their current set up is a smart option but that they could be saving more money. That way you’ve complimented them and then told them something they want to hear. Another example of a popular statement might be ‘Maintaining a ripped physique doesn’t have to be hard’ or ‘You already have all the tools you need to become rich’.

Let Them Fill in the Gaps

Changing someone’s mind is also rather impossible, so rather than trying to do this directly, instead use questions and suggestions to guide them to your conclusion. Don’t outright tell someone that they’re wasting money, but instead invite them to consider ‘whether they could be saving more’. The difference is very subtle, but the result is powerful.

Use Facts and Authorities

marketing campaigns1 Top Persuasive Writing Secrets For E Mail Marketing Campaigns

People as a rule have a tendency to ignore opinions and gravitate instead towards facts – even when those facts aren’t based on any particularly powerful evidence. For example then, if you want to sell an eBook on making money, stating that 8 out of 10 people (it’s important to be realistic) saw an 40% increase in their salary over two years is a much more effective piece of text than saying that you guarantee their success.

Use these methods with your email marketing services and you can turn your whole mailing list into paying customers.

Alysson Preston is a content marketing expert who works for LeadLife Solutions, a company that offers marketing automation technology and solutions to clients. In her free time, she likes to indulge in writing and painting.

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