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Photos made by Underwater Cameras

Photos made by Underwater Cameras

Underwater photographers have several basic options for equipment:

1 Photos made by Underwater CamerasA compact digital point and shoot camera, a compact digital camera with full exposure controls, and an SLR (single lens reflex camera). Unlike earlier amphibious or waterproof camera such as the Nikonos, which is designed specifically for use underwater, these cameras now require a housing to keep them water proof. Nikon discontinued the Nikonos series in 2001 and it is a 35mm film system, so it is somewhat obsolete, but some photographers still choose this approach. Sea and Sea continues to manufacture an amphibious range finder camera that utilizes 35mm film, the Motor Marine III.

Housings are specific to the camera and are made of several things from inexpensive plastic to high-priced aluminum cases. Housings allow many options, since the user can choose a housing specific to their everyday “land” camera, as well as utilize any lens in their collection. In practice, underwater photographers generally use either wide-angle lenses or macro lenses, both of which allow close focus, thereby eliminating the need to have excessive water between the camera and subject. Digital media can hold many more shots than standard photographic film. This is one of the primary advantages of using digital camera underwater, since it is impossible to change photographic film underwater. The instant feedback provides faster learning and improved creativity, which is why virtually all underwater photographers now use digital cameras.
Some of the most beautiful and interesting life forms and creatures are found underwater. Every flora, fauna, and marine life is a beautiful story. Many scuba divers submerge themselves in deep ocean waters to become one with the magical marine world. For them to be able to capture the amazing life beneath the ocean, they will need the help of good quality underwater cameras.

Designed for both still and video photography, and made to withstand the pressure of being submerged in deep waters, underwater cameras are equipped with controls that are quite sensitive to operate. Examples of these controls include the toggle switch, the wide angle and telephoto view switch, and the switch found on the rear of the camera. 2 Photos made by Underwater CamerasLike your regular camera, the image is focused on a small screen normally found on the rear part of the camera. Digital underwater cameras are divided into different shapes and sizes, and follow various film formats. Though most are quite similar to the ones you use on land, there are two actual types of underwater cameras: the amphibious cameras and the housing system cameras. Both underwater cameras are designed to be waterproof. The Amphibious underwater camera is small and compact. Unlike housing system cameras, this type will require a user to estimate the focus distance because it has difficulty in composing images. Amphibious underwater cameras are used mostly by scientists and marine biologists. The housing system cameras, on the other hand, can take macro-shots and have varied lenses. Land cameras are sometimes used and protected with a watertight housing especially since they allow more accurate lens viewing.

Every diving experience is more memorable with the use of good quality underwater cameras. Choose one that fits your style and purpose.

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    Photos made by Underwater Cameras…

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    Photos made by Underwater Cameras…


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