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  1. Uh, I doubt the guests were startled in the least. This show is “Noche De Juegos”, or “Sports Night”. It is 100% par for the course for a Latin American show to have women dressed like this, even a “news” show.

  2. Cruoris.ex says:

    I can tell you don’t really speak Spanish. “Noche de Juegos” means “Game Night”. “Sports Night” in Spanish would be “Noche de Deportes”.

  3. totally dude says:

    Don’t you mean “Noche de Juggos” ?

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  5. Harry Barracuda says:

    There ain’t nuttin to get confused about here, just to enjoy!

  6. Rambo says:

    That is a program from Argentina, search pamela david ( she is the girl on the picture)

  7. Pastor Fuzz says:

    How do you say tittie tape in Spanish.

  8. farhan says:

    HI i like you make only frendship you

  9. ghostrecon says:

    if they show it here why not…if its a late nite show its ok…if i would be a guest it would be a dream to see that figure and take her to bed after..

  10. robert ball says:

    Homma homma homma DOH!

  11. Luis says:

    She’s Pamela David from Argentina, and I don’t care about the show, I care about her….

  12. subcorpus says:

    Pamela David looks hot … !!!

  13. Rubirosa says:

    There must be a God looking after us males. Thank You!!!!

  14. Rubirosa says:

    what a woman!!!!!

  15. amin says:

    i need anice girl .oky

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