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  1. Daxberg says:

    I get a feeling that this is how these children would look like while still inside the womb. Would be interesting to see a follow-up depicting “before and after”-shots of the baby in question.

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  4. Adorable sleeping positions – Allpics4u…

    This babies are adorable! They are so sweet when they are sleeping. When you look at these photos you certainly wish to be baby again, just for a one moment. Or maybe two :D…

  5. Suzi Q says:

    Absolutely precious. Made me wanna cry, so innocent and sweet… Thank u so much for sharing. Makes me wish my kids were babies again. :)

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  7. Robert says:

    Wow!this look delicious, I wish they would take off there hats and hop into my oven :)

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  10. komal says:


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