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  1. cndig.org says:

    Worst food tattoos…

    We can’t understand that people want to have a tattoo of their favorite meal. But, if the tattoo looks good, then can agree that it doesn’t look so bad. But, this tattoos really looks bad…

  2. dan says:

    You blatantly stole this post from FoodNetworkHumor.com – you’re pathetic.

  3. […] tip to AllPics4U for the […]

  4. black tattoos…

    Your topic Music & Tattoos: A Match Made In Heaven? | Female First Blog was interesting when I found it on Saturday searching for black tattoos…

  5. Nothing like the golden arches tramp stamp!

  6. apotek dk says:

    Jeg kan ikke forstå, at folk ønsker at have en tatovering af deres foretrukne måltid.

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