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Wood TLC – How To Get Rid Of Common Stains

Wood TLC – How To Get Rid Of Common Stains

Wood is a very popular material for floors and furniture because it is elegant yet hard-wearing. Moreover, when using natural wood, you won’t find any two pieces that are exactly the same. Each part is unique, with its own character that helps give more sophistication and style to a home. But since wood is a natural product, it is expected to deteriorate in time, and wear and tear occur much more quickly if it is not properly maintained. In order to prolong the life of any item that’s made of wood, it should be given some proper tender love and care from time to time. Still, though you’ve ensured that wood is well-maintained, it can still suffer damage due to everyday use.

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Stain Removal

Taking care of wood can be a challenge, most especially when it’s about removing stains. Let’s face it, stains are bound to happen, and when they do, you should know what to do. Here are some tips that you might find helpful.

1. Removing White Stains

Have you noticed white stains on your hardwood floors or maybe your wooden table? These are usually water stains and are easy to remove because white stains often occur on or near the surface. Sometimes, you can just allow the stain to dry and it’ll disappear on its own. If it doesn’t come off, there are many other ways that you can try. Rub the affected area for a few seconds with a dry cotton cloth warmed by a hot iron. Do not use steam. Another way is to lightly rub the stain using a fine steel wool soaked in lemon oil. The oil will lubricate the area to prevent scratching.

2. Removing Black Stains

Black stains are harder to remove because these indicate that water has infiltrated the finish. First, allow the stain to bleach out. This will require you to use bleach, which you can apply on the stain using a toothbrush or a cloth. If the bleach doesn’t do the trick, buy a wood stain remover. Be sure to read the instructions on how to use the product. In case these methods do not work, you can sand the stained area and reseal.

3. Removing Ink Stains

When you accidentally spill ink on your expensive hardwood floors, you might cringe in horror thinking about how much it would cost you to get rid of the stains. It’s actually not that expensive to remove ink. Although it can produce a stubborn stain, wiping away the newly spilled ink using warm soapy water can help. Use dishwashing soap. This often works with polished or waxed wood. For untreated wood surfaces, use a paste made with baking soda and some water. Apply the paste over the stain and then gently rub it. The mild abrasive characteristic of baking soda, as well as its chemical properties, can help in lifting away the stain.

General Rule

It’s not a good idea to use just any kind of product when eliminating stains on wood because some things can cause discoloration while others can permanently damage wood. The general rule is to use warm sudsy water when removing non-oily stains, while those that are oil-based should be taken out using solvents, like mineral spirits, or cold water with some ammonia. If you don’t know how to get rid of stubborn stains on wood surfaces, get help from expert cleaners.

This blog post was written by Claire Flint, who likes to write about her DIY experiences and other home improvement projects. She has also seen to general home cleanings and she recommends CleanSweep Services, Inc. for those who need assistance in doing clean-up jobs.

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