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Tricks For Making Your Hands Look Better!

Tricks For Making Your Hands Look Better!

It is often said that hands show age more than any other part of the body, and because they are almost always visible and tend to be busy, they are one part a lot of women feel self conscious about. There is also little you can do about the shape of your hands – while you may be able to wear heels to make yourself look taller and Spanx to make yourself slimmer, if you have chubby hands, stumpy fingers or large, mannish hands then you can’t really alter them. There are, however, easy ways to create optical illusions that can make hands look more elegant, as well as to take care of the skin so they stay looking young. Here are some tips:

Long Nails

tricks for making hands look Tricks For Making Your Hands Look Better!

Having long nails manicured in an oval style can do a lot to make your fingers look longer and daintier. While square edged styles may be fashionable, if you want to adjust the way your hands look, an oval manicure is more advisable. Growing your nails can be hard, especially if you have brittle nails or find your nails break easily, but using a good vitamin supplement and painting on a strengthening serum can help a lot. Alternatively, acrylic or gel nail extensions can be a convenient way to get the look, as they tend to stay looking freshly manicured for a week or two (unlike natural nails which often need repainting), and you simply have to get them filled and filed every couple of weeks.

Exfoliate and Moisturize

tricks for making hands look1 Tricks For Making Your Hands Look Better!

Hands can get a little rough and chapped, especially if you spend a lot of time working with them (for example doing dishes and other cleaning work), or with them exposed to the elements. A good gentle exfoliator will help keep the skin soft, and you’ll also want to use a hand cream every day to soften the skin and prevent premature aging. A good tip is that if you have any facial moisturizer you find is too rich for your skin or you just don’t like, to use this on your hands instead. Alternatively, inexpensive vitamin E creams are great for hands, so you don’t need to buy a specific hand cream unless you want to.


tricks for making hands look2 Tricks For Making Your Hands Look Better!

Rings can make a big difference to how your fingers look. Some cuts of stone, like emerald cuts, will make fingers look longer and slimmer, whereas a good princess cut diamond ring can shorten a longer finger and make it look smaller and more elegant. Too many rings, for example more than one on a finger (with the exception of a wedding and engagement band) can make fingers look shorter, and in most cases it looks best just to have one or two rings per hand. Also pay attention to watches and bracelets – if they are tight looking they can ‘chop off’ a stumpy hand visually so you are better off with a looser style like a bangle or a charm bracelet that hangs off the wrist rather than creating a border between your arm and your hand that can make your arm look shorter and your hand thicker.

By employing some of these simple tricks it can be easy to make your hands look more elegant and attractive, as well as take good care of the skin.

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