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Top Styling and Shopping Tips for Indie Style Dresses

Top Styling and Shopping Tips for Indie Style Dresses

Are you looking to be Indie? Are you tired of your regular look and want to go outside the mainstream? For a change, you can try the indie look that is all about the attitude you have and how finely you can style. If you are worried about how to start, the following few tips will give you a complete guide on how to become Indie and what to shop for, while getting Indie dresses.

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Style Dresses Top Styling and Shopping Tips for Indie Style Dresses

    • When it comes to being Indie, bright colors are highly involved. The first thing to do is fill your wardrobe with lots of skinny jeans. Some in regular black or blue and others of bright colors like yellow or red.
    • Being Indie one must look for t-shirts or tops in bright solidcolors and that have bright artistic patterns and graffiti on them. They must stand out from the normal crowd.If you are looking to be Indie you must have a few pairs of dresses with you, but all in vintage style. Vintage always stands out in a crowd and is the perfect indie type of dressing.
    • Bright colored and bold patterned scarfs when added to your outfit make your Indie style look all the more sober and really dignified (mainly because this is more of the loud style clothing). Have at least a couple of these to complete your Indie wardrobe.
    • Remember that Indie style shoes are bright color high pointed shoes. You can also have a few flats that are bright and would stand out. The idea is to be dazzling without going over the top.
    • Jewelry stands out for anyone. To make it Indie buy more of
      vintage jewelry that would go with your outfits but always remember to keep it simple. Other accessories that stand out like funky hats, purses and belts can also be added to your wardrobe to turn totally indie.
    • Being Indie is something that others must notice, rather than you telling them. Never wear Indie dresses, or blouses that say out the brand name.


    Now you must be thinking that these are merely some of the most common and known Indie dressing styles.  After all doesn’t Indie style means to be more unique and to be noticeable in the crowd. Well, here is a simple advice;  create your own style, something that’s bright and more patterned. You don’t have to buy new items just mix and match what you have, following these tips and try different styles every time you want to dress Indie.


    Check online with a few stores to know the options of indie dresses at hand and also to get great deals. There are no brands in particular, but the choices are more than many. Lastly, you can also visit a thrift, vintage or local shop near your place to buy your favorite indie clothing.

    It might take sometime and effort but slowly you sure to find your personal Indie style.


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