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Top 12 Wedding Hairstyles For 2013

Top 12 Wedding Hairstyles For 2013

Nothing beats a summer wedding, unless it’s a spring wedding! It’s time to pull out wedding hair and makeup albums to decide your look for your wedding, whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid or guest!  To help you in selecting the best hair style, has come up with list of top 12 wedding hairstyles for 2013

1. Classy Buns

Spritz hair, slick back and tie off a high pony. Part hair into several equal sections and twine them in a snake-like fashion. Alternatively, twist your entire hair into a neat bun.

wedding hairstyles Top 12 Wedding Hairstyles For 2013

2. Off-center Chignons

Manipulate hair into a loose chignon off-center to add softness to the face. To add to this look, you can add a jeweled hairband. Leave a few hairs to float around the face to create a sweet look.

wedding hairstyles1 Top 12 Wedding Hairstyles For 2013

3. Low Pony

Add root lift to the back hair and elevate it, while keeping the front sleek. Create a low pony at the back with the elevated hair. A think hair band or ribbon at the front will add more chic to this look.

wedding hairstyles2 Top 12 Wedding Hairstyles For 2013

4. Accessorize

Try a variety of accessories to make your updo, pony, buns and loose styles look even more romantic. Try floral arrangements, jeweled bands and hair side brooches, colorful bun pins and so on.

wedding hairstyles3 Top 12 Wedding Hairstyles For 2013

5. Bouffant

Say hi to the 60’s with a preppy bouffant style. The additional height at the back makes you look more feminine from the front. Add a broad jeweled hair band to catch the lights.

wedding hairstyles4 Top 12 Wedding Hairstyles For 2013

6. Low Updos

Catch up your hair in a sleek, low up-do. Add a sophisticated side parting and a little root-lift. Forward comb a portion of your hair over your forehead. Use minimal eye make-up and but keep the lips red.

wedding hairstyles5 Top 12 Wedding Hairstyles For 2013

7. Sleek Updo

Part your hair at the center or the side. Make sure your hair is sleek and smooth. Comb well and gather into a sleek updo at the back. Use a statement hair accessory, with pearls or jewels.

wedding hairstyles6 Top 12 Wedding Hairstyles For 2013

8. High-rise

Blow dry and tease your hair with root lift till it’s up a few inches in the front and sides. Then catch your hair at the back in a pony or updo. Add a few pretty flowers or pearl pins to complete this look.

wedding hairstyles7 Top 12 Wedding Hairstyles For 2013

9. Plaits

Keep your hair ultra-smooth and create pretty plaits from the sides of your ears. You can overlap them at the top, or at the back. Experiment with different plait arrangements for your face shape.

wedding hairstyles8 Top 12 Wedding Hairstyles For 2013

10. Low Knot

Leave some strands free from the sides of your face and create a loose knot at the back. Now take the free strands, part them, and pay them in a layered fashion at the back. Use accessories.

wedding hairstyles9 Top 12 Wedding Hairstyles For 2013

11. Wet Updo

Create a wet look with the right sprays. Do a side parting and comb your hair into an updo using a broad-toothed comb. Add some pretty pearl pins or jeweled hair clips, but spray your hair first.

wedding hairstyles10 Top 12 Wedding Hairstyles For 2013

12. Teased Loose Locks

Whether you use a side or center parting, leave the hair flowing free, scrunching it every few inches using wet fingers. This creates natural, close waves. Accessorize with flowers or a jeweled headband.

wedding hairstyles11 Top 12 Wedding Hairstyles For 2013


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