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  1. This truck is comfortable as a house…

    This truck looks regular when you look at the first few pictures. But look at the rest. Wow! It looks so comfortable when you look at the other pics.. It has a luxury living-room inside its awning. And a bathroom.. And a kitchen! You can live in this t…

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  3. perfect!!!

  4. WhiteHat says:

    Are these pictures all of the same truck?

    Look at the windows inside, where are they on the outside of the truck?

    What about the window in front… It is fully lit up like it is getting good light from the outside. But look at the front of the vehicle from the outside, it is completely obstructed.

  5. WhiteHat says:

    nvm, i see its foldable… i should keep my mouth shut ;p

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  7. Johann Rodiger says:

    When you look closely you can see that the back part can be lift up. So while you drive it goes down and when your “camping” you can lift it up to have more space inside.

  8. Lucas says:

    Qual é o nome dele ?

  9. special price grohe 34…

    This is comfortable as a house…

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