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Things You Might Not Know About Gucci Sunglasses

Things You Might Not Know About Gucci Sunglasses

Gucci stands out as one of the most well known brands in the world when talking about fashion. Besides the clothes that we see everywhere, we also have some pretty interesting sunglasses that you can choose from. Gucci sunglasses are a part of the elite of the sunglasses around the world as they are recognized as being among the best and most stylish. In average, one pair costs $350 but there are also models that are cheaper or more expensive.

gucci sunglasses for mengucci Things You Might Not Know About Gucci Sunglasses

Men Gucci Sunglasses

These are the ones that are sold the most at the moment. They come in many different colors and styles. Aviators are preferred and are considered to be the top of the line. They include bold frames that will instantly command attention and respect. These frames are quite similar to classic designs worn by different pilots. In most situations the material of choice is metal, although durable plastic is also available. The thickness of the frame varies.

The Standard Gucci Frames

Since we talked a little about frames, we should mention that Gucci sunglasses can include many different glass frame types for men. These usually range from 57 to 62 mm. Some of the models are smaller or bigger but the most popular models fit within the dimensions mentioned. The standard Gucci frames are red, white and blue.

Square Gucci Frames

There are some pretty interesting square Gucci frames that you can take advantage of at the moment. We say take advantage because they are perfect for most of the facial features that men have. The masculine style and appearance are almost instantly highlighted. Many of the square frames are available at Focus Online in the event that you want to see how they look like. The popularity of the square frames is so high that Gucci even includes them in prescription glasses.

2012 Gucci Sunglasses for Men and Women Things You Might Not Know About Gucci Sunglasses

Women Gucci Sunglasses

Most of the women Gucci sunglasses are less thick when compared to the male frame models. The lenses chosen are circular and can come in many different styles and colors. One Aviator model is created for women and this is among the most popular ones at the moment.

The biggest difference between the men models and the women models is noticed in the colors that are available. Traditional colors include gold, brown and black but there are also brighter choices like light blue, pink, green, yellow or peach. The reason why most of the frames are colored is that this can help in properly accessorizing them with the outfits worn.

Is Gucci The Brand For You?

The truth is that only you can make this decision. There is no way to deny the fact that Gucci sunglasses are among the most popular on the market at the moment and they are simply stunning. The quality of the frames is high and the exact same thing can be said about the lenses. The only real problem is the high price tag. However, if you can afford to pay for a pair of Gucci sunglasses, it is something that you should consider.


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