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The Toll a DWI Arrest Can Take on Your Family

The Toll a DWI Arrest Can Take on Your Family

DWI TOLL The Toll a DWI Arrest Can Take on Your Family

The Toll a DWI Arrest Can Take on Your Family

Those who are convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) often lament at all of the consequences that they face for their actions. This isn’t uncommon considering the fact that even a single DWI or DUI conviction can land a person in jail for a year in some areas. What many of these individuals don’t consider, however, is the effect that their DWI arrest can have on the ones that they love.

DWI Effects on Family Members
When a person is convicted of driving while intoxicated, their family members go through just as many, if not more, troubles as they do. Whether it’s a Los Angeles State Trooper or a Charlotte criminal attorney from the South , they will both inform that many people decide to drink and drive or not fight a DWI charge, thinking that they’ll be the only ones facing consequences. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Consequences of Losing License
Children may face some of the biggest difficulties when one of their parents is convicted of DWI. In most cases, a conviction could carry the penalty of a license suspension or possible arrest. This means that a couple with two children to get around will suddenly only have one driver to do so. If the convicted is lucky enough, they will have a spouse that can help and also transport them to and from work.
Unfortunately, getting driven around by a spouse is taking time out of the spouse’s day. Now, the spouse will have to handle all of the errands, school events and appointments that require transportation to complete. This puts an unfair burden on the rest of a person’s family. For a person who doesn’t have this option, however, there’s a good chance that they’ll lose their job since they won’t have reliable transportation to work.
Financial Consequences
As previously mentioned, there’s a good chance that a person will lose their job after receiving a DWI. It will be more difficult for them to get to and from work, and some companies may even fire a person based solely on the fact that they were convicted of the crime. Even if one assumes that they’ll be able to keep their job, they are still going to face financial difficulties in the form of penalties and fines.
Fines, probation costs and DWI awareness classes can cost a person thousands of dollars. These are dollars that would usually go to paying bills, buying groceries and other day-to-day necessities. Unfortunately, this lack of money will likely affect the entire family. This is especially true if the person convicted of the crime is the main breadwinner in the family. A DWI can put a financial squeeze on everybody in the defendant’s household.
DWI Effects on Friends and Others
Most people would probably sit back and think that there’s no way that their loved ones or friends would be affected by their DWI conviction. While this is likely true in some cases, it’s not always one hundred percent accurate. A person who drinks too much and then is involved in a car accident actually takes the chance of bringing their friends down with them.
Many states have what are known as ‘dram shop laws’. These are laws that prevent businesses and even individuals from serving alcohol to obviously intoxicated people. If a person does serve an already intoxicated person and that individual goes on to cause an injury, the injured person can file a lawsuit against the drunk driver and the person who served that driver alcohol. This law applies to bars, clubs, house parties and even company gatherings. Many consider this unfair, but it’s definitely a consideration that an individual should have before driving drunk or pleading guilty to a DWI.
A DWI conviction is going to be detrimental for anyone. The consequences related to the conviction can completely turn a person’s world upside-down. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the only result of the conviction. Anyone who is charged with a DUI or DWI needs to get experienced legal help immediately. It’s very possible to fight one of these charges, and when a person chooses not to, everyone in their world may suffer the consequences.
Nadine Swayne forwards this advice to drivers to help them make the right decision – do not drink and drive. At Powers McCartan, PLLC, a Charlotte criminal attorney group, you can have all of your questions answered regarding your criminal charges. They will place a high priority on your case to ensure your right to a fair trial.
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