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The Irish Pub Culture and Pub Crawling in Dublin

The Irish Pub Culture and Pub Crawling in Dublin

Irish public houses or pubs are famous all over the world. Travelers will easily notice that fact as there are Irish pubs in Spain, the United States, Poland, and other countries as well. Though these can be seen in many different countries, nothing beats authentic Irish pubs in the Irish capital, Dublin.

Those who have never been to Ireland, but plan to go there should understand the Irish pub culture much better. Pubs are not just bars or places to grab a drink. In Ireland, there is a lot more to it than that.

pints of Guinness The Irish Pub Culture and Pub Crawling in Dublin

Irish Culture

A lot of travelers enjoy visiting Ireland mainly because of its people. The Irish are hospitable, warm, and friendly people. Folks visiting the country for the first time will notice that instantly. Now, when it comes to meeting and greeting locals, public houses are actually the best place to do that.

Irish pubs have served as a community and social hub for the Irish people. These are ideal places to hang out and enjoy good conversation while drinking a pint. Local residents usually refer to some pubs as “the local” which they tend to go to on a regular basis.

First timers should know that folks in Irish pubs do not really expect to get tips. Of course, if the staff happens to be exceptionally funny, skilled, or hard working and one feels inclined to give a tip, by all means do so.

Pubs in Dublin

Pub crawling in Dublin is a unique experience travelers that enjoy drinking beer should definitely try. The city boasts of over six hundred pubs. Though it might be impossible to sample all the pubs in a single night, visiting as many pubs as one can will be a unique experience. This is heightened by the fact that no two Irish pubs are exactly the same. They may offer the same list of beverages, but the interior and the ambience makes pubs unique.

In the past, pubs did not really serve food. They were more like places to hang out with a shop in the same establishment. Those shops were called spirit grocery which sold hardware, grocery, or other items. Though these are no longer as popular as before, there are still some pubs that have those shops.

Smokers should know that Ireland has a smoking ban which means most of the establishments have a no smoking policy. On the other hand, all is not lost as there are pubs that have indoor or outdoor smoking areas. Some of those outdoor smoking areas are even heated.

Where to Start

Due to the sheer amount of pubs established in Dublin, the problem for most folks would be where to start their pub crawl adventure. Those that truly want to make the most out of their evening should head to the Temple Quarter or south of the River Liffy.

Those are the two main areas where Dublin’s nightlife is concentrated. By pub crawling in either of those areas, one can easily get to a lot of different pubs in a single night.

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