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The Good, The Bad and Recalled Toys: Keep your Child Safe

The Good, The Bad and Recalled Toys: Keep your Child Safe

THE GOOD THE BAD AND RECALLED The Good, The Bad and Recalled Toys: Keep your Child Safe

The Good, The Bad and Recalled Toys: Keep your Child Safe

There are many wonderful toys regularly manufactured and then offered on the market today for children. However, given the breadth of what is available, it can be tricky to find the best and safest toys for kids. Below are some ideas of resources that parents can use to find the kinds of toys that will benefit their children the most for their particular needs.
1. Parent Groups
Other parents, friends, family and co-workers are a great place to start when considering toys for kids of all ages. Chances are, the toys that other kids play with could be good choices and provide opportunities to try them out for your kids.
Virtually anyone who has had kids will have some ideas of the kinds of toys their kids liked the best or that they found beneficial. List out the toys that you run across and that are recommended by others. Then ask around for more information on the toys their kids have used or are playing with.
2. Your Children’s School
For kids in preschool or above, there is a golden opportunity to take a look at the kinds of toys they are using. You can also arrange to visit some of these schools and take note of what they have available that educate and entertain the kids who attend.
3. Fellow Consumers
Consumers, particularly online, regularly offer information about their experiences with all kinds of products, including toys. Websites offering consumer reviews such as Amazon have a very active community where helpful information is posted about products. Their listmania program also provides user compilations of favorite products which is helpful for consumers. For example, a large catalog of Baby Einstein by Disney toys are included on the site along with hundreds of consumer reviews for each product.The following sites offer information about top children’s toys:a. Educational and child early development websites includes impartial and valuable information on toys
b. Mindware specializes in learning toys
c. The Imagination Tree offers top toy lists
d. Green America offers information about environmentally friendly toys
e. Special needs websites generally offer guidance on toys to address certain circumstances
Toy Safety

Toy safety involves the practice of ensuring that toys, especially those for younger kids – are manufactured safely. To that end, in 1994 Congress passed the Child Safety Protection Act (CSPA) designed as a regulatory system to monitor toys and products for children.

Though safety guidelines are in place, their application is difficult to monitor. In some countries, commercial toys must pass safety tests in order to be placed on the market for sale. In the U.S., while some toys are expected to meet certain national standards, other toys may not be required to meet those same requirements.

Therefore, it is unfortunate that every year children are hurt and even killed due to defective toys. While safety standards do exist, it is impossible to check each and every toy that is manufactured to ensure its safety.

However, there are a number of government and watchdog groups that are concerned with toy safety advocacy, such as:

a. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recall database
b. Safe Kids USA
c. U.S. PIRG Toy Safety
d. Toy Safety Tips

All parents want to do their best in keeping their children safe, even when it comes down to their toys. Being aware of the good, the bad and the recalled toys can be a daunting job. All of the resources listed are designed to assist parents and others in choosing the best toys and to safeguard kids from dangerous products.

Being a “Super Aunt” and knowing the importance of child safety gives Nadine Swayne the knowledge to write this article. Every parent wants their children to be happy, healthy and to enjoy their lives. It’s essential to keep your kids playtime secure from bad toys. Choosing safe toys, like those found in the Baby Einstein by Disney line, will give you the peace of mind that your child has a fun experience.
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