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Temporary Tattoos: Why Going Faux Can Avoid Hepatitis

Temporary Tattoos: Why Going Faux Can Avoid Hepatitis

TEMP TATT 123 Temporary Tattoos: Why Going Faux Can Avoid Hepatitis

Temporary Tattoos: Why Going Faux Can Avoid Hepatitis

Tattoos have been all the rage for the last decade or so. Once the sign of a renegade or rebel, tattoos have gained mass popularity over the years. In fact, they are so popular that entire television shows have been developed featuring the artists and patrons. What many people seeking to get a tattoo often do not consider, however, is that the decision to get one is a commitme fake tattoont that lasts a lifetime. There is also some potential danger involved as pertains to health.


Tattoos are created using an electric machine that injects ink into the skin by way of several small disposable needles. Unlike the upper epidermis of the skin, the lower dermis does not flake off. Therefore, the ink stays permanently embedded in, rather than on, the skin. This is the main reason that tattoos are so difficult to have removed.


Several complications may arise after tattoos are etched into the skin. For example, a less than sanitary situation such as with dirty needles can lead to scarring, infection and diseases like hepatitis and AIDS. Tattoos can also cause skin irritations like granulomas (inflamed red bumps) and keloid scarring which provokes allergic reaction so that skin itches and breaks out. Again, this is often a precursor to infection and other skin issues. In fact, allergic reactions can happen without warning, even years after getting the tattoo. Health problems that arise mean pain and time-consuming and expensive visits to the doctor’s office.

Advantages of Temporary Tattoos

In contrast to traditional tattoos, temporary tattoos are an excellent way to express oneself without experiencing any of the negative side effects of real ones. In fact, temporary tattoos, since they do not penetrate the dermis cause no infection. While many people are concerned with how long a temporary tattoo lasts, there are methods that the artist can suggest to make them last much longer than expected and prevent color loss.

Meanwhile, anyone who gets a temporary tattoo sleeve fake never needs to worry about having to have it removed and endure a painful, laborious and expensive process. In fact, removal poses the same dangers as having a tattoo done, in fact, even more so.

Also, temporary tattoos allow for more creativity, since the wearer will not be stuck with the design forever. Temporary tattoos offer the same level of convenience as any accessory that can be changed as often as one likes.


Social Considerations

Permanent tattoos can also pose issues socially. For instance, certain employers may balk at the sight of them, particularly if it is a conservative establishment. Much like a dress code, tattoos are considered a form of body wear. Therefore, someone with permanent tattoos may be passed over in favor of another candidate simply for having the tattoo. Also, workers who get tattoos and suddenly show them at work may be violating an employment policy at that workplace, risking their jobs.

For those seeking to express their creativity with a tattoo, the most efficient, safe and realistic option is a temporary tattoo. Only then will you be certain that no dangerous side effects will occur and the need to have them removed later will also be eliminated.

Debbie Nguyen is a freelance designer and blogger who has always wanted a tattoo but was too chicken to go under the needle. If you are squeemish like her, a tattoo sleeve fake might just be the ticket.

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