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Perfumes Women Love Being Surprised With

Perfumes Women Love Being Surprised With

For hundreds of years women have loved receiving perfumes for gift. It’s something about the smell and pretty bottle that makes a woman feel sexy, confident and like a queen. Women’s perfumes also can make a man walking by her drop to his knees when she is wearing his favorite scent. There are hundreds of perfumes out on the market but there are a few that are most commonly loved by women.

56530311 Perfumes Women Love Being Surprised With

Coach Love by Coach

Coach Love is a flowerily scented perfume that can embrace a woman’s romantic side instantly. This is a more modern and chic type of scent that brings on a rush of love when smelled. Most women who love this perfume are typically more of a natural and down to earth type of woman and a true romantic. They typically are more feminine and a warm and loving type.

Body by Burberry

When you are looking for a luxury type of scent that is all about sensuality and offers a fruity smell, then Body by Burberry is the right perfume. This perfume is combined with freesia, peach, rose and sandalwood notes that gives it scent that women and men love to smell.

Verbena by PureDKNY

Women who love to smell fresh, clean and crisp will love to be surprises with a bottle of Verbena by PureDKNY. This perfume comes with honeysuckle, peony, jasmine petals and white amber notes to create the clean and fresh smell. The bottle is simple and clean looking that creates a pretty and simple bottle to place on her vanity or dresser.

Bright Crystal by Versace

There are a number of Versace perfumes for women that are adored by women all over the world.  Bright Crystal by Versace is one of them that surely get a 5 out 5 stars. This fragrance is a combination of pomegranate, lotus flower, magnolia, mahogany and more to create a floral scent. This perfume leaves the woman feeling vibrate and fresh while stepping out feeling beautiful, as well.

LoveStuck by Vera Wang

Vera Wang knows what she is doing when she creates a perfume that women love. LoveStruck by Vera Wang offers a smell that women and men will fall in love with. She combines tuberose, mandarin, pink guava, lotus blossom, sheer mask and precious woods to make this perfume scream love has been struck.

Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

For the woman that is bright, playful and likes a vanilla scent, Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture should be the perfume for her. In this perfume, you will find wild berry notes, honey suckle, jasmine, caramel and vanilla combined to offer a smell that will drive anyone crazy when smelled. This is a common scent that is loved by many different men and women.

Oh Lola! By Marc Jacobs

If the pretty bottle doesn’t catch your attention, the smell of Oh Lola! By Marc Jacobs will for sure. This perfume is a flirty and light smelling fragrance that has peony, pears, raspberry and vanilla scents combined. This a classic perfume that everyone loves.


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