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On the Job: How Construction Workers are Protected

On the Job: How Construction Workers are Protected

ALLPICS CONSTRUCTION On the Job: How Construction Workers are Protected

On the Job: How Construction Workers are Protected

Working in the construction industry can be very fast paced and dangerous. Employees are surrounded by large equipment, supply piles, scaffolding, and moving vehicles. The work requires the use of dangerous tools, and is often performed above ground. Employees performing such dangerous jobs find that it is necessary to have many safety standards in place.

New York construction workers will find that there are many ways that they are protected while on the job. According to The Perecman firm, a New York personal injury attorney, the property owner, general contractor and, in some cases the property inspector, all are responsible for safety on the job.Some of these standards are obvious, while others are in place as a way to offer additional protection. These safety practices include:

• OSHA Compliance. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has many regulations that must be followed to protect workers on a construction site. OSHA inspectors visit these sites without notice to make sure that they remain in compliance. Many of these regulations are stricter than state and local laws.

• Union Regulations. Workers who belong to a union will also find that there are additional safety precautions given to workers as part of the union contract. These safety measures must also be adhered to by the construction company or the company can face a potential walk-out by union members.

• Safety Meetings. While many employees find weekly safety meetings a pain, these meetings keep everyone informed of safety issues and potential problems. They are one of the best defenses against on-site accidents.

• Local Ordinances. Many cities have specific safety laws concerning construction sites. These laws are in place to protect employees and pedestrians in the area.

These are just a few of the ways that construction sites remain safe for workers. Other laws and regulating agencies may also play a part in the safety of a construction site based on local laws or type of construction project.

When You Are Injured Working In Construction

All of the laws and safety standards for a construction site are mandatory. Companies must follow these regulations or face having their sites closed. Sadly, some construction companies feel that it is “ok” to overlook some issues as a way to save time or money.

When this happens, accidents usually occur. Construction accidents are generally quite serious. A majority of construction accidents result in long-term disability or the need for long-term care. Head and spine injuries are the most common of these injuries, followed by broken bones and severe lacerations.

Construction employees who are injured on the job should consult a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the event has occurred and their health has been stabilized. To protect their rights as a victim of negligence, these workers need legal representation.

Although there are safety standards in place, accidents can still occur. Employees should always remain cautious while performing this type of job and report any issues that may lead to an accident to management. If an employee is injured, they should report the accident, seek medical care, and contact an attorney to protect their rights.

Writer Melanie Fleury was devastated when her brother was killed in a work related accident. Safety on the job is of utmost importance to her. Reading through the site of The Perecman Firm, she learned more about what safety standard should be in place.

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