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Lifestyle Trends 2014

Lifestyle Trends 2014

The lives we are leading today are the direct result of the actions of our ancestors. The freedom we relish in, the technical advancements we thrive for, are the outcome of the endeavors of family dynasties. How we have adopted these life-altering historical moments, as part of our basic life styles, is something to commend on. We have adapted like chameleons to this changing world, and have set trends that were unheard of. With a snap of fingers, we have become the generation setting trends that are coherent with our lifestyle.  

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The year 2013 embarked upon the journey of setting up a list of lifestyle trends that were most common throughout the world. With 2014 approaching, another set of lifestyle trends is coming alive.

Luxury World 2014

In the upcoming year, there are certain aspects of the luxury and business world, which see the development of some common “way of life” trends.

· Affordable deals

The Consumer of 2014 is going to more sensible and practical. Instead of going for the most expensive brand in the luxury world, the consumer will seek a deal that falls in budget but delivers an aura of extravaganza.

· Personalized

Everyone loves heir most precious items to depict their personality and character. And this is exactly what the consumer of 2014 is going to seek. Elegant lifestyle will ask for a personal factor.

· Eco-friendly

The deteriorating environment has made people conscious of the environment, which is the reason that the lifestyle trends of 2014 depict an uprising, where people will seek products that are friendly to the economy and society.

· Consumer Demand

The mob of 2014 has been predicted to be the type, which will make things transpire; they will raise their voices to get things produced which satisfy them, which define them.

Digitalized World 2014

In 2014, the digital world of phones and animations will become so communal, that even the most high-Fi products in your home will seem a regular event.

· Internet Remote Control

At the pace internet is becoming accessible and its wide use in every aspect, it is obvious that remote control of numerous devices through internet will become routine.

· Smart Phones 

The Smart phones are taking over. So many applications have boarded the interface of internet, that every aspect of our lives in 2014 will be punctuated by an app. Applications will be the safe house which will provide us with every answer… and even the question.

· Social Networking withheld

The charm of social websites has been wearing off the public for a while now -what seemed to be fun, sounds like a tiresome job now. It has been observed that people have started to prefer the quiet of the life rather the socializing aspect, and this trend will enhance in 2014.

Health and Fitness 2014

The health and fitness issue has been circling the minds of various people over the past few years. Therein, in 2014, a fixation on fitness is being foreseen.

· Less junk, more nutrients

The growing trend of leaning towards nutrient food has been seen in 2013. This dilemma validates the belief that 2014 will see an accelerating trend toward food that is healthy, exercising which promotes fitness, and finally, the negative attitude towards junk food.

Fashion 2014

In a conversation about trends and lifestyle, one can hardly miss the term of Fashion.

· Brands

2014 might be the witness to life-size brand craze. The mounting figure of people preferring brands over simple products, suggests a lifestyle trend that might revolve around owning branded clothes, shoes and even jewelry!

· Intersection of East and West

Globalization has been the deed in action that is leading the trend, which is allowing the east and west to intersect. Fashion gods are found applying for visas and passport renewal just to visit the other side of the world. 2014, is the podium which predicts the advent of fashion that will allow these two pillars to combine their fashion aesthetics.

The lifestyle trends of 2014 are certainly going to set the world on fire.



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