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I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore!: The New Whistleblower

I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore!: The New Whistleblower

ALLPICS ANGRY WOMAN Im Not Gonna Take It Anymore!: The New Whistleblower

I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore!: The New Whistle-blower

Some may view whistle-blowing as tattling, but it can benefit the company, consumers and employees involved in the particular business. A recent case caused a Framingham woman to file a wrongful termination lawsuit related to her complaint. While she tried to notify the medical alert service she worked for that the product may be contributing to issues such as a fire, her supervisor failed to take her concerns seriously.

What Is Whistle-blowing?

A report of whistle-blowing is an internal issue or misconduct reported by an employee. This could be related to minor issues such as a problem with a co-worker or corporate misdeeds and abhorrent behavior. A perfect example came into effect with the Bernie Madoff scandal. If Cynthia Cooper had chosen to conceal the information, the bad behavior may have continued and more lives would have been destroyed in the process.

The Pro Benefits

Businesses and organizations require their employees to be hardworking, dedicated and honest. By encouraging whistle-blowing throughout your company, you’re setting the boundaries for open communication. It can also protect the other employees and customers within the organization by preventing them from misconducts and issues related to the unethical running of a business.

This is especially important for hospitals and administrative staffing. If an employee knows of any negligence or concerns, the employee could make the environment safer for other patients.

The Drawbacks

Employees and businesses can benefit from whistle-blowers. However, an organization may not have that same positive attitude and punish the employee for bringing the issues to the attention of their boss or supervisor. If a negative response results from this action, you can research your options online at sites such as

This is especially true in the Framingham case where the woman was diligent in her efforts toward whistle-blowing. Instead of being commended for her efforts, her concerns were not taken serious, and she found the business had taken a retaliation stance by giving her poor performance reviews. After filing a discrimination complaint with the state, she was fired from her position.

An attorney is seeking damages for her pain and suffering related to her coming forward with her complaints. While the drawbacks to bring the bad to light, it can be unsettling and frightening for individuals who bring their complaints to the attention of their supervisor, you’ll find that there are some places of business that take these things seriously.

Whistle-blowing Environments

While you want to prevent unwarranted snitching, you can promote an informative environment within your business. This will allow your employees to speak up without suffering consequences related to presenting their information. Your company can keep communication open by creating a protective policy.

They can also put into place a no retaliation rule for those that step forward. If someone presents important information, an investigation should be immediately followed and action brought against the individuals at the center of the infractions.

Some may view whistle-blowing as a form of backstabbing, but it can be critical to the proper running of an organization and business. Without this form of communication, you’ll find that a business can experience misconduct, fraud and failure. Clean and open communication can help the company focus on its goals and achieve proper and ethical success.

Corporate misconduct has always been a peeve of Nadine Swayne and inspired her to forward this article. Whistle-blower attorney group, Goldberg Kohn, can be found online at for more detailed information to help crusaders spread justice.

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