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How to Throw the Best Surprise Birthday Party

How to Throw the Best Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise birthday parties are a fantastic way to make someone feel special and to show how much they mean to you. As the birthday boy or girl you this way get a nice surprise that will be all the more fun because you won’t be expecting it, and at the same time it shows that someone has gone to the trouble to not just come to your party, but also arrange it for you. All the fun with none of the stress.

That’s the idea anyway, but unfortunately unless you’re in a sitcom they often don’t go to plan. Keeping such a big idea under wraps and making sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time can be tricky and this is particularly hard when you’re sneaking around and when you don’t have all the details necessarily regarding what the person would want to do or who they’d want to see. Here then are some tips to help you pull this thing off.

Choose the Day Well

The best day to choose is not necessarily the person’s birthday itself as most of us will want to have something already planned on our birthdays and so won’t want to keep them free. At the same time if we know something is going down on our birthday we’ll be suspicious and it’s much less likely to be a surprise. Do it a couple of days before the birthday however – close enough to make the connection – and they won’t be thinking about it meaning it really will be a big surprise.

Make an Excuse

You also need to make sure that the person keeps this day free and that they are going to be appropriately dressed and in the right place. For that you need a ruse, so invite them along to a party you’re going to, tell them that there’s a business meeting on that day or otherwise come up with a ruse. The good news is that you’re going to be involving lots of people behind their back and that means that you can get one of their colleagues to tell them to come into work for instance, or one of their friends to invite them to their party.

Choose a Venue

Often you’ll see surprise parties take place in the person’s own home, but this can actually be a bit of an invasion of privacy and it’s a lot more difficult to hide. The same goes for doing it in your own home – what if they turn up to say hello? And it’s not exactly as exciting as choosing somewhere designed to host parties. Instead then, look up separate party venues that will do a great job of housing the festivities and making it all even more special.

Consider the Guests

Finally the guests you invite need to be well thought out. Pick those who will get on with one another first and foremost, and make sure not to widen the net too wide. Picking people from a contacts book is a sweet idea, but often we don’t mention people for a reason – if you don’t recognize the name then steer clear. That said though, if you can get people to come who live a long way away or who they haven’t seen for a long time then this will make even more of an impression.

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birthday party How to Throw the Best Surprise Birthday Party

birthday party1 How to Throw the Best Surprise Birthday Party

birthday party2 How to Throw the Best Surprise Birthday Party

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