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How to Save Money on Your Wedding

How to Save Money on Your Wedding

Getting married nowadays can mean potentially spending tens of thousands of dollars to have your dream wedding. It’s an expense that few can afford, especially if the parents are unable to help financially. Having to work on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a whole lot less, but it does mean that you might have to lower your expectations a little. Before the real planning gets underway, you have to sit as a couple and prioritize what’s important to you both. Work on getting the items that you agree on, and then add the rest as your budget allows.

the 10 worst ways to save money at your wedding How to Save Money on Your Wedding

The first place you can save is on the size of the wedding, which means taking a real look at who should be invited. Do you really need friends of friends and distant relatives at the event, or will you be happy with a smaller affair? Keeping the wedding to just close friends and family will still mean having a very special fay without the added expense. This will also allow you to choose a venue that is both small and classy. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, so keep that in mind with this part of the planning.

Another big expense comes with the attire that you will both be wearing on the wedding day. Yes, brides love to have a beautiful dress, but that can just as easily be found at a consignment store. The groom can simply rent a tux or use an existing suit that is stylish enough for an occasion as special as a wedding. The same rules apply with other members of the wedding party, all of whom can easily go with rented attire. A rather large chunk of money can be saved by following those tips.

The location that you choose for your wedding can actually save you a bunch of money in other ways than just size. For example, flowers and decorations tend to be a large expense, but if you opt for an outdoor venue that has a garden setting, you can do away with the expense of floral arrangements. You can also save on centerpieces and decorations for the table if you are somewhat crafty and can make things yourself.  A little DIY in this area is often more appreciated by the guests than something expensive, as they will see it as a more personal touch.

Friends with certain skills can also end up saving you some real money. Most of today’s cameras are digital point and shot affairs that don’t need a lot of special photography skills. You can save the expense of a photographer by asking friends to take pictures from all angles, and you can also save on a DJ by loading all of your music onto a laptop and just plugging it into the sound system at the reception venue. This is a great way to save and make sure that you get the exact musical entertainment you want.

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