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How to Make a Simple Apron

How to Make a Simple Apron

Men get tool belts and cargo pants when they are working on projects, but what do we get? I don’t know about you, but I am tired of dragging buckets with me around the house as I am cleaning, and not having pockets to put things in. A simple apron with pockets is a super easy fix, and so versatile! You can make this however you want, but if you want to spend more time getting thing done then this is the apron for you.

cute Apron How to Make a Simple Apron

This may be a shock, but all you need is two dish towels, and some grosgrain ribbon. The dish towels don’t need to be a specific color or print, but you are more than welcome to make this cute! You will want the towels to be large enough to go around half of your waist, and it would be easiest if they weren’t super thick. Simple cotton cloth dish towels work perfectly for this. Grosgrain ribbon is a little more heavy duty, and that is what this apron will be used more. You need the ribbon for the ties on the back of the ribbon.

To start, lay one of the towels horizontally and sew 8” strips of grosgrain ribbon to the top corners. You will want to really secure these in place and backstitch these a few times. Again, color and style aren’t super important, but you can coordinate however you want to on this. It would be wise to remove any fray off the ends of the ribbon so they don’t get caught on things while you are working or cleaning. To prevent fray, you can melt the edges with a match, or you could just paint a few coats of clear nail polish over the ends.

You now have an apron, you just don’t have any pockets. Waist aprons are almost useless without pockets, so that is what the second dish towel is for. Lay the towel horizontally, and cut a third of the towel off. The remaining two-thirds will be used for the pockets. Hem the edge that you cut, and then lay the pocket towel on top of the apron, matching the bottom corners together. Sew the bottoms and the sides together, securing them together with multiple back stitches. There should be one giant pocket so far, which you can now separate into multiple pockets. Decide how many you need. And simply sew from the bottom up to the top of the pocket. Repeat this step for each pocket you want to make.

This apron is great because it doesn’t restrict movement, it is lightweight, and it is made of the perfect material to wipe and dry your hands. Where it is only made out of dishtowels and ribbon, you can easily throw this into the washer without a worry! The pockets are helpful while you are working on a craft, cleaning the bathroom, or even gardening. With so many uses, and endless creative possibilities, this apron can truly be the handiest apron you’ve ever had.


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