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How To Handle A Hit And Run: The Aftermath

How To Handle A Hit And Run: The Aftermath

ALLPICS HIT AND RUN How To Handle A Hit And Run: The Aftermath

How To Handle A Hit And Run: The Aftermath

Hit and run accidents are on the rise and while many typically flee the scene because they’ve been drinking, other drivers are just negligent in their responsibilities. A recent study indicated that over 700,000 hit-and-run accidents occur each year throughout the United States. In states such as New York City and California, hit-and-run accidents are even greater than anywhere else.

Hit-and-Run Driving

Hit-and-run driving is far more common than one may think and can have devastating results. Recently in an area near Houston, Texas, a SUV that was reportedly involved in a car-jacking crashed into a motorcycle and dragged the driver approximately 100 yards before his motorcycle exploded. Both the driver and passenger of the SUV fled on foot without stopping to assist the motorcyclist. Unfortunately, any accident lawyer in Houston TX will attest to the fact that this kind of accident happens all too frequently.

Hit-and-run driving can be devastating for all parties involved, especially the victim. Lives can even be ruined because of the negligence. After an accident occurs, a motorist may decide to flee the scene of the crash. Most laws dictate that the people involved in the crash must exchange pertinent information, and the procedures are typically dependent on the outcome.

Turned over vehicle - ??? ????Working with the Authorities

You can work with the authorities to catch the offender by remembering anything pertinent to your accident. The make of the vehicle, description of the driver and any evidence left behind such as tail lights and paint chips can aid them in finding the offenders.

Filing an Insurance Claim

After you’ve been the victim of a hit-and-run accident, you need to notify your insurance carrier. The police report can hold important information related to your case, so you need to include that in your report. Many times a hit-and-run driver has been drinking, and they leave the scene of the crime to avoid being arrested for DUI. Excessive speed is another factor in the crash and individuals involved in this type of accident can suffer debilitating injuries or fatalities.

 Scales of JusticeEnlisting the Help of a Legal Professional

A driver who fails to stop and exchange information after an accident can be given a ticket and other fines related to the accident, if caught. If any of the parties involved were injured or died, a hit-and-run driver can expect to receive the ultimate in criminal charges. Consequences can include the loss of a driver’s license, jail time and hefty fines. You should enlist the help of an attorney to handle your case. They have the knowledge and experience to help you recover monetary compensation for your damages, pain and suffering.

Hit-and-run accidents have increased throughout the years. Unfortunately, the consequences are still the same. With severe injuries, damaged property and fatalities stemming from the crash, you need to enlist the help of a professional attorney to prosecute the culprits.

Bethany Gillis knows that experiencing an automobile accident is tragic enough but a hit-and-run situation makes it even more frustrating. She offers this information in hopes of providing some helpful guidance to those who are facing the unfortunate aftermath of a hit-and-run accident. If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident, she suggests soliciting the help of a successful accident lawyer in Houston TX or whichever area you happen to live.

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