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How To Get Plenty Of Natural Light In Your Home

How To Get Plenty Of Natural Light In Your Home

Thanks to electricity, lighting the home is easy as we can get all the light we want with the flick of a switch. If you want a different atmosphere in the home then candlelight can really help set the mood and you can also change the brightness of electric light to help achieve the effect you are looking for. As useful as artificial light may be to us however it is highly advisable that you allow as much natural light to enter the home as you can. Natural light from the sun is important to our health as it is thought to help us to process various vitamins and minerals and has a positive effect on our mood. If you would like to encourage natural light into your home, you have some options available to you.


The most obvious of all is to use windows as they offer little or no resistance to allowing the light in at all. Some rooms, such as attics, are unlikely to have a window already but there is no shortage of options for windows that you can install provided, of course, there is an exterior wall or roof to use. With windows installed you can then use blinds and curtains to help regulate just how much light you allow into the room because as good as natural light may be for us it can get a little too bright at times.


Sunlight cannot bend around corners on its own so some parts of the home may not be accessible to the rays of the sun. By using some mirrors, however, you can direct the path of sunlight helping to bathe otherwise sheltered parts of the home in the rays of the sun. You could mount the mirrors so they can be adjusted allowing you to change the direction of the sun to fit your mood whether you would like as much sun light coming in as possible or if you are in the mood for darkness. You will need to bear in mind that this method could intensify the rays of the sun which could possibly make it too bright and concentrated sun beams could even pose a fire hazard.

Sun Tunnels

In some rooms of the home it is not possible to use windows to allow the light in and options such as mirrors are not always practical. One option could be to use a sun tunnel which will help channel the light from outside into the home. Part of the tunnel is mounted on the home’s exterior where there is plenty of light and the tunnel will run through part of the home to reach the room that needs more light. As with other sources of natural light, the amount of light allowed into the room can be regulated helping you to get the right mood in the home. If you do have a room in the home that appears to have no access to natural light a sun tunnel could be just what you need.

Jamie Finch likes to have a lot of natural light in the home as it makes to help the place feel more cheerful. He gets his windows and other supplies from Ken’s Yard, a leading online retailer of VELUX Windows.

natural light How To Get Plenty Of Natural Light In Your Home

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