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How To Encourage Your Teen To Drink Responsibly

How To Encourage Your Teen To Drink Responsibly

It’s natural for parents to fear for their children. There are so many threats to their health and safety outside or even inside the home and these appear in so many different and, at times, deceiving forms. The seemingly affable and clean-cut youngster, for instance, could be the one who will introduce your innocent child to drugs or drinking. Apart from this, parents often worry about accidents and how their children will cope especially once they go to college. Because so many things endanger the health and lives of kids today, parents should teach their children proper practices and explain to them values and ideas that will help in protecting them from harm. One of these vital lessons is teaching a teenager the effects of drinking.


1. Explain to your kid how alcohol affects the body.

The consumption of alcohol, particularly in high amounts, affects the body in many ways.

— Physical Effects

Physically, it makes the body sluggish, and this is why those who’ve had a lot to drink often feel very sleepy or unable to control their movements. Another important issue is regarding how the body processes alcohol. A young person who has never had a drink or one who hardly ever drinks who suddenly gulps copious amounts of alcohol could die. This can occur when the body fails to process very high amounts of alcohol especially if a person drinks too much during a single event.

— Mental Effects

Have you ever seen someone who feels particularly confident or brave after having had a few bottles of beer? This is because alcohol affects one’s mental capacity, and it could give a person “false courage.” Because of this, someone who has consumed even some alcohol might feel braver, and so he’s likely to take more dangerous risks.

2. Tell your child how alcohol affects relationships.

Alcohol can change a person’s personality. An individual who seems nice and friendly when sober can easily become vicious and destructive once he gets drunk. He becomes wild and he might look for trouble instead of avoid them. Because of this, his relationships with family, friends, and loved ones are affected as well.

3. Describe how drinking can lead to bad road accidents.

A lot of DUI incidents involve teenagers or young adults. Some are considered lucky because though they’ve gotten seriously hurt in the road accident that they’ve been in, they were still able to fully recuperate. Others, however, are not so fortunate. A significant number of teens have died because of DUIs, while others have obtained injuries, such as complete paralysis or loss of limb, which have changed their lives forever.

4. Let him know that drinking alcohol regularly can lead to alcoholism.

Alcoholism can rob a person of his life. Someone who is addicted to alcohol won’t be able to function normally. He’ll experience blackouts; he won’t be able to work efficiently; he is unable to work responsibly; or he endangers others around him. Alcoholism is a dangerous addiction because it also kills the liver and other bodily systems slowly. Furthermore, alcoholics suffer from a myriad of physical and mental symptoms.

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