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How To Choose The Right Colours For Your Wedding

How To Choose The Right Colours For Your Wedding

wedding colors How To Choose The Right Colours For Your Wedding

While a themed wedding certainly isn’t for everyone, having a colour scheme I something much more common and much more popular. With so many disparate elements to your typical wedding, a colour scheme is a great way to tie everything together and lend some visual consistency to the proceedings. That said though, just as a good colour scheme can do wonders for this incredibly special occasion, so too can the wrong one undo a lot of your hard work and ruin the appearance of your venue and your bridesmaids. Here we will look at some pointers as to how to go about choosing a colour scheme that will be right for you and how to go about weaving that colour scheme into your various design decisions.

Choosing the Colour Scheme

wedding colors1 How To Choose The Right Colours For Your Wedding

When choosing the colours you want to feature most heavily on your big day there are a number of important factors to take into account.

First of course you need to think about the colours you like. Obviously this is an important day for you so you should make sure that the colours you’re looking at are ones that you like and that don’t make you feel ill. At the same time though you also to remember that a compromise needs to be made here between what you want and what your partner wants – narrow down a list of colours you can both agree on.

When choosing your colours know that you will normally have a ‘primary colour’ and a secondary colour. This means that you need to pick two colours that will match well – so find a pairing where you both like both colours. This will instantly narrow down your choices. Obviously these colours should be relatively high contrast so that they stand out in the wedding photography too.

Another consideration is what people are going to look good in. The bride will wear white so this won’t affect her but for the groom there are likely to be elements of the colour scheme in the waistcoat or flowers. Likewise you need to think about what will look good on the bridesmaids and groomsmen and what they will be happy wearing.

How to Implement Your Colour

Dressing your bridesmaids and ushers aren’t the only ways your colours will come into play though. Other ways you’ll use the colours are in your place settings, in your choice of flowers, in your invitations (a great early opportunity to hint at the colour scheme you will be going at is on the back of the invite or on the envelope), in the place names, in the wedding favours and in any ribbons or additional flourishes. You can even choose icing for your cake based on the colour scheme. Make sure that when you send your invitations that you inform your guests of the colour scheme so that they can opt to join in or not as they wish.

Get all this right and you’ll have a perfectly coordinated wedding that looks amazing in all the photos and that shows real time and care has gone into the design.

Today’s guest post is contributed by Lisa Hendricks. She is well known for her wedding photography in Peterborough. She is of the opinion that colors add a new life to the proceedings and is all for color scheming during a wedding.

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