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Hip Implant Surgery? Get Your Stride Back!

Hip Implant Surgery? Get Your Stride Back!

ALLPICS HIP Hip Implant Surgery? Get Your Stride Back!

Hip Implant Surgery? Get Your Stride Back!

It can take time for your body to recover properly from hip replacement surgery. With the right care, knowledgeable physician and exercises, you can be on the road to a speedy recovery. The following are helpful tips to allow you to get your stride back.

Hospital Prevention

The hospital may prescribe certain medications to help you deal with any pain or discomfort after the surgery. They will also give you activities to prevent blood clots and other problems that can develop after your operation. The activities and exercises can also aid in your recovery by allowing the joint to heal properly, strengthen the new joint and prevent scarring.

Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy

If you’ve been under a lot of stress and pain related to your hip, you’ll probably find the recovery process to be less stressful. A hip replacement is performed by a knowledgeable and experienced surgeon who removes the problematic hip and replaces it with an artificial joint constructed out of plastic or metal parts. The procedure is typically performed after other treatment options have failed to relieve the pain and stress.

After the surgery, you’ll find physical therapy to be beneficial in helping you regain your mobility. In order to prepare for your departure from the hospital, your physical therapist will assess your movement and make recommendations based on this. You will also be required to work with a physical therapist after you arrive home.

Replacement Complications

As with anything, you may experience additional risks and complications associated with your hip replacement surgery. While these may be minimal, you could experience anything from blood clots to hip and joint infections. Support stockings, medication, exercise, and the proper care and follow-through of your physician and support staff can be beneficial in preventing any issues.

In other instances, your replaced hip may pose serious complications due to a recall. The Stryker recall failed to live up to a level of quality, performance and service for its patients and made many of them sick with infection, pain, limited mobility and blood poisoning.

Staying positive through this process can aid in your recovery, especially if you need additional surgeries to fix the problem. Seek legal help from an experienced Stryker hip recall lawyer to help you through the process and class action lawsuit. Proper doctor monitoring can also prevent any complications, in the event of a recall.

Enlist the Help of Others

Insurance companies rarely pay for nursing services that can dress, feed and clean for a patient at home. Once you’re on your own, you need to enlist the help of friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers to help you with your daily activities. This is a temporary solution, as you’ll soon be back on your feet and able to do these tasks on your own. You’ll also need to care for your wound and incision with ice, medication and proper bandaging.

Hip replacement surgery can prove beneficial for individuals experiencing a lot of pain due to arthritis, an injury or normal wear and tear on a body. With routine physician visits, physical therapy, and the help of your loved ones, you’ll be able to return to a normal life in no time.

Having a sister-in-law that endured a hip replacement enables Nadine Swayne to submit this article. If you have had hip replacement surgery and are faced with a recall, do your research online for a knowledgable Stryker hip recall lawyer to assist and represent you with your case.

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