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Harvest Inspired Outdoor Decorations

Harvest Inspired Outdoor Decorations

Autumn is a great time of year to focus on outdoor decorating. Use harvest themed outdoor decorations to highlight the abundance and color of the season.

Color inspiration for outdoor decorating during the fall season comes from many different natural elements. Bright orange and yellow squash are good starting points for outdoor decor. Fill an old basket with small, brightly colored squash and display on your front porch for a warm welcome. Gourds are good alternative to fresh squash for outdoor display and offer a more subdued color palette.

Use colorful Indian corn in a variety of hues to create a cornucopia. Add several pieces of corn and dried corn husks to a hand-fashioned wire mesh cornucopia. Hang on your front entry door to welcome guests.

Hot glue-gun dried corn husks to a basic straw wreath form. Make sure the pointed ends of the husks are pointed outward. Attach a few small pumpkins or small dried sunflowers to the wreath for a beautiful autumn wreath.

Fill an old wooden or rusted metal wheelbarrow with an assortment of colorful pumpkins.
Add a few twigs with berries for height and more color. Line a winding path with pumpkins.

Change out the cushions on existing outdoor furniture you may have. Autumn hued tones like gold, brown and orange are favorite standbys. Cover pillows with burlap for a textural touch. Use apple green and red for a more vibrant ambiance. Ensure that the fabrics are weatherproof for long wear if you will be leaving out the furniture for any length of time.

If you are lucky enough to have window boxes on the front of your home, fill these with small colorful gourds and miniature pumpkins in various colors. For Halloween, add a few jack-o-lanterns. Once it transitions to Thanksgiving, remove the jack-o-lanterns in favor of pine cones and twigs.

Fill a few aged, rusted metal or distressed vases or buckets with bright yellow chrysanthemums for a pop of color on your front porch or patio. Use mismatched pieces for the most visual impact. Baskets make great containers for flowers as well. Ensure that the flowers are placed in a pot prior to placing in the basket to avoid damage to the basket.

Old metal milk cans make great display pieces. Paint to suit your autumn color scheme, or leave in an aged state. Fill with small pussy willow tree branches. Add a few small white or colored lights for a beautiful effect. Try using a milk can on either side of your front door.

Place dried corn stalks in urns for an elegant yet rustic display. If necessary, use florist’s foam to secure the stalks in the bottom of the urn. Finish off with a bold tie of bright orange ribbon around the stalks to secure them.

Add a small sisal or other outdoor appropriate rug to your outdoor space. Stencil the sisal rug with burnt orange, red and brown designs to personalize it. Woven rag rugs add a lot of color for little money.

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outdoor thanksgiving decoration Harvest Inspired Outdoor Decorations

outdoor thanksgiving decoration1 Harvest Inspired Outdoor Decorations

outdoor thanksgiving decoration2 Harvest Inspired Outdoor Decorations

outdoor thanksgiving decoration3 Harvest Inspired Outdoor Decorations

outdoor thanksgiving decoration4 Harvest Inspired Outdoor Decorations

outdoor thanksgiving decoration5 Harvest Inspired Outdoor Decorations

outdoor thanksgiving decoration6 Harvest Inspired Outdoor Decorations

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