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Get Involved! Tips For Starting Out In Charity Fund Raising

Get Involved! Tips For Starting Out In Charity Fund Raising

There are thousands of good causes out there that need money to continue their good work. Whether it’s a global charity that helps people all over the world, a charity that targets a specific medical cause, an animal charity or a local community issue, like most people, you probably have at least one cause close to your heart. Raising money for that cause could not only help them, but also give you a fun and rewarding hobby that helps you meet new people and learn new skills!

Here are some ideas for your first charity fund raising effort:

Run, Walk, or Get Active

charity fund raising Get Involved! Tips For Starting Out In Charity Fund Raising

There are all kinds of different active things you can do for charity, and get sponsorship for from family and friends. Depending on your fitness level, you could pick a marathon, a triathlon, or something easier like a walk. Whatever you choose, it should be something you will find difficult and need to train for – not only will people be far more likely to give if you are doing something you’ll find hard, but you’ll also get a huge sense of achievement. It can be a great idea if you are trying to get fit, as it will force you to be accountable for sticking to your exercise schedule.

With online sponsorship websites and tools, you can collect sponsors and get their payments after your charity activity is over very easily, and can share what you are doing simply on Facebook and Twitter to gain more support.

Make and Sell Something

charity fund raising1 Get Involved! Tips For Starting Out In Charity Fund Raising

A bake sale, craft sale or similar style of event can be a great way to raise funds, and can be really fun to put together. You can get help from your children, friends and other family members to not only make things and man the stalls, but also to design fliers and publicize it locally. Again, you can use social media to help spread the word and encourage people both to help and to come along.

Put On a Special Event

charity fund raising2 Get Involved! Tips For Starting Out In Charity Fund Raising

If you fancy something a little more upmarket than a bake sale and less sweaty than a marathon, you could put together a glamorous charity event. This can take a lot of planning and isn’t cheap, though it is acceptable to put some of the funds raised towards recouping the money you spent. You can either look to do this yourself, or work with a professional events planning company. You can have a lavish meal, dancing, speakers, and even fun things to take part in like a raffle or silent auction.

Generally, these kinds of evenings raise money by charging people for tickets and then having additional ways to give at the party. This means you will not only need to put on a good event, but make sure it is promoted well enough to encourage people to want to buy tickets. Online marketing within your local area can make a big difference when it comes to creating a buzz around your event, as can having a local celebrity or two on board to attend either as guests or speakers.

Today’s featured contributor, Arnold Rebello, is a professional event organizer. He specializes in organizing Calgary stampede events. He is a frequent blogger and likes to share his experiences of organizing big and successful events.

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